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Secret to DnB hats? 2013-01-25 10:37:14 Reply

I can't quite master them - I know most songs sidechain the hats to the kick and snare but I can never get that good full hat feel like netsky or stan sb

Is it to do with having and layering good loops - or do you have to one shot lots of hats together, or is it more to do with the velocity of them?

Any help is really appreciated :3

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Response to Secret to DnB hats? 2013-01-25 10:51:09 Reply

All I do is make a normal breakbeat, like so. Make sure your samples are good, and well-mastered. The hats in particular should be snappy, and not too heavy on high frequencies.

Then, what I personally do is get a premade drum loop (the type that has loads of hats and conga fills and whatnot), EQ out a tonne of frequencies, so the loop won't clash with the breakbeat I made, turn the volume down so it's a bit more subtle, and layer it on top of the beat. Like so.

It fills up your hat line, and fills up beat in general. It simply makes it sound intricate and it takes all of a few seconds. You can even mix and match different drum loops on top of the beat you made, and add a few subtle variations to your beat (like snare fills, etc), and as long as you don't overdo it, you can vary your drum beat nicely.

I know it's really cheap to just throw premade stuff on top of your beat, but it's a lifesaver of a method for whoever's like me, i.e. s/he has a strict schedule and isn't very good at all that sound design and mixing to make a good DnB beat entirely from scratch. Give it a shot!

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