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Second Wind fix for badge problem

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At the moment, there are some people that complete an achievement on Second Wind, but the badge doesn't unlock (and won't unlock, regardless of how many times you do it).

To be able to get the badges that seem to be "locked out", do a search on your hard drive for SaveData.sol (be sure to include non-indexed, hidden, and system files, as it doesn't find them otherwise). Delete the SaveData.sol file for 603543_dungeonsNewgrounds.swf (Note: this will erase all progress (saves and unlocks), but previously attained badges will still be completed). I believe that this should be done while NOT on the Second Wind game page (the first time I tried it, I was, and it had no effect; the second time I did it while on another page, and when I came back and played I was able to get the badges that were previously unavailable to me).