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Movies. A webcomic?

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Movies. A webcomic? 2013-02-13 18:30:35 Reply


I want to do a webcomic about movies. I'd like to work with an artist.

Two main characters. Two college people who are dating. Who don't live together. They watch lots of movies.

The comic will be more about movies and a less about them. Something like Penny Arcade. But about movies.

I'm a comedy writer and have a comedy podcast: I work with tons of people: artists, actors, other comedy writers, and stand-up comedians. I also am a cartoonist, but I'd like to only be the writer for this.

If you are an artist and you also love movies, lets do a couple comic strips togehter to see how well we can work together. If we work well together we could start a webcomic. is a pretty good webcomic site to use.

Please email me if you're interested....I don't check my account here much. My email is