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Need Help Programming Flash Menu

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Hi everybody.

I have 4 Flash teasers for an upcoming cartoon I'd like to release this week, but I'm having trouble programming the Flash menu. Basically, I have everything I need (Artwork, buttons, content, etc), I just need someone who can program each individual button to link to the corresponding teaser, as well as a 'Play All' button that can, well, play all the teasers.

I am willing to pay $30 USD via Paypal for the services, which I hope isn't too low an offer. Usually I'd do it myself but I've never done one with multiple Flash videos in one file, and all my Flash-inclined buddies are busy with other projects fr the time being. The deadline I'm putting on this project is Nov. 27th.

If you're interested, please message me on here or email me at

I appreciate any help!

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