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You Have A Error In Your Html/help

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I am trying to create a new thread in the "Video Game Forum"

I wrote a lengthy amount. Spell checked and I quoted and named my sources, but when I try to create said thread, I get a message that pops up.

"You have a error in your HTML, fully quoted message"

I even tried to copy in small paragraphs/rewrite everything!

Still same error message

Can a Technical user/mod please help me?

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Response to You Have A Error In Your Html/help 2012-10-05 01:54:56 Reply

I'm not that much of a technical user, but if you go to the ng logs lister you can copy-paste what you have, and it will show how it would appear on the forums. Searching for your mistake will be easy then.

You probably already have posted the correct postin the VGF, but ah well. For next time.

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