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Need help from screen capture pro!

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To any and all pros of screen capture software, I need some help. I'll try to explain the issue as best I can without sounding too... Dumb...

I've been trying to record the game Sonic.exe all day now. Even though the game appears on my entire screen (1920X1080), using one of my many programs on the full-screen option doesn't work. It only records the game in about a 640X480 window on the top left corner. The program is very temperamental, which was probably the developers plan (due to the "horror" aspects of it). I've seen many videos of the game with full-screen capture from YouTubers like PewDiePie. I've tried FRAPS, Bandicam, DXtory, and Snagit, all to no avail. Can somebody please tell me how I could figure this out? It's driving me insane!

P.S. - I'm fine with PM's on the subject, if that's what suits your fancy.

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