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3D Animator needed for youtube vids

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Me and a few friends are looking to create a youtube channel based around letsplays for various video games including minecraft, skyrim and gta etc.

What we'd like:
Our channel is called Gamers on Games (we've secured that name) so we'd like an opening title with GOG in letters, on maybe a black background and for like a sword to fall through the O to rest in place.

We're willing to pay for the work however we can't afford much and would be more of a pocket money token amount, just as gratitude. However we will probably be interested in further work and the animator will be credited fully in video descriptions and can link to any websites.

One of my colleagues has created a mock up example of the GOG logo.

If you have any questions for me or would like to express interest, please contact me at:

3D Animator needed for youtube vids