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Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results

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Every entry in the Construct 2 Touch Jam has now been played and tested on an iPhone 5 to provide feedback for developers to keep in mind moving forward.

The results are a mix of NG judging, user reviews and feedback from the Scirra team (developers of Construct 2). We were also fortunate to expand the prize pool from eight winners to ten!

Any winner who already has a full version of Construct 2 will have the option to pass their prize to a runner-up.

Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results

1st - $200 and Steam key for Construct 2 Business Edition

Magnetized is an awesome game overall and plays great on both phone and desktop.

2nd - $100 and Steam key for Construct 2 Business Edition

The controls in Space Hamster take some getting used to on a keyboard but were surprisingly good on the phone. It has great level of polish and felt like playing a native phone app. The HUD layout feels like it was made for horizontal mode but on my iPhone 5 the bottom was slightly cropped. It was still playable and worked well in vertical mode.

3rd-10th - Steam key for Construct 2 Personal Edition

Human Invasion is fun and plays great on a phone.

The pattern matching theme in Hexzul is clever and sometimes diabolical. This ran great on my phone and was one of the better phone experiences of the competition.

Seed has some unique concepts, good gameplay progression and a very calming presentation. The intro looked really nice on my phone so I was excited to play, but the framerate ended up being not as smooth as I hoped. Still a nice phone game though.

The Journey to Heaven was off to a great start but when I got to the part where I open and close portals, my character was off the screen. I switched from horizontal to vertical orientation on my iPhone and this solved it. I believe the game should have been able to resize itself properly for a horizontal orientation. The audio worked and the game played well overall, although the touchable objects were really small. Would definitely play best in a proper horizontal mode.

The Last Man is a fun zombie killer and ran great on my phone. My big suggestion is to move the LEFT / RIGHT control arrows further to the right because right now it's easy to accidentally hit the back button in the bottom left of the iPhone browser.

Remember the Dead is a fun combination of matching and zombie killing. It really raised the stakes of a matching game for me. It ran slow on my phone on the first attempt but then ran better after a restart.

Fatigue is hard as heck with the spike collision. I was happy to see it ran great on my phone but then it consistently froze at the start of level four. Also it didn't load up as full-screen on my phone, I had to stretch it to fill the space.

Module Blue looked simple at first but turned out to be a pretty addictive shooter. It also ran great and played well on my phone, which was exciting. The music worked on my phone but there were no sound effects. It also looks like the particle explosions were disabled, probably for performance. As a shooter fan, I did find myself wanting certain bells and whistles, such as enemy ships flashing when hit and dying with a juicier explosion animation instead of a few particles.

Congrats to the winners! It was hard to finalize this list and I hope everyone checks out the runner-ups in addition to the winners.

Anyone who is interested in uploading an HTML5 game on NG should contact me for access! Access will ultimately be open to everyone.

This post will be continued below with feedback on the remaining entries...

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:33:24

Here is feedback for the remaining games. Not EVERY entry is addressed in this post but I tried to write something about most of them.

This is Not Sparta! looks great and runs ultra smooth on my desktop. On my phone the movement is more choppy and there is no sound, but it still looks great and plays well.

Lead Me Up lets you drag and drop commands to guide your character through the levels. The slow pacing is helpful in some parts but in others I really wish I had a speed control. It appears to run well on my phone, but the click collision box on commands is much too small and it was hard to tap with enough accuracy to move things around consistently. There also wasn't any sound on the phone.

JetSki Bayou is a decent autorunner that ran well on my phone, with all audio intact, so here is an option for when you want to play an autorunner on your phone!

  • Unpublished Submission

Drop Undead has a nice level of polish. My first impression was that I didn't like it because the delay between clicks made gameplay kinda impossible. Once I bought a Jetpack Booster things improved dramatically. On my phone it didn't resize to fill the screen and the controls didn't seem to work properly with moving towards my tap. As far as I can tell this is just for desktop browsers at the moment, although it would really be nice as a phone game.

Space and Time is a fun puzzler. Unfortunately there was no sound on my phone and it crashes as soon as I lay down my gravity points. Seems like it would be great on a phone if it worked!

