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Female singer for track

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Female singer for track 2013-02-14 06:50:29 Reply


I am looking for a FEMALE SINGER for a really really potent track I came up with. Some of my music has been played
on the radio due to it *almost* winning 2 contests(2 times 3th place).

I am an artist that has a rare taste for music, I make modern funk. My music's quality has increased by a mile last year since I got my keyboard and instructions from really proffesional people.

I know a female singer is rare around here, but if you happen to be one then add me on Skype: 'comocat'(dont mention the stupid name, I'm aware lol)

If you find the music on my profile garbage, which I can understand, I can promise you this track is of better quality. And after all, if you don't like it you don't have to join the project. The track is called 'Broken' and it is, what suprise, modern funk.