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A team to stop organized crime

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So, I was going to do this all by myself, but then I thought I shouldn't be a foolish donkey and collaborate with some people with more skill than I.

Here's my idea. We make an flash document with the depictions of what would happen if all illegal drugs were legal. Of course it would be humorous. I was thinking somewhere along the lines where the governments then make lollipops illegal and then gangsters and mafiosos have to sell lollipops to fund their guns and ammunition. (might end up being a series)

Honestly, I understand people not wanting kids to do drugs, but when some one is an adult, it's their freakin choice if they want to shorten their lifespan.

One of the reasons that they haven't been made legal is because people don't have something to see as reference, and one of the reasons marijuana (by itself that is) has been illegal is because of Harry J. Anslinger. Look that mother fornicator up. Feces be wack yo.

Anyways, if anyone would like to collaborate with me on this project, send me a message.
This project will also (hopefully) get me a little practice with the ol' flash animation stuff.

I'll need plenty of voice actors (maybe that can be cut down if I get some talented multivoice actors)
and sound specialists (includes music and stuff)

Well? What do you think?