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unreported violence in Mich.

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Response to unreported violence in Mich. 2012-12-14 17:53:48 Reply

At 12/14/12 04:35 PM, Camarohusky wrote:
No. This kind of stuff just isn't news outside of the local area and those who want to villify the group but can't find anything legitimate to use.

you mean kinda how like they did with the tea party rallies? media couldn't get enough of any mention of racism or violence with the tea party. I personally got tired of hearing it.

This is essentially a non-issue. It likely would have happened regardless of who was protesting what, so long as the group protesting was large enough.

unless it's a tea party protest,or some other conservative movement.

No it doesn't. You haven't shown that the union or even any of the legitimate protestors played any part in this. Not to mention the molasses thick bias hanging over both links you posted.

black man assaulted as a union protest sounds pretty bad. "Hot Dog Vendor assaulted at union protest" is enough to make unions sound bad. even a mention in another article would make them look bad, therefore, they must be ignored. you don't even have to mention the unions at all, simply mentioning he was assaulted at all make them look bad, therefore, it must be ignored.

First off, why was AFP selling hotdogs at a Union protest? Why were they recording the sale of hotdogs? Trying to get some weiner sucking footage to use as blackmail?

why? people get hungry, why else? Also, with any protest comes the counter-protest. the counter-protestors need food too.

Side note, (not really) let's not forget that the AFP istelf said that the attackers were non-union and that the union protestors helped the AFP folks after the tent collapsed. Link.

From your own link:

She said she also has video footage showing the masked instigators, which AFP plans to show at this afternoonâEUTMs presser.

âEUoeA lot of people have been telling me, and I saw one gentleman inside the tent, who was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask,âEU Patnaude said. âEUoeI donâEUTMt know if this was a union person or not. I think thereâEUTMs a good possibility it was an Occupier or a radical anarchist.âEU

âEUoeCertainly some of these union protesters are paid protesters who border the line on anarchy,âEU she continued. âEUoeBut you know, there were union protesters there who I overheard saying âEU~this has gone too farâEUTM and who were actually helping us. So for their sake we need to have a full investigation.âEU

She saw 1 person with a guy fawkes mask on. he MIGHT have been an occupy protestor. 1 or 2 masked people. this tent was brought down by a group, watched by others, many with big grins on their faces, chanting "bring it down!"

given the way they were smiling as it happened many of the union members standing around didn't seem to mind watching the AFP tent fall, some even seemed to approve of it. also the mass chanting of "take it down!" if pretty damning. another good reason why this footage will never be aired, except by Fox, who brings the news the others won't, who in turn bring the news Fox won't. Except, you know, Fox being conservative and all shouldn't be considered real news, right?

and you said I'm bad at analyzing.

I'm not crazy, everyone else is.

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Response to unreported violence in Mich. 2012-12-14 19:18:00 Reply

At 12/11/12 08:28 PM, 24901miles wrote: I would need to see the entire footage to take this seriously. Fox News has a habit of cutting out the entire context of a violent film clip in order to portray protesters as violent, police as well-tempered, etc. Cutting in a variety of angry responses from protestors to simple questioning is a yellow journalist tactic to distort the viewer's bias.

Oh, you mean like this?
(From the CORRECT perspective)

Sure, FOX News has a slight bias, but CNN, NBC, and all the others aren't exactly saints either.

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Response to unreported violence in Mich. 2012-12-14 21:44:58 Reply

At 12/14/12 07:18 PM, theJRob wrote: Sure, FOX News has a slight bias, but CNN, NBC, and all the others aren't exactly saints either.

It's clear people don't seem to get it. The bias on all news channels can vary alot depending on the show. O'Rielly and Hannity are as biased as you can be, they probably act alot more slanted than they actually are because that is what gets the ratings. On the other hand shows like Bret Bair and Shepard Smith aren't as badly biased and bring up the Conservative viewpoint in a respectful manner without insulting anyone (thus Hannity and O'Rielly do the oppoiste). The bias usually comes in from the commentators. Hence when you see all these video's of Fox they're usually from the crazy pundits rarely the more serious news reporters. The same is with the other news networks.

Now I hate when people throw around all these names like CNN or NBC, pretty much because CNN is about as unbiased as any news channel can be to the point of boredome. Some of their shows work hard to make sure not to express any opinion whatsoever like Wolf Blitzer and just show raw fact. But since not all shows are run the same way it's clear that whenever you see studies they're factoring in the whole channel and not focusing on the aspects that people actually watch.

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