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storing & loading variables online?

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So as a little personal challenge, i've decided to try and create a "facemash" (like Zuckerberg in the movie the social network) type thing. So far thing's have been pretty smooth. I'm a few hours into the project and i'm actually done ...kinda. my problem is everything works locally, but i'd like to take it a step further. How would i go about making it so that my variables are stored online, then are added when someone click's a face. additionally i'd like to pull variables from this online storage to display the top 5. Another issue is i don't know any server side scripting languages (but this task seem relatively small, so hopefully i can quickly learn all i'd need to know). Any help, even pointing me to some basic guides would be very helpful, thanks!

P.S. if you don't know what facemash was, it was a hot or not type site. the user would be presented with two images, then would click the one they found more appealing. It would rank people overall.

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