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Baba Ganoush - Multiple Choice

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I'm not sure if I'm breaking any rules here but I wanna do a multiple choice story, like reader participation kind of thing. After each passage I'll give 2 to 4 choices for the readers to choose. No matter what I'll try to keep the story going, so if nobody chooses after a day or 2 I'll flip a coin and let the fates decide. With that said, let's goooo!!!! gooo.. goo.. go.. fades to black.

"Baba Ganoush! Get yo' butt downstairs fo' I come up n' throw you through the window! You're late fo' skool!"
This was the norm around here Baba Ganoush thought to himself as he stirred about his bed groggily. His uncle Caleb was such a tool. No manners. No class. No --- class. Wait.. It's Sunday. I don't have school today! Ugh. I can't wait til I'm outta here.
"It's Sunday!" He called back downstairs to his uncle.
"What!" Uncle Caleb yelled angrily. Baba could hear his feet starting to stomp up the stairs.
"What did you just say to me Baad!" His uncle yelled again, mid-way up the stairs by now. His uncle called him Baad to shorten his name to one syllable. Like a sheep that ran into a brickwall mid "Bahh" to end its noise making with a hollow thud. His uncle was a short stocky man, a scruffy face and greasy black hair. He had his house slippers on, bath robe and a ginny tee. Baba Ganoush had just pulled his covers back to get out of bed as his uncle burst into the room. With the new adrenaline Baba was freshly awake.
He started to speak, "I was saying it's Sunday, I don't have school."
His uncle hit him anyway.
"You disgust me Baba Ganoush." He said as he turned his back and left the room.
Baba Ganoush couldn't fill the emptiness in his chest. He held his tongue and felt the comfort of his despair. At least it was consistent.
He got dressed and stepped out his window in his old Peacoat, black sweatpants and converse sneakers. Walking across to the side of the roof so he could jump down to the street. He landed and stumbled a little, planting his left hand down to brace his fall.
"Flu shots!" He cursed as his wrist gave out and sent the pain traveling up his arm. Well, where should I go today? He thought to himself.
A. Corner Store to get some breakfast
B. Train Tracks, kick some cans around, maybe he'll find something
C. Back on the rooftops, there's a mysterious girl up there sometimes
D. Go back home

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Response to Baba Ganoush - Multiple Choice 2012-11-06 16:40:25 Reply

So I flipped a coin and C -- won. I also just finished the story. I left the options up so you can see where the story could have headed at some point. Also I don't know if there are any new restrictions on the forum. I don't think I broke any rules though.

A glimmer a what he could only fumblingly explain as love flashed and for a moment and he wasn't sad any longer. Back to the rooftops it was. He had really only wanted to run into Forgiveness again. She gave him a feeling of fullness. That he wasn't just pushed aside. Besides that, she was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Ever since he ran into her a year ago up on the rooftops he tried to bump into her at least a couple times a week. He hoped she would be up there. With a happy thought in his head he took a energized bound towards the nearest alley. Found the nearest ladder and started to climb up. The rooftops were scattered with clothing lines, old blankets, cardboard boxes, birds and people. From kids to adults, coloring an old colorbook out of the lines because the pictures have already been filled in, to doing drugs and laying in their coma. It was all about acceptance here, playing the hand you were given. He climbed over the final rung looked for Forgiveness. Then he smacked his forehead, looking would be futile. He let out an redundant "Dummy."
His lips turned to a small smirk as he reached into his pocket, he only had two things in there. A small keychain with a bird whistle Forgiveness gave him, it was broken. Then ironically the second thing was nothing. Which was exactly what he was looking for. With embarrassment he gripped his hand around the ball of nothing in his pocket and threw it into the air. He was still getting used this, but if anything were to work it would be this. As he waited he viewed his surroundings, the only other people on this roof were behind their homemade abode, their cardboard cushioning peeking out from sheets of cloth they had hung up for privacy. Less than a minute had passed before Forgiveness's little bitch ass bird came to perch on the ledge of the building to his right.
"Caw!" He said cocked his head to the left, recognizing his caller.
"Fuck you, Coward." Baba said scratching the birds head with his pointer finger.
Baba knew it would only be moments before she would be here now.
"I told you don't talk to my bird like that Baad."
She got here sooner than he thought she would.
"He knows I was joking with him."

