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[as2][ngapi] Medals.. Kind Of Work?

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So far I have my API connecting properly, the pop-up set up and the medal made, all that jazz. When I run

import com.newgrounds.*;

I get the pop-up saying the medal is unlocked, and it shows the right icon, even outside of NewGrounds. In fact, when I have it running in the Flash IDE and just test it with the debug mode off, it'll actually unlock locally. However, when I simulate a logged-in user I always get

[Newgrounds API] :: Unlocking medal "Test"...
[Newgrounds API] :: Failed to unlock "Test"!

and the same thing when I run it on NG in my project preview area. It still gets the medal's name right and still shows the right icon, it connects fine and everything.

After I added a listener for the onMedalUnlocked event, I get

[Newgrounds API] :: Unlocking medal "Test"...
You unlocked 'undefined'! (value: undefined points)
[Newgrounds API] :: Failed to unlock "Test"!

and that trace is coming from within an "if (event.success)"