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Bid: Menu Art for free 2012-12-21 17:08:29 Reply

Hello guys

I am willing to do first-screen art for your animation (or flash games even) and maybe some other things aswell, you
can always ask :)

If its not clear what i mean; It would be that first menu screen after the loading, with the play (Etc) buttons and the logo.

What I do:
I can create a background, buttons + mouseover, a new logotype (the name of your game/nid as picture) or an overhaul
if wanted , can polish some of your sprites for the menu as representative , and stuff like that

What I wont do:
Recreate a character from you, from scratch for presentation in the menu, animating, coding, over the top stuff

My portfolio:

I often see good animations with horrible menu and that bothers me, also its good training ;)

I open one commission now if anyone is interested!