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'PostSecret' inspired Sculpture

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Hello Everyone! For my beginning sculpture class I have decided to create a plaster sculpture that is abstractly or representationally based upon peoples secrets, descriptions of themselves, or their views on life and humanity. I am using inspiration from the community mail project 'Post Secret' to do so. For this to happen though i want to obtain my own secrets from people. It will be completely anonymous and nobody will ever know who said what secret. I will do so by posting the username and password at the end of the thread and you can log into this account and post your secret in this thread! I will be creating a plaster installation piece that somehow incorporates everyones secrets. Once it's done I will post the finished result at the end of the thread! I hope everyone takes a little bit of time to participate because it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

Username: SculpturesAreGreat
Pasword: PostSecret20