Bunker Control has great atmosphere and once I started getting into it I really liked it. It moves slow but it works for a lot of the challenges, I just imagine a lot of people walk away from the very first scene, where you need to walk for a long time to the left, get the access codes, then walk a long time to the right. The visual space for the game is also smaller than I'd like it to be, although it still does work out on a phone.

FindME has you building words from scrambled batches of letters, based on trivia hints. Would be a fun timekiller on the train, feels good on a phone.

  • Unpublished Submission

Golden Lotus has a cool classic PC / Amiga shooter vibe but it did bug me that I was shooting red bullets at enemies that shot red bullets and dropped red coins. That appears to be how it was in Tyrian, the game this is based on, so I'll fault Epic MegaGames for that one. The developer marked it as only compatible with Windows phones so I'm assuming it would crash my iPhone.

Spooky Kitties is a cute platformer. On the desktop browser version there's an issue where if you hit spacebar while your attack is still charging, it doesn't address the input and as a result your browser will page down. It plays great on my phone although like a number of these games, it looks like it was made for horizontal aspect ratio but the bottom gets cropped when displayed horizontal on my iPhone 5. Worked well in vertical mode, just was smaller than it could have otherwise been on my screen.

Bomberdude takes some getting used to at first and would have benefitted from a slower difficulty ramp-up at the start. It can be fun and intense though and plays pretty well on the phone. The springboards don't always feel 100% reliable, I feel like there are moments, maybe when you jump directly up onto a second springboard, that they aren't as responsive as I expect.

Piggy - Take me home is a cute game where you avoid obstacles and collect bonuses while constantly moving forward. I ran into a lot of issues with it on my phone, though. It didn't size to fill the screen, so it required stretching. In both stretched and unstretched modes, tapping the screen only seemed to move my pig to the left, so every time I would end up on the far left and could never move back to the right. There also wasn't any sound.

  • Unpublished Submission

RU Nuts is kinda like Toss the Turtle in that you're trying to keep your squirrel flying as far as possible. It could have used more fun and zaniness to keep things interesting but it looks great and ran well on my phone. Now I want an HTML5 version of Toss the Turtle to play on my phone, though.

Plutoid is a decent, simple platformer. I've noticed some games have touch controls that only appear when I play on the phone, so that would be my advice here - remove the touch control overlays when playing on a desktop browser. It did run fine on my phone, although it could have scaled to fill the screen better and there wasn't any music.

Board Horde is set up more for two players at the moment so it has more potential with a better computer opponent on the way. I could see people sitting over a tablet playing this together though.

Help the Ball lets you draw lines to bounce a ball towards the exit and other targets. It ran well on my phone and the line drawing with my finger worked well. Now we just need the high score API integrated with Construct 2!

City Quake has a really fun theme and I like the fault concept. It did have some bugginess which made the controls and fault lines not always respond how I expected. It ran pretty well on my phone but the happy music got layered in with the metal and the button to advance made my URL bar appear since it was at the top of the window, although I could then click it as long as I left the URL bar on the screen.

Witch Way had a great concept of aiming and throwing a doll that could then turn into your witch with a second click. I experienced a bug where I could no longer get the doll to throw and that was kind of a bummer since I refreshed the page and it hadn't saved my level progress. It played pretty well on my phone but movement felt choppy and there wasn't any sound.

I really like the gameplay concept in Psychic Pirate, where time freezes and you need to click / tap a bunch of stuff before it unfreezes. I was also happy that it properly filled my phone screen, ran well and had all the sound. My only issue with playing on the phone is that the tapping of the cannonballs could be unresponsive, maybe because they need a larger tap area or maybe I just suck or my phone screen sucks. The visual and sound of a ship taking multiple hits was satisfying. There's cool potential for more epic tapping games based on this mechanic.

  • Unpublished Submission

Platform Bear was one of the top rated game in the competition but I can't help but wonder if it was more for the music and the bear. It also crashes on my phone.

Pentapuzzle has nice puzzles and is a good brain teaser. It also plays well as a phone game. My one suggestion would be to move the rotate button further from the bottom right corner, where it starts to overlap with my iPhone button for toggling fullscreen.

Chihuahua's Revenge has a nice visual style and more potential. The click controls make it hard on a desktop browser so it actually plays better on my phone. A smoother phone framerate and more gradual difficulty curve could win over more mobile players. A keyboard option on the desktop could win over more web players, although there are a lot of great web games to compete with in this category.

