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Voice Actor/actress Wanted (umvc3)

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I run a mildly successful youtube show for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 based around my team of Phoenix Wright, She-Hulk and Wesker.

The flagship show is "Courtroom Drama" which focuses on normal matches along with commentary.
My secondary show is called "Raging at Lawyers" which focuses on the people I meet online who just get angry and how funny it all becomes.

I am looking for someone who can successfully imitate any of these 3 characters. I'm not looking for an exact copy, but anything that sounds as close to the originals as possible. I will be more forgiving with Wright and She-Hulk especially. Wesker should be as similar to DC Douglass as you can get without sounding forced.

If you can't fully copy She-Hulk, a tough-sounding girl with a bit of a sexy undertone will work fine. Flirty, but with that "I'll still break your neck" attitude.
Wright just needs to sound like you'd expect him to: Slightly higher-pitched (Boyish for an adult) and a little goofy and cowardly, but still very determined and a little sarcastic too.

Here's some videos that share voice clips of the current official voice actors to help you out:

Phoenix Wright:

If you can also successfully say "OBJECTION" as any of these characters, you have a much stronger chance. Anyone I pick will be credited in every UMvC3 video with a name and a link to any site/account of their choosing as well as any other terms you're willing to discuss.

And just as an example of my work, here's my 5th episode of Courtroom Drama. I am currently up to 10.

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Response to Voice Actor/actress Wanted (umvc3) 2012-11-07 22:12:03

Here are some useful links. Please read the rules and then make good use of the available threads.

- If you have a voice acting demo reel, put it in the Voice Actor Advertisements thread.

- If you're looking for voices for your project, check out the Voice Actors Wanted thread.

Thank-you for your attention.