A. Baba attacks Forgiveness and rapes her.
B. Baba kills the bird.
C. Baba kills the family on the roof.
D. Baba jerks off
[ A - won ]

He turned to Forgiveness with a smile and reached into his pocket grabbing his keychain. In a swift movement he removed the keychain from his pocket and bashed the silver ring into Forgiveness's temple. Her bird, Coward, cawed as loud as he could flapping his wings. Baba smiled-- he was going to enjoy this. He knelt down and looked into Forgiveness's now teary eyes, she was confused and hurt, his hands gripped on the first of her layered skirts. Forgiveness began to scream, Baba clamped his hand in front of her mouth. He was going to rape her. The urge overtook him. Coward flew at Baba trying to get him off of his master. It was useless, Baba hit the bird sending it over the building, it's wings no longer working. He looked back to Forgiveness with an fire inside of him. Pulling down her panties and unzipping his pants. He forced his already stiff cock into her pussy. Her eyes widened in horror. Baba spit on his hand and rubbed her pussy to lube it. He wouldn't be able to rape her if he couldn't get his cock inside. It worked. With satisfaction he continued raping her. Thrust after thrust. Forgiveness was crying now, the tears streaming down the sides of her faces to the roof top.
"Your pussy feels amazing." Baba said as he finished, wiping his dick clean on one of Forgiveness's skirts.

A. Baba kills Forgiveness
B. Baba leaves to kill his Uncle
C. Baba checks if he can rape who's behind the sheets
D. Baba makes her eat his cum
[C - won]

Forgiveness couldn't speak, she was choking on her tears. Baba stood up about to zip his pants when he saw the cardboard poking from underneath the sheets across the roof again. He forgot that somebody else was up here. He decided that if there was a girl behind that sheet he was going to rape her. His dick got hard from the thought of it. With that, he zipped his pants and buttoned up. He made his way for the hanging sheets.
"Run!" Forgiveness yelled. Baba turned around with anger manifesting his face, he would make her pay for that. He started to turn around. He was going to pull her by her hair so he could beat her face in, but it was too late. By the time he was fully turned around Forgiveness was already at the ledge of the building. As Baba questioned what she was doing, she had no presence in her eyes. She sat on the ledge for a moment, tears watering up again. Then she let her body go limp over the side. You could hear your head break against the ground below. Baba ran to the side of the building to peer over. He saw Forgiveness in a puddle over her own blood, Coward too. Good he thought to himself, now I won't have to kill her myself. Now back to business he thought again. He turned back around to the sheets to see a man that looked like a hobo with a rusted pipe in his hand.
"Who da' fuck are you kiddo'?" He asked, a snarl on his face.
"None of your fuckin' business hobo!" Baba yelled back.
"I like dat." The hobo answered, "I saw how you raped that girl too. I was hoping you would just leave so I could get a turn."
The thought disgusted him. Who the fuck was this hobo to have a turn on his Forgiveness. Worthless piece of shit. He was going to pay just like Forgiveness did. Baba charged at the hobo. Then everything went black. The hobo knocked him out with one swing. Baba opened his eyes, the guy was crouching low holding his silver keychain.
"You don't have shit kiddo." He started, "You're lucky I ain't kill you while you was out. I got a proposition for ya. Come with me, or I kill you where you lay."

1. Baba goes with him.
2. Baba says kill me.
3. Baba tries to get up and fight.
4. Baba starts to pray.
[ 3 - won. I switched to #'s lol]

"Before you answer." The hobo continued, "Let's play a little game. It's called Who's Scared First?"
The man reached into his coat pocket. Now's my chance! Baba thought to himself. He jumped up and headbutted the man. Argh! The hobo yelled, his hand flying out of his pocket with the dagger he must have been reaching inside of his pocket for. That was the only way he was going to get out of this fight alive. Baba ran for the dagger but fell face first on the roof when the hobo grabbed his ankle.
"Get off of me old man!" Baba yelled, kicking the man in his face with his one free foot. He didn't want to die. Not here. Not like this. He finally got his foot free. The hobo yelled in pain grabbing his face. Baba grabbed the strange dagger's onyx handle. Then everything went black, then white, then he was looking at dirt ground. Before he could get up he heard a voice come from somewhere nearby.
"Ya arrite dere ya strange luking bald cat?"
Groggily Baba looked over to where the voice was coming from. He couldn't believe what he was looking at. A goblin around 3 ft tall, with rough skin like a crocodile was looking back at him with large black eyes. He had a rotund head and sharp triangular teeth.

1. Baba kills him with the dagger.
2. Baba tries to find out what's going on from the creature.
3. Baba walks away from the creature.
4. Baba starts to pray.

