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Art for promising indie game

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Art for promising indie game 2012-10-13 13:04:32 Reply


I am currently busy with quite a great project and it has been making massive progress in no time! The game is an 1v1 sort of 'duelish' game(online multiplayer). It can be real creepy at some points because you do not know where the enemy is unless he activates his flash light or shoots a bullet. That coming with the fact that you die in no time, so a sneaky opponent(by cleverly hiding in the shadow or something) can kill you in no time.

The point of the game is to gather as much artifacts as possible, which are scattered around the map and then kill your enemy. If you kill your enemy you get all the coins the artifacts you obtained are worth, if you die, you lose every artifact and you get zero coins(none of your artifacts are transfered to the killer though!).
The game is all about stealth and playing tactical.

Now, I need some artwork for this game to promote it on Steam greenlight when it's done. Payment is a percentage of the money I make, the percentage is still to be discussed. I need quite a talented artist because I'm trying to make this game look real good, so don't take it personal if I reject anyone.

If interested, just pm me.

Art for promising indie game