More in the post below...

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:33:44

Mr. Pigeon has a great unique visual feel. I also liked the gameplay feel of stomping and kicking dudes. It is pretty damn hard though. It also doesn't resize to fill the screen on a phone and none of the audio worked on a phone. It's got its quirks but I could dig more Mr. Pigeon in the future.

Let'em Touch was really confusing for a moment but once the concept clicked, it was devilishly fun. This game is MUCH MUCH easier to play on a phone than on a desktop because you can tap the arrows on each side of the screen a lot faster. There wasn't any sound on my phone though.

Icarus Wave Attack has nice graphics and great sound but I felt like the ship got away from me too easily when accelerating. On my phone I haven't had any luck getting past the loading screen so far.

The Path looked like it was intended to run in horizontal mode, but when it resized for horizontal it ended up being too tall for the screen. I also had conflicts with pressing near the top of the screen, so ultimately I settled on playing in vertical mode, which worked fine. Another interesting note, I'm not sure if it's trying to save my progress but upong returning to the game and playing "Peaceful" mode, it attempts and fails to load "Level NaN", NaN being Not a Number, as if maybe it's trying to load some saved progress data and getting junk instead.

  • Unpublished Submission

Mlot na czarownice is a decent vertically scrolling / RPG hybrid. It also seems to run well on my phone except for some reason I was never able to get the attacking to work on the touch screen. Has anyone else experienced this?

Treasure Hunter is a frantic game where you tap to run to treasure while avoiding the creatures that randomly pop up along the way. It's another one that would have worked better in horizontal mode on my phone, yet got cropped just a little too much. Can anyone give any good advice for why this comes up so much and what people can do about it?

I liked the take on Arkanoid but with a circle and some physics. Blowing out the core of the planet felt really satisying, too. The movement on my phone was pretty choppy and it felt a lot harder to control than with a mouse.

BOOM: Firework Defense has a funny theme and looks and plays great on my phone. The gameplay itself did become repetitive, so Endless mode wasn't super tempting. Very well produced though!

Balloon Shoot is a simple but well presented high score competition where you tap balloons to pop them, while avoiding bomb balloons and trying to get time bonuses. Even with a lot of balloons it still ran well on my phone and so did the audio.

I like that Anime Warriors Z tackled the fighting game genre, but I had to play it in vertical mode on my phone and the controls were oddly placed. Also, it would have been much better to team up with an artist on NG rather than rip sprites!

Shooting pandas in Panda Slaughter is kinda endearing but there isn't much to do beyond that.

How the Wilderness Whisipers has great presentation and is fun to play, although I can't get past level two. It also appears to freeze up on the title screen on my phone.

GunKnight has a cool character and plays well as a basic multidirectional shooter. I could see this being expanded on with a world map and lots of individual levels with bosses and permanent upgrades... The existing weapons are cool and gunknight is a fun guy so he's got potential. Also ran well on my phone but the phone controls might need to be a little better to handle those sticky situations.

Russian Roulette is a decent simulation of Russian Roulette but could use something to create a greater sense of suspense.

  • Unpublished Submission

Widmo Shooter: Ghost Hunt had a nice flashlight effect but I imagine it was using hardware acceleration because it didn't run well on my phone. The atmosphere was spooky but overall I was kinda confused about what I was trying to do.

Dot played pretty well on my phone but the audio was majorly messed up and noisy.

Mole's Holes is a gravity flipping game where you run along and grab carrots. It runs fine and all the audio works on my phone, but the bottom gets cropped in horizontal mode. And for the love of god, give that poor mole some animated legs! Someone here thought I was flying a turd through the colon.

Basketball Bandit is a nice casual hoops game. The way the trees are visualized and animated is really soothing, where I feel like Tony Soprano just sitting back and staring at them. The disappointment came on my phone, where it appears to be bugged out - when I click and hold, the ball always aims towards the top left and I can't seem to move it.

The Builder runs well on phones and is a fun skill game to play for a high score in. Part of me wants all of my slight mistakes to require counterbalancing as I build, but that would probably get messy.

