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Need help searching for the game

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HI, guys
I used to play that game game in spring 2010 or smth about.
You are going down some kind of a narrow pit, jumping from one block to another. There are 5 available chars: palladin, wizard, thief, warrior and ranger. All chars got their special ability, like blinking for a short distance, or shooting with a magic ball, or jumping higer, or something else) You can change the character you play for by jumping on the top of the cage, where this char is inprisoned. There are some traps and enemies on the levels. Enemies can be killed by jumping on them (if they got no spikes on their heads, as i remember)
Here are the details i can memorize. As i remember, the game was ranked rather good, but sorting by "greatest" or genre couldn't help me to find it( I hope that you can help me.
Thank you in advance