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Any Dedicated Inkers for Manga?

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Hello, I'm currently working on a Comicbook/Manga, It has a fun theme with action,
fantasy and comedy thrown in. If you ever Played Wild Arms, is similar to it, you could
also compare it to Trigun, so if you like Trigun's comedy storyline you'll like this story.
The character also has similarities to Vash; the world has traditional fantasy mixed with
technology/sci-fi and magic.

Is basically a fun pet-project with no Deadline, I'm broke so i cant pay for it but if you'd like
to be part of something awesome, working on a fun project and making friends, then your

What i need:

Inker / Background artist

-Someone good at inking, preferably good with Manga studio but traditional works too
-Owning a Tablet is a plus
-Knowledge of Photoshop or Manga Studio
-Must know how to draw (In case my sketches need a bit of touch up)
-If you like drawing Backgrounds / Nature, Buildings, People (Villagers) this would help me a lot too
-If you know how to work with tones or text effects this would help me as well
-Communication, be available for chat even if its a few minutes a day
-Being friendly and having a sense of humor is required

The workload wont be very heavy since i work on it on my free time
(about 2-3 pages a week.) Quality over Quantity.

Final Note, I'm looking for someone who i can communicate back and forth with, I normally use Skype chat;
If your interested, my Skype name is "M3gadriel" i will give you a sketch to ink and see how it goes.

Here's some Samples:



Thanks! :)