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Programmer/coder Needed

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Programmer/coder Needed 2012-07-17 19:57:49 Reply

me and my friend are planning on making a game that is 2d but is moveable up and down the screen
a 2d platformer multiplayer shooter (NOT FLASH)
we need a programmer/coder or two to help us get to our goal
you will get more info about the game if you are intrested
if you can develop games like meat boy that would be great
we have a server controller
we have a director/music control
we need a programer/coder
if you are good at this please send us a sample of your work
thank you in advance

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Response to Programmer/coder Needed 2012-07-17 20:33:26 Reply

Although I do see your reason for posting here (looking for a programmer who isn't using Flash), you could still have better luck in the collaboration forum, where the main purpose is, well, finding people who are willing to collaborate with one another.