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New to Android/graphics Programming

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Hey guys

Firstly, sorry for the chaotic structure here, but it represents my actual confusion.

Atm I create a game. Because I am still in the analysis phase, there is no source code yet. Moreover, this game is intented to become an App and a board game. But because I want to create an App first and don't have ANY experience with that, I ask for your help and experiences.

My by far biggest concern is the graphics. I studied IT and know how to program in Java, and afaik the Android SDK transforms Java Code into a format which is ready to be uploaded on Google Play. But I can't create graphics. This is especially true for programming. In my mind, the finished game has a graphic detail level similar to Angry Birds. Shouldn't be less, I think what will be important about my game is the concept behind it. I think a 2D world will suffice, if some framework employs 3D it's nice but should definately not increase the starting hurdle for a newbie graphics programmer.
I know flash a little and a framework that incorporates flash would be nice, but not necessary.
So definate question 1: If I want to program in Java for Android, what frameworks may I use best to get proper graphics (not like '99 Applets -.-)? Heard of DimensioneX for rapid prototyping, can I get some fast results elsewhere?
Question 2: Because I suck at drawing: where can I find pictures and animations which I can employ in my game for free? Are there maybe some people that are willing to draw some small animations in flash for me? If so, how can I contact them?

Because there may be many frameworks out there, I want to describe the game to you a little.
Imagine a hexagonal board with units on them. 2 players compete against each other with creatures they can buy before the turn-based game starts. Each creature has a few attributes like HP, attack damage and action points. The goal is to defeat the enemy by making the best out of each turn.
There has been a very similar game here on Newgrounds but I can't remember the name. The field was ~12x12 with the figures set up like chess figures. The game had archers, wizards and some other units. Maybe someone remembers this game ;)

Moreover, I'd be happy about every kind of feedback, hints or help concerning my first big project. I assume this to be prototyped in 1 month and hope for a finished version during the next 1 or 2 years.

Thx for reading