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Looking For Artists For My Videos

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Hello Everybody,

Just like the title says, I am looking for artists who create awesome music to use in my YouTube videos. Now a bit of background about my channel. I am mainly making videos on World of Warcraft and also Let's Plays and may move onto Vlogs in the future, I started making YouTube videos 5 months ago and have grown to 2k+ Subscribers and over 220k views.

I am mainly interested in Metal / Rock music for my videos but I am completely open to all types of music as I make a wide range of gaming videos. Now I do however earn 3$ CPM because I am a YouTube partner. However I provide links, annotations and give full credits in my videos to artists.

I have worked with a few Newgrounds artists before and provided links to their Newgrounds page, iTunes, Facebook and personal website of theirs, and they stated that they had increased in fan base, followers and sold more of their tracks, which is awesome because I have listened to a lot of stuff on here and a lot of you guys are really talented and deserve to be known.

If you are interested in this, please send me an e-mail to
If / When you email me, can you please title your e-mail with the name of your band / group / solo name and also the Genre of music that it is (makes it easy for me to filter). In the main body of the e-mail tell me about yourself / your band, as it would be awesome to get to know you a bit better and also provide links to some of your songs / your main page and also write something a long the lines of "We / I (your name / bands name) give Pureballin Permission to use our music in his videos", the permission is for YouTube purposes.

I really hope and look forward to working with some of you guys, if you have any questions e-mail me or drop me a message here, sorry if this post feels to long, and thanks for reading :)