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Andriod App 2013-02-12 18:34:21

i am a writer my friends a musician we have worked very hard on our idea now we are wondering where to turn to for
the game engine what to use who to use why to use them an we are making a andriod indy style app a zombie game an i know what your thinking what makes this so diffrent from any other zombie game why should i work for you an put my time into this well im here to tell you we arent giving up our game isnt gonna die an gett wiped off the face of the earth we are gonna make it famous an get the credit we an you deserve for it this is a touch screen game where you kill zombies an there are 4 main charaters an over 25 diffrent unlockable charaters plus multiple weapons to chose from wether your a cut emm up are a blunt force person this game will give the user hours on end of endless zombie killing fun the voice acting is done i have spent days an countless hour putting this together everything is ready its all mapped out an ready to go all i need is someone willing to work an have faith in this we need a artist an programmer there is money invovled

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Response to Andriod App 2013-02-12 18:38:36

It didnt work the first time, what makes you think it will work the second time?

Use the collabinator