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Response to Baba Ganoush - Multiple Choice 2012-11-06 16:44:26 Reply

[ 3 - won]

Baba could see the creature softly clenching and unflinching his claws but not in a threatening way.
"This is fucking insane." Baba said as he got up from the dirt floor brushes his clothes off with his free hand. He looked around and he was taken aback. He was inside of a cave with glowing crystals on the ceiling of the cave and the floor of the cave. The crystals glowed of so many colors. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. Cyan. Soft hums emitted from them. Vibrations that felt like heaven. Baba knew this because he walked over one and place his hand close to the crystal.
"Where the hell am I?" He pondered aloud, "These crystals are beautiful."
He was about to place his hand on one when another mysterious voice boomed from above.
"I wouldn't touch that if I was you." The voice was deep. Hissing each of it's words.
Baba looked up to see a Naga unwrapping and slithering it's way down one of the crystals over his head. Nagas' were creatures with a snake's tail, this one was more human than any Baba had seen illustrated in his world. He had pale skin, fangs crept from beneath his lips. His snake-like tail was grey but it glowed like its skin had absorbed the crystals soft light after living in the cave for so long. After the day Baba has had he wasn't in the mood to feel surprised.

1. Baba asks the Naga why.
2. Baba attacks the Naga.
3. Baba asks who the Naga is.
4. Baba stabs himself.
[2 - won]

Looking up the caves ceiling Baba scratched the back of his head with his daggerless hand. This day was really getting tiresome to him. This half-man half-snake freak hanging from the ceiling was really just pissing him off.
"I'm tired of you already." Baba yelled out as he jumped to the top of the nearest crystal with the dagger in his left hand. When he landed he turned his body towards this monster crouching low to the crystal and jumped again. This time ready to stab this monster to death.
"I'll use your tail as a condom when I rape your mom!" Baba yelled.
"That's just unnecessary." Krullos said a slight hurt in his voice. The following scene happened so quickly it's hard to even describe it. The Naga Krullos swiftly dove to the cave floor while Baba was in midair and reached up to his belt buckle. Using Baba's momentum Krullos swung his arm and sent Baba face first into the caves floor. Krullos started laughing, but it sounded more like hissing.
Krullos yelled up to the cave roof. Baba was feeling dizzy. He sat up and leaned against a crystal.
"I told you not to touch the crystal!" Krullos yelled, the crystal nearest to Baba turned red. Krullos punched him in his jaw with a left hook. It hurt.
"That's enough Krullos."
Baba looked to see who this new voice was. This was a female Naga, same pale skin & fangs, mousy brown hair with a cloth wrapped around her bosom. Her tail was also a lighter color grey than Krullos's. This must be who Krullos was yelling up to.
"Hey Sis. Look at the dagger this human has."
When she saw it her eyes widened.

1. Baba asks what's so special about the dagger.
2. Baba jerks off.
3. Baba throws the dagger at Baba.
4. Baba throws the dagger at his sister.
[ 1 - won]

She gave a hiss and circled Baba before taking a place next to her brother.
"I thought we didn't have to worry about the Onyx weapons or the Black Moth Rainbow anymore Krullos." Crystela said looking to her brother with worry in her eyes.
"We don't Crystela. I'm sure this kid isn't part of the Black Moth Rainbow or even how to use his dagger, On The Edge." Krullos said. Crystela flinched at the name of the dreaded onyx dagger. Baba rubbed his head, he was confused and still felt dizzy. On The Edge, Black Moth Rainbow. What were these freakin' snake people talking about.
"Wha-What's so special about this dagger O-On The Edge snake people?" Baba stuttered out still rubbing his head.
"There is nothing special about the dagger!" Crystela yelled. The crystals around Baba were glowing red again.
"Bu-But I heard you say -" Baba started
"Let me kill him Crystela!" Krullos said cutting Baba off. "We have no need of him. Then we can dispose of the Onyx weapon."
"Wait - Wait this dagger isn't even mine! You can have it!" Baba yelled. He threw the dagger to the cave floor.
"You fool!" Crystela and Krullos yelled together. They both reached for the onyx weapon but it was too late. On The Edge had continued in its momentum after hitting the cave floor and slid into one of the glowing crystals. You heard a bink of the dagger and crystal connecting. Then the crystal turned black and bubbled like a pot of boiling water, expanding with each second.
"Uh oh" Baba said. The 3 ft crocodile goblin came scurrying back to Baba's side.
"You's a dumb o' bald cat fo' doin' dat one dummy." He said, looking left and right rubbing his claws together. "Real dummy."

