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Searching for composing challenge

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my name is Leo and i am from Berlin Germany.

I am really interested in new musical challenges. This is why I came here. I am interested in composing video game music. I really want to try it, because i am composing 8-Bit music for some time. One of my biggest references is a 8-Bit remix for the Berlin based band "Atari Teenage Riot", i ranked 4th place in the remix contest.

So if you want to try, just write me a message. I really would appreciate it :)



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Response to Searching for composing challenge 2012-10-04 14:57:52 Reply

I am really interested in new musical challenges

The audio forum has lots of competitions going on every month and you have Chronamut's NAC where you can test your skills against others to the limit, every new month the competition has a different topic and you will expand your skills for sure experimenting with new music styles.
To work in games keep your eyes open because now and then people will post here in search for someone to make videogame songs, also post more tracks people cant see if they like you from 1 song.
This is a personal opinion but having an Icon and Profile pic makes you look more trustworthy or something

No mather how good you are sometime, somewhere, somehow...
Someone will blow your mind and make feel a beginner again..

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