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Solve the following problems

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Solve the following problems 2013-01-28 01:21:21 Reply

Hi,everyone have read this post.first i must tell u that i speak poor english,so sorry about the mistakes i made when i write.

i now need to learn some technicals of game-programming.they are important for each programmer of game.But i sont know that how to succeed in achieving these knowledges.

ehh...the sentences above proved my poor english again.

Anyway,I just want the people those who have these techinicals could post their techinicals here,so many people will be helped.
Let me list them here:
1 the bosses in an arcade-game,how to program for their AI;
2 effect:bullets hit on the walls,laser fire on the walls;
3 the script-techinical in flight-games.

sorry for poor english.but if these problems are solved,they will be helpful! thank u.