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Modest art request (no pay work)

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I run a youtube channel that showcases gameplay of specifically Flash Games.

I do actively try and credit game creators and promote websites that host them.

I have a modest request that I would like to put forward to the NG art community seeing as how flash gaming is the center of my channel. I've been looking into getting a background suitable for my channel and would love it if it was a simple flash illustration. Seeing as how I have no skills in this area, I thought I'd ask if any of you would like to design one for me.

One youtube compatible background (preferably in colour) with the theme of gaming and 'admiral' (that is my youtube handle) i.e. someone dressed as an admiral sitting in front of an arcade cabinet.

What's in it for you?
- Feature on my youtube channel with your name and link to your website in my channel description
- mentions in at least 5 videos including links to your website in the video description

I can't promise anything more and my channel is small and humble on youtube.
You can find my channel on youtube - username = TheAdmiralKJ

Anyone up to the task is welcome to message me here or on youtube.

Thank you and cheers.

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Response to Modest art request (no pay work) 2013-02-06 07:37:38 Reply

Have you tried putting you request up on the Collabinator?

if not, then it might be worth posting it there as well

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