1. Baba throws the goblin over to the now black crystal.
2. Baba shakes in fear.
3. Baba asks what's going on.
4. Baba jerks off.
[ 1 - won]

Baba didn't have time for this weird speaking goblin. He grabbed the creatures head and picked him up, the goblin fought to escape Baba's grasp.
"Ow!" Baba exclaimed as the creatures claw dug into the back of his hand. He had to do this quickly. As fast as he could he threw the goblin to the bubbling, black crystal to see what would happen. The goblin shrieked in terror as it flew to the towards what Baba could only guess was it's imminent death. The crystal was now a boiling black blob taking the form of something.
"What is that?" Baba wondered aloud.
"It's a demon of the On The Edge!" Crystela yelled to him, "The Black Moth Rainbow used them in their reign you idiot! Don't you know anything!"
The answer made Baba jump back, in all the excitement he forgot about the Naga's he was just a second ago kicking butt kicked by. Today was just a strange day. He wanted to tell Crystela that he wasn't from this world, but his eyes were stuck to what used to be the crystal. The demon had fully taken shape, it was 12 ft tall, with lint-colored fur that was matted. It's rough, leathery black skin peaked from the fur on his feet, knees, elbows and face. It had snot running from it's nose, it lifted a heavy hand and wiped it off with the back of his hand. It's small black eyes now peered on the goblin at its feet. It roared. It felt very lucky to have this snack so close to him after being asleep for so long. It let out a grunt as he reached down and picked the goblin up.
"You no wan' eat meh I -"
Crunch. Baba still couldn't turn away, he saw as the demon that On The Edge called forth closed his giant maw on the goblins head. The goblins blood ran down his lips. He was satisfied, then he saw Baba.

1. Baba runs
2. Baba asks the Nagas for help
3. Baba tries to throw a magic fireball at the demon
4. Baba jerks off.
[ 2 - won]

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Response to Baba Ganoush - Multiple Choice 2012-11-06 16:46:13 Reply

"Kr-Kr-Krullos! C-C-Crystela! Help me!" Baba yelled, pee running down his leg.
Krullos laughed, "Look the human boy pissed himself Crystela!"
"Haha, that's enough Krullos. He's scared." Crystela responded.
Krullos sighed, "Okay Crystela.."
Krullos slithered to a bag that laid by the cave wall. He picked it up and slithered back over to Crystela's side. The monster was starting to make its way over to Baba now.
"Guys! Come on!"
'Okay, okay. Keep your pants on." Krullos responded. He pulled out a long nose single barrel rifle with a dragons head. Like an ornamented rifle. Military grade, black rubber grip handles with a ferocious metal finish. Krullos clicked a couple levers over on the side of the gun, checking its calibrations and fixing its settings.
"This'll be quick." Krullos said as he brought the rifle to the front of his body, the monster now turned towards Krullos. It didn't appreciate the gun being pointed at it.
"It's back to the Black Moth Rainbow for you bud."
Krullos pulled the trigger to his rifle and a powerful laser blast shot through it's barrel. The laser itself was the diameter of a grapefruit. And so was the hole it left in the monsters chest. Blood gurgled from the monsters mouth before its knees buckled and fell to the caves floor.
"I have to get out of here!" Baba yelled running out of the cave.
"Smh, not even a thank you. You see that Crystela."
He looked over to Crystela who was shaking her head.
Baba reached the mouth of the cave, it was surrounded by bushes and trees.

1. Baba continues to leave the cave.
2. Baba goes back to the Nagas.
3. Baba jerks off.
4. Baba rubs dirt on himself.
[4 - won]

Baba decided to rub some dirt on himself. He remembered he watched a show once called Man vs. Wild and the guy rubbed dirt on himself. Now that he blended in with his environment he would be safe.
"You forgot your dagger jackass." Krullos's voice came from behind.
"Th-" Baba started but was then cut off. The dagger landed by appropriating itself between two of his vertebrae. Baba fell to the dirt. The everything went light.
"Huh?" Baba wondered aloud as he rubbed his head and look about his room. He was still in his bed.
"Stupid side quest dreams."

The End

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Response to Baba Ganoush - Multiple Choice 2012-12-01 00:13:30 Reply

If you don't want to flip a coin you can use this site.

Also could I get some critique on my writing?

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