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a couple poems 2013-02-22 21:41:21 Reply

"I jumped from my head n' fell through
on my bed n' then opened my eyes to the view
I'm stuck in the middle of nothing
but that's in the middle of nothing with you
I'm trying to believe in this love thing
there's something about you that's lovely it's true
but if you seen through to me baby you knew it'd be
chasing the sun for the moon"

"lost inside my open mind
in hope to find the right song this time
to sing to you, until you dead
that same ole song n' dance again
who's to say that you're right?
who's to say that I'm wrong?
who's to say that we're here..
who's there?"

"falling.. I didn't understand the ground
now I'm on it crawling, searching for my crown
all four praying, they say you gotta fall in
but as I always say don't ever fall for it
I fall forwards, towards the ground crawling
they say once you find it just go on n' crawl in
I'm going all in, no stopping me now
or I mean you better stop me now before my feet hit the ground
and then I'm taking off running
I made some bad decisions but I learned from them
no directions, no clues on where I'm heading
trying to find myself on the cross between intersections
bare witness to the madness, it's depressing
I searched hard as fuck for an answer to the question
they told me it'd be life long, be back in a minute
my only fears that the end is the same as the beginning"

"I feel my skin is crawling off
as all it's particles detatch
I'll face the facts, before too long
then shove my face back in it's mask
it's easy said but never done
I really thought that you're the one
it's time n' time n' time again
it goes around until i'm spun
I tried so hard to get away
from all the pains and all these drugs
I tried so hard for you to stay
but in the end it fades to grey"

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