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Hello Newgrounds!
Im MasterTH and im here to inform you about a new collab that you might be interested to join.
~What is it about?
-The WarpPipe Challenge is where a FC/OC (Fan-character/Officialcharacter) Fights againts some random opponents or enemies that come out from the warpPipe.
~What Are The Rules?
-This is a ''Sprite'' type collab so it must be made with sprites of course.
-The Speed has to be 30Fps.
-Dimension (Screen size) Has to be 640x360
-What do i need? Here are the things you will need like the: BG, Floor, and of course the Warppipe Collab Items
~Is there a deadline?
-So far ''NO'' until we have at least 5 contestants.
We need 10 slots maximun so far we got 2 contestants.
Here is a Trailer of this collab made by me MTH Warppipe Collab trailer
Join now! just ask me,
-This collab is managed by the members and admins of the Sprite-Central-Station Group on DEviantART
Thanks For Reading i hope you join ^^
Have a nice day.

.:the-warp-pipe-c hallenge *collab*


Response to .:the-warp-pipe-c hallenge *collab* 2012-12-17 23:19:58

I'd recommend spelling the title right. It'll bring more people in...


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