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Need programmers and animators!

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K, so, I'm one of the three artists currently working on a RPG-fantasy-tech-epic-wtf combo game.

The game itself is a bit like Castle Crashers, but only movement-wise. Everything else, including storyline, history, etc. etc can be found here: -iiW1nm2_-N0bXDoE4E/edit

Now, I actually have several animators, a background artist, and FOR programmers, but they are all drowning in school, with the exception of the three artists, the bg artist, and one, maybe two animators. I've given them all 6 months to do whatever they need to do, and thy will then spend 2 months straight working on this game.

SO. I would really, really like a couple of animators and AS3 Flash programmers to step in during these 6 months and take on a role as either temporary or permanent animators and programmers. Interested or have questions? Pm me. If you wish to join, GIVE ME A SKYPE. Please. If you need examples of already finished work, you can also PM for that.