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Uploaded snippet of Beat today

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Uploaded snippet of Beat today 2013-04-15 23:17:19

I have beats that can fit well into a variety of games. I want to get involved with animation, coding and such. Willing to do business, and work with people on projects. I uploaded one snippet today. I kinda don't like the fact that people can just download your content up here but oh well, content is legally mine so I am fine i guess. I have drawings and storylines and folders of art I have drawn. Don't know how to animate though. Going to learn. Was looking for some software and it didn't work out too. Files were corrpted or something of that nature. Hme. Lets network.

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Response to Uploaded snippet of Beat today 2013-04-16 00:06:20

This is more something you should be posting in your newspost.

And if you want to advertise your stuff, please make use of the links below:

Audio Advertisement thread.

Work in Progress Advice Thread.

Review Request Club.

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