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Response to Your NG name 2013-02-07 17:37:54 Reply

At 2/7/13 04:49 PM, Viper50 wrote:
At 2/7/13 04:44 PM, Cyberdevil wrote:
At 2/7/13 08:17 AM, Star365 wrote: i am the star; 365 days a year.

including leap year.
But leap years don't have 365 days. Psyche.
Maybe he doesn't believe in the extra day in leap years.

i don't believe in your silly years and days

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Response to Your NG name 2013-02-07 17:44:11 Reply

At 2/7/13 05:37 PM, Star365 wrote: i don't believe in your silly years and days

Though you do believe in 365 days in years?

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Response to Your NG name 2013-02-07 19:06:14 Reply

At 2/3/13 01:34 AM, TomTheJuggler111 wrote: Why did you choose it? Is there a story behind it? What does it mean to you? If you were to change it, what would the new name be?

Well it all started 7 years ago on a website called habbo hotel. It was time for me to create a username that people would actually refer to me as and so I decided to create somthing completely different from what I had before.

As my sig says, I was obsessed with the TV show red dwarf back in 2006. One of the characters in red dwarf is called "Dave Lister". I decided to use his second name "Lister" as a username but that was already taken. After a little bit of messing around, I accidently made an account with the username "Listers." I didn't want to waste a username so I just decided to stick with it.

1 year later I discovered newgrounds. It got to the point where I wanted to create an account pretty fast. I tried my username "Listers" but that was taken so I did exactly the same thing that I did on habbo and accidently created an account with the username "aListers." For the same reason as habbo I stuck with the name and here I am today.

I think that aListers means "a (person who goes by the name of) Listers." That's why the L is capitalised. That's probably what I was thinking when I was messing around.

If I were to change it I would change it to Listers. The S at the end of my name defines me and I get really annoyed when people forget it.

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