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Artists Needed 2012-11-13 22:20:23 Reply

The Project:
Eddie Carter Studios and Goon Clothing (producer) are entering their second partnership together. This time, we are attempting to create a rather expansive Adventure RPG. We are currently keeping most information and specifics about subject matter/content/names/gameplay under wraps. Although, if we decide to have you work on the project with us, we will give you the entire scoop.

Amount Casting: 4
Portfolio Deadline: 1st of December, 2012 at 6pm EST


- A portfolio
- A Paypal account
- An email address I can consistently contact you through
- A decent understanding of English, Spanish and/or French (we do not have a representative for any other languages)


How Pay Works:
Depending on what type of art work you will be providing us, we can offer you a certain pay amount. Certain circumstances will weigh in on pay as well. All prices are also negotiable between a representative from Goon Clothing and the artist. Signing bonuses will be issued to the artist the week we begin production, and artists will get a biweekly paycheck in full for all the work they do during said time frame. We can also work a payment plan that the artist would be more trusting of, if there are any qualms with the current plan.

Signing Bonus: $25
Full NPC Spritesheet: $2 - $10 each
Full Monster Sprite Sets: $2 - $6 each
Item Sprites/Full Armour Sets: $0.50 - $2.00/$2.00 - $5.00
Loading Screen Images: $30 - $100
Item/NPC/Creature Renders: $5 - $40
Town/Dungeon/Area Design: $40 - $150

We also will be giving each artist credit for their work.
Plus free Goon Clothing merchandise!


If you're interested in working on this project with us you can email us at:

You can also private message me on here about this.
Feel free to ask questions below.

Thank you,
Eddie Carter.

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Response to Artists Needed 2012-11-14 12:55:12 Reply

Hey dude, I no have very experience, no portifolio, etc...
But I no want to you pay-me, I just want one credit for me in the game.
Here my DA account, for you see if I can due this sprites:
My DA's Account