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curbing crime 2012-12-16 03:50:59 Reply

People have been talking about the need to curb gun crime, especially after all of these mass shootings. Problem is, the only way to curb gun crime is to curb all crime.

the only way to curb all crime is... complicated.

first you would have to deglorify what plagues our society. this would. sadly, go against the first amendment. there's a LOT of media, such as movies, tv shows, games, and music (and rap, rap isn't music) that glorifies violence, sex out of wedlock/life partnership, drug use, drug selling, and gang membership.

I know what you're thinking. "but, but, but.... This item in the list is harmless!
I'll explain.

violence: well, you see the results of this every time there is a murder, assault, etc. it's easy to take a pistol and shoot the person who flipped you off, without giving much thought to the consequences.

Sex out of wedlock/life partnership: when, you have kids, you gotta take care of them. kids are expensive. it's hard to rise up in the world when you have a trio (or more) of kids weighing you down. It's hard to get out of the ghetto when you can't afford to get trained for a better job than burger flipping at McDonald's when you can hardly afford to keep your rent payment up because you decided to knock up someone and now you gotta pay child support. in the 'lower class' this seems to be a common problem.

Drug use: drugs are expensive. it's hard to rise up in the world when you have that habit that is costing you a lot of money, not to mention you can't find a better job than flipping burgers at the only place in town that doesn't drug test.

Drug selling: now, there are some people who make a living from it, yes, but this still causes crime because all too often people become hooked on hard drugs and turn to various crimes, burglary, breaking into cars, mugging, etc to fund their habit.

Gang Membership: take all of the above, and surround yourself with people who push you to do them, often.

now I'm not going to go into a tirade, nor a debate as to if this is true, but I see it this way. glorifying something doesn't help it go away.

next we would have to outright glorify education in our society. right now education is heavily denigrated that many subcultures outright reject the notion of a good education. I'll put it like this. Bill Cosby (yes the comedian) once wrote a book about the black plight, but he didn't go the usual route of "white man's fault! blame the white man!". He turned it around, in a very well thought out manner and pointed out the REAL problem with black society. He was called all manner of hateful names by the black community for it. Uncle Tom, Oreo, among others.

I'm gonna catch a hell of a lot of flak for the following.

Bill Cosby is right. the poor black community will never rise out of the slums as long as they remain the way they are. In fact, Bill Cosby's wisdom can be expanded to ALL poor people. Blacks, Rednecks, Hippies, etc.

Here's my thoughts on it.

Parents must take an interest in the education of their children, to teach them the right way of doing things (for example, not having sex until you're ready to pop out children and take proper care of them). teaching them right from wrong, meaningfully disciplining their children and not trying to be the best friends. Schools can only go so far, the most elite schools in the world can produce a dumbass... it'd be a flunked out dumbass, but still a dumbass.

Parents need to talk to the teachers, often. the report card doesn't tell you much. Schools can set very low standards for education because parents allow for it, and often encourage it. this leads to stupid adults producing more stupid people. Parents who bitch out the teachers because of their kids low scores need a reality check. Many teachers lose their will to teach and then it just becomes a job when they try to do good and end up being besieged by angry parents because they can't bring themselves to blame their own children, or themselves. Between this and kids who just don't care is enough to frustrate any teacher.

Monitoring what children have access to is essential. letting a kid grow up listening to this horrendous talentless filth is going to have the obvious effect on children. and to be fair, it's not just rap, it's new country rock, who the hell am i kidding, all genres of music still in the mainstream are problematic.

It's not only music, parents should monitor what their children watch on television as well. there are many television shows aimed that children that are educational. preschool children have no business watching shows like Pokemon, Spongebob, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Rugrats.... in fact, preschoolers really have no business watching Nickelodeon or cartoon network (nor any 'reality tv' show, or any 'music channel'). Now, I'm not saying that watching cartoons is bad, problem is parents let the children watch these shows that have no material that stimulates the mind, all they see are colorful characters prancing around the screen. young children should be subjected to mind stimulating activities along with physical activities. This would also help curb obesity. Parents need to stop using the television as a babysitter. it's leading to fat and/or stupid children with no discipline. Older kids can watch cartoons fine as long as they realize that it's all fiction, and they keep up with their studies and play outside a lot to stay in shape.

Naturally, internet usage should be monitored. children have no business on facebook, or any social networking site. They DEFINITELY also have no business playing mmo games.

what the children learn at home is as important if not more than what they learn at school. if the parents teach the kid that drinking, smoking, getting high, and listening to filthy music is what life is about, no amount of education at school is going to help them. the kid is essentially doomed unless a miracle happens and they realize on their own that life does not work that way.

Society as a whole:
Society as a whole needs to stop denigrating education, instead, society as a whole needs to glorify a good education, and glorify honing natural talents. If a child is a natural artist, he should not be discouraged from pursuing his natural born talents.

Minorities need to stop the "acting white" accusation as a way to discourage their intelligent members from pursuing academic excellence. Is it really any different than a white stoner picking on a white nerd? in some ways no. but "acting white" has the stigma of being in league with the 'enemy'. This can be seen in many many instances where intelligent black men are called Uncle Tom or Oreo simply for suggesting that racism isn't the core problem of the minorities' plight and suggesting they are "not in the fight". Such thinking keeps minorities down more than any perceived or real racism. Only when minorities let go of their denigration of education will they be elevated in society. 'keeping your heritage' is fine and all, but not at the expense of education. Also, doing drugs and listening to filthy music isn't heritage, its a form of mental enslavement.

Now, I've done a big rant on education in a topic called 'curbing crime'. why? Because educated people are less likely to end up in prison. They also typically earn more money (legally) and live better lives (legally).

it wouldn't eliminate crime completely but glorifying education and denigrating crime, criminals, drugs, drug dealers, drug users, drunks, smoking, and those who do glorify such things would go a long way to curbing the problems that cause crime in the first place.

what our society is doing is fertilizing the weeds in the garden, then trying to trim them down while wondering why the weeds are taking over the garden.

Let's see someone disagree without playing the race card. Feel free to add to it.

I'm not crazy, everyone else is.