Tiny Thumper has a decent concept behind it but appears to be in the early stages. Also it just felt weird to see mountains and stuff with characters passing right through them. One to watch, though!

Finjutsi REQUIRES you to play on a multi-touch device. Besides filtering games for mobile users, we probably need to start filtering for web users as well, to exclude games that only really work on mobile. It's a fun two player reaction-time testing game.

Help the DODO is like too many other physics-driven games to be a real contender, but it still has fun puzzles and will keep you entertained.

Toddler Shopping doesn't have any real challenge to complete but it works well on a phone and would be a nice game for your toddler to play.

Eating Cupcakes is presented well but I just had a really hard time playing it. It also worked on my phone but I had a hard time there too.

I appreciate that Pain Reliever is trying to do something to ease pain and suffering. Not sure if it works, but I appreciate it!

As a review said, Collider isn't much as a web game but could be a winner as a phone game. It runs well on my phone and was fun to smash colored blocks around for a bit.

Meteor Smash had a certain charm to it, so if you like flinging meteors into earth, give it a shot!

Run in Cloud is another autorunner that runs well on my phone, although I prefer Jetski Bayou if I had to pick one.

Carnage Face is an autorunner where you can also shoot stuff. It filled my phone screen properly and the audio worked. It's pretty damn hard though. I do appreciate the unique visual style.

Planet Invaders is in too early of a stage to really judge, although it looks like it will be cool.

More in next post...

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:34:29

Breaking was more fun on my phone, although it didn't fill the screen properly when I went to horizontal orientation. If you play on a desktop, be sure to use the arrow keys instead of trying to click left and right on the screen.

One Life Left has you moving up and shooting stuff but on my phone, I was only able to move up and down but couldn't figure out how to shoot. It used keyboard controls for the desktop web version.

I like the puzzles in Mechanika and it plays well on my PC. On my iPhone, it didn't resize properly for horizontal viewing and the bottom of the screen was cropped. In vertical mode everything felt kinda small. The sound effects worked on my phone and so did the title screen music, but there was no music during gameplay.

I was hopeful that A-ninja-nate would be fun to play on my phone but the controls were hard to get used to. Has potential though, the audio worked and it filled the screen properly. Maybe you can find a background artist here on NG!

Barff - Brain Training is like Simon but with farm animals. It crashes my phone browser on the language select screen.

Survive or Die worked decent in my phone but the controls should be brought in further from the corners because they overlay the back button and fullscreen toggle on the iPhone. Really the iPhone should do something different to avoid sharing screen space with games.

Am I crazy or is it impossible to get past the first cloud in level two of Step Jump?

Touch Glitch feels promising but buggy and unfinished. Runs well on my phone though so I hope he keeps at it!

Hit Spit more obviously needs to be played in a verical orientation. Some HTML5 games default to full-screen on my phone but this one defaulted to around half the potential size, so I had to expand it with my fingers to make it fill the screen. Besides that it plays great on my phone. The music and sound effects didn't work, though.

Poker Dice Solitaire properly filled my screen in both horizontal and vertical orientation, so something was done right there! The audio also worked and it played well as a touch game. I don't normally seak out this kind of game but it turned out to be catchy and also serves as a good technical example of everything working right with a mobile web game.

BroBalls 2 was an April Fools gag but still worth a try! The screen resized properly for both horizontal and vertical orientation. The "High Scores" and "Mute" buttons on the title screen didn't render properly on my phone. The game itself ran great and the touch controls for the paddles were responsive. A good example of web pinball on a phone. The music worked but the sound effects did not.

Crane it Up opened with an advertisement countdown where no advertisement actually played. The game itself fills the screen great at a vertical orientation but gets cropped at horizontal. The dimensions were obviously made for vertical, though. Everything ran great on my phone and the controls worked but the music and sound effects did not.

Zombie Creator didn't resize to fill my screen so I held my phone horizontally and used my fingers to expand it. The game ran well on my phone but the controls were really small and made it a challenge to play. The sound also didn't work on my phone.

Pick to Win is another good example of everything working. The game resized properly in both horizontal and vertical, the audio worked, and it played well as a touch game. It's basically like Minesweeper but with gems.

