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In search of a Concept Artist

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In search of a Concept Artist 2012-12-08 18:48:37 Reply

We are looking for concept artist that can help us with one of our projects:

X: An experimental game that portrays the story of a person with amnesia and emotional problems. This game's objective is to find out what happened to the protagonist of the story. One of the special things about this game is, the meaning of the story will change in every person's point of view, and we designed the game to be this way. (Game engine: -Version 1, UDK. -Version 2, FPSC).

It would be awesome if you are good in any of this things:

+Character Design
+Environment Design

We want talented people (we dont care if this is your first job or if you are really young, we just want you to be talented and very responsible)
We work in a really particular way, we dont have a schdule, basically you do your work the way that you want, the only thing you have its a due date for your work.

If you are interested please send us a message and attach a portafolio so we can see your work.

(We can have more than just one artist)

Sheldrybox Studios is a little company founded by young people in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.
We started in Junior High and these things got pretty serious. So we decided to do things in a professional way.
We donâEUTMt have much money because we donâEUTMt have that much of a rating but, our company has a lot of contacts in the city and has a lot of potential since we are YouTube Partners.