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Searching For Rapper!

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Searching For Rapper! 2012-12-04 11:36:18

Hey! I'm music maker from Lithuania and i'm currently searching for a rapper.
I'm planning to make a Die Antwoord, Gorillaz style rap song or something like that. I just finished the music and I need vocals.
So if you wanna join me, i'll send the beat to ya and we will make the lyrics.
If you wanna hear some of my music, it's here:

The beat is nothing like my previous songs

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Response to Searching For Rapper! 2012-12-04 11:48:46

Here are some useful links. Please read the rules and then make good use of the available threads.

- Guidelines for submitting audio. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!

- Newgrounds Audio Forum Rules

- A link to a few things you should know about how we handle copyright infringements.

- Audio Advertisements Thread

- Review Request Club Thread

- Album Thread Guidelines

- If you notice any audio content that breaks site rules, provide a link to it in the Audio Portal Cleanup Thread

If you're really looking for "rappers" try the Hip Hop Club instead.

Thank-you for your attention.

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Response to Searching For Rapper! 2012-12-04 12:59:44

At 12/4/12 11:36 AM, flashworks wrote: The beat is nothing like my previous songs

If you're looking to collaborate with someone, please post a link to the song you are looking for help with, or something similar.

By posting a link to your songs and saying, "It's nothing like my previous songs", you're essentially just posting the link as a shameless advertisement, as it serves no other purpose relevant to the reason you posted the thread.

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