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My music is open for free use

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My music is open for free use 2012-12-29 09:32:44 Reply

This might look like one of those attention whoring threads... I cannot lie, it is, its an attention whoring message.

While I am always happy and excited to make a new track for my own pleasure or for the sake of the guy who requested it, I also feel that some of my stuff, that wasn't made for this now lies dead in my library for nothing.

I've met several people, asking me out for right to use my tracks and while some just go and take them, some actualy DECIDE not to even try to ask because something on thÃ-s portal makes them think that ITS NOT A RIGHT THING TO DO.

So my message is this.
If you are reading this, you already know that you have my permission to use my pieces for your projects, but it would be still cool if you let me now. I didn't come here to make money I just came here to upload my music and see how the rest accepts it.

Thanks guy... I hope that I didn't break any rule here on these forums, cause thats not the purpose of this :)

Hello thar ;)

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