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If L4D became a movie...

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Response to If L4D became a movie... 2012-10-28 14:51:59 Reply

At 10/27/12 08:33 PM, fmn335 wrote: then who would star as the survivors? Well one thing is for shure Nicolas Cage can be Nick in the sequal but thats the sequal.

Hell no. John Cusack would make a better Nick.

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Response to If L4D became a movie... 2012-10-28 16:28:16 Reply

At 10/28/12 05:51 AM, fmn335 wrote: You just found the two most perfect faces to play coach and ro! So for the sequal we got

Nick: Nicola Cage (Maybe)
Coach: Jameys Avery
Rochelle: Ameenah Kaplan
Ellis: ????

Not only that but I think they would also do a good job conveying the character, although James Avery may be a toss up(mostly because I haven't seen how many different roles his played besides the infamous Uncle Phil). Ameenah Kaplan on the other hand would defiantly be fitting to play Rochelle, she just has that vibe and I think could pull it off.