Grenadier Fox played well on my phone. It is obviously meant for horizontal orientation but scaled to properly fill the space either way. Sadly, the audio didn't work on my phone.

Avoid the Dino is another one that doesn't resize to fill the screen, but works ok in the default horizontal size. The amusing thing here is that in the web version, the Dino follows your mouse movement. On a phone, the Dino simply warps to wherever you tap. It means you can just tap an egg to grab it without having to maneuver past dinosaurs but it still presented a challenge because you had to be sure to tap somewhere else before the incoming dinos got you. The sound didn't work on my phone.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this competition and sorry we couldn't give prizes to all of you!

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:48:20

Congrats to the winners!

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:49:29

Cool. I'll see if it works on my android.

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 14:49:50

Congratulations to the winners and all who made games for this competition.

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 15:05:24

Wooo 3rd place :)

Glad to have had an awesome team(Team Prototype all the way!!!!) and great competition.

P.S. Human Invasion is going to be on the Android Play Store sometime in the future so look out for that

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 15:13:27

congratulations for the winners :)

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 15:21:23

Yea, congratulations!

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 15:45:19

Wow, it looks like it was a lot of work to go through all these entries and review them! You're a pretty cool guy Tom.

I have a Twitter that I link to everywhere. ;)

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 16:02:11

Firstly, congratulations to all the winners! Magnetized and Space Hamster were two of my favourites, so it was nice to see them do well.

Secondly, thanks for all the feedback on the different games, Tom. It's really useful to hear what works and what doesn't on Mobile Phone, since that's always a tricky thing to get right with html5 games.

I should have an update for my own contribution soon, which makes the A.i. marginally less suicidal.

Keep up the jolly nice work, chaps!


Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 16:25:10

Awesome! I am disappointed in how voters have given all these games ~3 stars or less. I always offer a couple extra points for trailblazing into new territory.

Tom, I really like how you took time to offer constructive criticism in such public posts - I wish more reviewers were as helpful as you are. How did your battery fare testing all these games? Would you say playing html5 games on your browser eats up more battery than playing a game from the app store? Do iphones have developer options to keep track of fps, touch points and CPU usage? I think it would be a cool trick to try these games with those options enabled and see how it works with the phone at the basic level.

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 17:32:15

Congrats to the winners

also holy shit there are a ton of flashes on there! o.O

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 18:26:12

Yay! Top 5... :D
Congrats to the winners :)

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 18:47:21

Awesome, thanks for detailed feedback for my game.

Human Invasion was my favorite out of the bunch, glad it got 3rd place.

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 19:19:59

not one single game is over 3 stars.

I think its time to get unity plugin going, no ones feeling that html5 stuff

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 19:20:25

At 5/17/13 07:19 PM, MindChamber wrote: not one single game is over 3 stars.

I think its time to get unity plugin going, no ones feeling that html5 stuff

ok one

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 19:43:35

WHOA wow! it's great to see so many participants!
Congrats to the winners!!


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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 19:51:12

Tom... Didn't you know double posting is frowned upon?

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-17 22:10:38

At 5/17/13 07:19 PM, MindChamber wrote: not one single game is over 3 stars.

I think its time to get unity plugin going, no ones feeling that html5 stuff


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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 00:49:07


Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 00:55:14

Geez, Tom! How many days did it take you to type all this out?! :D

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 01:44:23

wow! i think it's incredible Tom Fulp provided feedback for most of the entries.

*citation needed

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 03:25:59

Congrats to the winners! That's a shitload of summaries...

Check out the NRC / Hexa #61 (Jun)

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 04:17:34

Congratulations to all the winners!


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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 06:34:47

Congratulations to the winners! A little disappointed to not see my game get any feed back, but thanks for taking the time to address so many of the entries!

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 08:00:20

At 5/18/13 06:34 AM, Nights57 wrote: Congratulations to the winners! A little disappointed to not see my game get any feed back, but thanks for taking the time to address so many of the entries!

You didn't enter your game into the contest. You were supposed to tag your game with "touchjam"

Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 13:43:55

At 5/18/13 12:49 AM, Tony-DarkGrave wrote: 0 BOMBED!

You voted zero on everything?

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Response to Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results 2013-05-18 15:00:45

Congrats to the winner, appreciate the dedication on commenting every game!