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High quality music for your project

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Looking for great, high-quality and professional music for your project? Look no further!

Hello! I'm Matthew, I'm a well seasoned and experienced composer with productions that are up to par with music from AAA+ games. I am very well versed and extremely adept in producing/composing in a wide variety of musical genres & styles:

Some of these styles include but are not limited to:

- Orchestral
- Epic/Fantasy
- Rock
- Action
- Jazz
- Electronica (techno, trance, house, dance, dnb, dubstep)
- Hip-Hop
- Chiptune/8-bit
- Classical

...and much more!

A little about myself-- I'm an avid gamer and composer with a shiny new dual major degree in Music Composition and Film Scoring, as well as a minor in Video Game/Interactive Audio Music Production from Berklee College of Music. Gaming and music has always been my life and I pretty much spend most of my time gaming and composing music. I have studied piano, music composition, guitar and percussion since the age of 9 and I plan to continue growing as a musician by producing wonderful music for games and other media. Since I'm still getting used to the new world post-college I've found many little freelance jobs doing game and film music, though I did do some work while I was in school.

So let's get down to it!

Where can I actually hear your music?

Here's my official music website:
Here's my NG Audio Portal link

So what services do you offer?
Complete Music Production Services:

- Full arrangements and productions tailored to your original project needs.
- All musical styles are welcomed.
- Incredibly fast turn around; Get what you need when you need it!
- Risk free and always professional!
- Literally hundreds of pre-made high quality tracks available ready to spice up your project!

I will always strive to create extremely professional music for your project needs that is sure to engage your players into a memorable gaming experience! What most people don't realize is that music and audio is 1/3 of your gaming experience, which means that it can either make or break your game.

Don't forget; Not only do I make music specifically for your game project, but I literally have hundreds of completed high-quality audio tracks that are available for you to use. They can be found on my website.

Other than producing high quality and immersive music for your game, what else can I do for your team?
I am also experienced with many audio middleware programs such as FMOD and Wwise. I am also familiar with implementing audio in Unity 3D.

Where can I see some of your previous work?
You can find my credited work on my website. I've recently only started working on bigger projects so you may not find some of those on there yet until they are released. I am always updating my credited work page as game projects are released.

Sounds great, how can I contact you?
Contact me via my website, send me an e-mail directly, or you may contact me via skype:
Skype: letspretendxcore


I hope you guys take the time to look through my portfolio, I promise you will enjoy what you hear! I'm looking forward to working with many of you guys here from the Touch Arcade Forums. There are some amazing projects that come from this community and I hope to be part of many of them in the near future!

Thanks again!

High quality music for your project

<Professional Audio Specialist>
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