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Vocalists Needed 2013-02-25 23:38:46 Reply

Hello my name is Anthony Vernon here is my link

For a while I have been working on an album that is a collaboration between many artists.

This collaborative group is called Eternal Spirit I run the group and make some of the instrumentals myself.

I took a good look at our track list and saw my album had a lack of vocal artists singing over tracks.

I can't offer anything really besides the chance to work on a fun collaboration.


You will not get a chance to work with other artists other then myself. Other artists will be featured on the same album but the togetherness ends there.

I will being giving an vocalist that applies beats to sing over or other singing instructions based on what I want for this album.

In many cases you will have to come up with lyrics yourself.

If you have interest or any questions email me
Or add me on skype antmanpinkturnips

I would prefer those two methods of contact over a pm on this site if possible

I can not show any of the beats I want vocalized because I do not want my work to be used

I am also unable to show images and other items from the band due to the same reasons

Members (these are only a limited number of members more people are involved)-


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