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Popcorn anyone?

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Popcorn anyone? 2012-07-25 16:06:53 Reply

How about an activity thread to kill some time? The basic idea of popcorn is to take what someone posts and add something to it; same for the next person and so on. Here's an example of popcorn

1. Call dibs before you post your addition to the previous image, this way we can avoid having multiple people adding something to the same image.
2. You can only add to the image, no erasing.
3. After 10 people post their additions to the original image (so after 11 people total), the next person starts a new image
4. This rule may change: One post per person on an image

Oh, and let's try and avoid turning this into a NSFW thread: keep the dicks to a minimum

Popcorn anyone?

Just testing things out l popcorn
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