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Create a board game! 2013-03-23 14:04:11 Reply

(I've decided to repost this in VG because I feel it's more suited here, can a mod lock/delete that thread if it does not cross more than 5 replies please?)

See this thread.
So I'm making a board game in flash (sue me) and I've decided to use the creative minds of the users of General! So far, I've only got some hexagonal tiles made, and they all have random associated with them; it doesn't look like much (because I've just began) so let's have it!

Not to be a negative nancy (you all know where you saw that quote before), but there are a FEW rules:
1) It should be family-friendly.
2) Suggestions should be related to board games at least.

I've got a few ideas but I'd like to know what comes up, if it's good then I'll possibly credit the poster. It may or may not see the light of day, but let's see what happens!


(and yes I know it's shite, but I'm a bad artist, go figure)

Create a board game!

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Response to Create a board game! 2013-03-23 22:16:28 Reply

back in the 7th grade me and friend made our own board game.

we drew a playing field on a piece of paper and placed enemies on the field and a boss at the end we had to pretend to fight to get to the end ( we used character from games we liked that how we played this game)

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