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hows it going peeps

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hows it going peeps 2013-05-22 03:45:46

just droping a friendly whats new to the site. just browsing around..but also thinking about submitting some royalty free music in the future from our label. . also if theres some artist out there looking to connect with our label.. do so.because were always welcoming more artist with open :)

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Response to hows it going peeps 2013-05-22 04:03:18

Here are some useful links. Please read the rules and then make good use of the available threads.

- Newgrounds Audio Forum Rules

- Guidelines for submitting audio. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!

- A few things you should know about how we handle copyright infringements

- Here is a link to some Audio Resources.

- Non production discussions and chit-chat welcome in The Audio Lounge.

- Audio Advertisements Thread

- Album Thread Guidelines

- Review Request Club Thread

- Works In Progress Advice Thread

Thank-you for your attention.