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We Are Newgrounds Group Portrait 20

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I have been a member of Newgrounds since 05 and a fan since the original days of Pico and the Assassin portal. Newgrounds has given a lot to me through joy of content, contest experience, and even a shiny bamboo tablet I won a while back. Speaking of which, that tablet sparked me to do this project once before as seen here. So without further backstorification, I am proud to announce the 2nd addition of We Are Newgrounds signup. Last time had a great showing and produced 10 characters for the final lineup. Some of these characters went on to become icons of Newgrounds itself, sadly one of my favorites would end up finding his final resting place in our hearts and memories.

AND NOW! For the rules.

-All characters entered must be from movies or games that received an award (not including turd awards) between April 2012 and April 2013.
-Only one character per artist can be chosen, but feel free to enter as many winners as you have.
-Like last time, only 10 characters will be chosen.
-Characters from the last portrait will not be accepted.
-Views and Score will be one of the main determining factors.
-Characters from multiple submissions will also receive extra points.
-Characters must be submitted by the end of April 23rd Alaska time. ( I know its short notice, but no new work needs to be completed by the artists.)
-To submit, post a link to the award winning flash and the name of the character you wish to use.

Here are the people who were in the last one of these I did

LilOrphanBoy By TimFrommeyer
Edd By eddsworld
Carbon By carbonwater
DevilSlayer By YungJazz
Reporter By Nqkoi1
Psion Law By ColdReaver
Outlaw By BiffTheTimid
Cannoncrotch By I-smel
Hamish By sorbitol
Darkar By Darkar

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