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Clickjam 2012

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Clickjam 2012 2012-08-10 15:06:12


We at Clickteam are holding a event this August 18th at several locations world wide, a Game Jam we are calling Clickjam. Basically a create a game within 24 hours affair with the additional caveat you need to use our tool Multimedia Fusion 2. To that end anyone attending gets a free copy of the tool to keep. (A $120.00 U.S. Value). Multimedia Fusion 2 is not just for programmers but for anyone who has aspirations to develop games, the basics of the tool can be taught in under a hour. It uses plain language to program in what we call our event editor. More information on the event can be found here...


So in any case if you not doing anything on the 18th and you are near one of these locations might be worth you while to drop in, get a free copy of the tool and create something cool on your laptop, win a prize, you know the drill.

Current Locations

Baltimore, Maryland, Let-Off Studios,
Cambridge, UK, CB2 Restaurant Café,
Copenhagen, Denmark, (Blågårdsgade, København, Danmark - more details to follow)
Guadalajara, Mexico, HackerGarage,
Miami, Florida, Slyon Studios,
Oslo, Norway Bitraf
Tyler, Texas Tyler Junior College
Veracruz, Mexico, Cafe Punta del Cielo, /
Warsaw, Poland, Lost and Found Hostel,
Winter Park, Florida Fuil Sail Campus

What is Multimedia Fusion 2

Multimedia Fusion 2 with it's optional exporters can create iOS apps, Android apps, Flash and Java apps, Windows and Mac apps, XNA projects for Xbox 360 and WM7 phones. And we have PSN/Vita and HTML5 in the works. You may or may not recognize some of the games already released on the app store made with MMF2...

Hotel Baron

More Examples here:

Clickjam 2012

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Response to Clickjam 2012 2012-08-30 22:55:39

Interesting, it sounds even better in that a location is only an hour-half drive away from my place.