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Top 10 Favorite Video Games

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Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 02:25:01 Reply

I want to share with you all my Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All-Time. Not only that, but I want all of you to contribute as well. I want to know what your favorites are. Also for those coming in and looking at lists and why, keep in mind this is all personal opinion. I have done this thread in the past, however I have changed since then and I have truly given a lot more thought to what my favorite video games would be.

10. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
This was the very first game I ever played on the PlayStation. You are in a warp room and the goal is to obtain a Crystal from each level within the warp room. There is only one Crystal in each level and there are 25 Levels. However there are 42 Gems as well that you can which can be used to destroy Dr. Neo Cortex. Cortex says he needs the Crystals to save the world, but can you trust him? The controls in this game are perfect, the story was a bit cliche, but it worked well. The level design was amazing and the music is unforgettable. All in all I love this game.

9. Parasite Eve
Now here is an underrated Square game. You play as Aya, a cop in New York City. You are out on a date, at the Opera. However the theatre you're at has people suddenly catching on fire. Everybody catches on fire except you, your date, and a strange woman on stage who calls herself Eve. You take her down and then slowly throughout the game you learn more and more about mitochondria. What I love about this game is how different it is from any other Square game I've ever played. The controls in this are a bit weird, it is an Action RPG with more action than RPG. The music is wonderful, the characters are great, and the story - I wish I could talk about here, but doing so would spoil it.

8. Pokemon HeartGold
You know, I love Pokemon Gold for the Game Boy Color. I also love Pokemon Crystal. However this game knocks them both out of the park. Yeah throw your nostalgia at me all you want, mock me with nostalgia goggles, but all the updates in the future games applied to this old classic. Pumped up with new graphics, a new "story", and an awesome soundtrack given much needed attention. If you don't know what Pokemon is, then I'll ask what it was like under that rock you've been under and then tell you it is about managing your battalion of cute creatures, to level them up, beat up more cute creatures, and then evolve them into ugly abominations to then go beat up other ugly abominations. What more can be said?

7. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
I have played Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I have played Paper Mario. I love both of those games deeply. Their stories are both fun, their gameplay memorable, and I know them both inside and out. However I love Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door more. Why? Well it may not have the greatest music and gameplay like What Super Mario RPG had. It may not also have the witty dialogue and colorful sets and ways of getting to different areas like the original Paper Mario had. However what it did have was a well thought out and very engaging story. Not only this, but you could save your game at the end and keep going after beating it... which I love when RPGs do something like this. The gameplay is your basic Turn-Based RPG, the graphics are a paper style which makes for a lot of fun stuff. If I started to talk about the story I would be here all day. All I'll say on this is that this game is truly one of Nintendo's finest.

6. Chrono Trigger
What do you get when you have the creator of Final Fantasy, the creator of Dragon Quest, and the creator of Dragonball, all come together to make a video game? Why you have what is quite possibly the best RPG game ever. I'm serious, that is a note I can proudly stand by. Chrono Trigger has one of the most engaging stories of any RPG and has the best Turn-Based Battle system of any RPG out there. The characters are memorable, the story has many multiple endings and events depending on your actions, and the music is quite possibly the best music to ever grace the Super Nintendo. I can't say much about the story, all you need to know is that it involves time travel. It is a perfect game in every aspect.

5. Banjo-Kazooie
Everything about this game is great. The levels, the comical story, the humorous characters, the music, even the music in Gruntilda's Lair when it changes in different areas is amazing. So what's the goal? To trek through the Witch Gruntilda's Lair, obtaining Music Notes to open her doors and Jiggies to open new worlds. It is a collection game, but it leaves that option up to you. You can go through the whole game getting just the bare minimum of what you need to progress, but then you miss out on exploring these huge worlds. It is a big game and it does indeed have one of the best sequels of all time... however I do find myself preferring this one just slightly more.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
I could make an entire thread as to why I love this game. It takes everything I love about Zelda and throws it into a blender. The story is always a plus in any Zelda game and so is the music. The controls were taken from Ocarina of Time and boy were the improved on here, and a much needed improvement at that. However the characters are especially great, mainly oddly enough Link. Yeah, besides Wind Waker, this was the only other time that Link was given some character and more of a drive for his adventure other than "YOU'RE THE HERO! GO SAVE SHIT AND FUCK IT'S GANON!" so that was not only surprising, but welcoming. He did seem more than just a silent protagonist. It is my favorite Zelda game.

3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
I've already discussed this game through my Then & Now thread, so I want go into too much. However I'll give a small synopsis here. Nintendo brought in a new control style here not only that it was the first time you got to play as Yoshi, that in itself was pretty cool. The level design here and music are both things I will never forget either. Looking back on this game today it is a bit of a gem among other Mario games. Even more so than Super Mario Sunshine. If you haven't played this game yet then you need to find it and do so.

2. Resident Evil 2
Hands down, my favorite of the Resident Evil series. The story is involving and serves as a very nice follow-up to the first game. It has my favorite boss battle against William Birkin. It also has one of my favorite villains, Chief Brian Irons. The controls handle nicely, there are lots of toys to play with and lots of things to kill. You had two different characters to choose from whose stories would intertwine. What you might do as one character would effect the other character that you would soon play as. That was awesome. All in all, there is so much I could say about this game, but if I do I will spoil a lot of moments from it which I'm not gonna do.

1. Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
This game has a deep story that you're not strictly told, you have to explore each city in each area you visit to learn about the characters affected by the evil forces you're fighting. You have to form an army by building units, manage them and send them out to liberate the cities. They will also do battle with opposing units so an RPG element of you managing each character to promote them through different classes upon leveling up. Also depending on how you build the unit will depend on how they can move about the terrain. Your actions can also effect your reputation in each area which effects which special characters you can get as well as which ending you might get, which there are 12 different endings. Not only that the music is incredible and it has another one of my all-time favorite villains, Gares. Whenever I think about my favorite games the list changes, but this game never leaves.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 06:25:48 Reply

1. Grand Theft Auto 3

This game was a dream come true. From playing GTA 1,2, and London I always wanted Rockstar to make a new Grand Theft Auto game that was in 3D form and have freedom. Now that the game I know became a reality I can kill people with rocket launchers and have a epic battle with the police, explore the 3D version of Liberty City, and of course STEAL cars. The missions are creative and the sandbox mayhem is just shows the game will have endless fun.

2. Mario Kart 64

If you were a kid you would remember the legendary racing game known as Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. For a cartoony racing game it was full of perfection. The tracks were colorful and welcoming, the handling in game was great, and the action was intense as you shoot green shells at your opponents it shows how competitive and fun the game is and how easy it was to just pick it up and play it with your friends or family.

3. Max Payne

Max Payne was one of the darkest and gritty games I have ever played and I liked it. The story was great. A NYPD detective once had a great american life and all things went to hell when he discovers that his wife and daughter were murdered, and then becomes a loose canning cop to find out who killed them. The action in this game is awesome as you dodge bullets in slow motion and kill bad guys with dual pistols. Also the storytelling is great as James Mccaffrey voicing as Max Payne leads you into the dark side of New York city in comic book panel form.

4. Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2 was impressive and probably was the big step in the series. The gameplay was innovative and smooth. The greatest addition in the game was the physics as you destroy your enemies in battle they fall down like rag dolls which made the game a little realistic. The graphics in the game were stunning the photo-realism visuals was a great touch in the game and made every level in the game feel alive.

5. Half Life 2

In my opinion its the hall of fame of FPS games. Its one of Valve's greatest masterpieces and a game that die-hard FPS players will never forget. Once you first experience the game you'll get goosebumps of how great the graphics are and the world you explore. The characters in the game are people you'll care about throughout the game.

6. Assassins Creed

This game was a whole new direction in sandbox games. The game takes place in 2012 featuring the protagonist Desmond Miles who is kidnapped by a powerful corporation called Abstergo. He is held captive and have to use a machine called the Animus. A machine where he can relive his ancestors memories. The ancestor he discovers is Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad. This is where the game really starts. Altair must regain his former status he must kill 9 people. You explore the world by going to these huge cities, Damascus, Acre, Jerusalem, and Masyaf. The gameplay was great as you climb on buildings and use special spots to hide from for soldiers and guards as they chase after you. Using a hidden knife and having epic sword battles with your enemies and doing special stealth tasks makes you never want to put down the controller.

7. The Sims 3

As wacky and fun the game is, it has a realistic side to it and I like it. You can be anyone a movie star, famous athlete, a rock star, etc. The game just throws you in and tells you to create a family or one person and do anything you want with them. You can create a deep personality for any sim character and see how they progress in the world.

8. Mass Effect

This was a game I could never put down. Mass Effect changed the way I look at games today. Creating your own story in the game and choose what type of person you are. Just like Knights Of The Old Republic you can choose what you can say in the game but in Mass Effect anything you choose to say and the decisions you make actually matters and strongly effects the story throughout the game.

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The biggest sandbox game Rockstar has ever made. And when I say the game is big, its BIG. As I said about GTA 3 you can go on a killing spree and steal cars blah blah blah, but making a very huge open world game will be my instant favorite

10. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

This game was truly one of the most memorable rpg games that I actually loved playing. As a rpg this game flowed really well. This was the first game I played by Bioware and I was surprised of how much dedication they put into this game. I really liked the story especially with a dialogue system to choose what you want to say in the game how it effects later on. Also the I like how you can choose to be good or evil and your allies will react to the decisions you make.


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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 06:35:56 Reply

10. Time Splitters Future Perfect.
There's not a lot I can say about it because I haven't played it in years, but when I was younger I played the shit out of it and it had the perfect balance of gameplay, story, and humor.

9. Splinter Cell Conviction
Fuck you guys, I liked every Splinter Cell game, conviction especially because of the sense of fluency there was to the stealth combat. Every takedown felt good to make, and since there's a ton of variation to them I never got tired of them. Story wasn't that great but I had enough fun dicking around in the one co-op mode that i'm forgetting the name of where you just kill a map full of enemies to make up for any lacking in the story.

8. Halo 1
Halo 1 and 2 defined my childhood, but the first is better by a longshot because everything in it was new when it came out. Fighting aliens and zombies in diverse environments while using cool vehicles and rocking out to a great soundtrack blew my 7 year old mind, and I've still got great memories of it, though I haven't played the Anniversary edition.

7. Fallout 3 and New Vegas
I count them as 1 because I don't think they're different enough to really be considered 2 separate games, to me it's like New Vegas is just a bigass DLC to Fallout 3. Regardless, I love them both. At this point most people have played one of the two and most people I know who've played it like it, so I don't think there's much of a need to explain myself.

6. Bioshock
I like Bioshock 1 a lot more than 2 because it feels much more like a horror game since instead of a hulking cyborg scuba diver man you're just a puny dude with some guns in some powers in a city full of crazy mutated people. I always felt like there was much more of a sense of urgency to everything I did because Splicers creeped the piss out of me and I wasn't in great shape for defending myself because I was always clambering for ammo and stronger plasmids. Not to mention I think the story was a lot better and the plot twist blew my mind.

5. Star Wars KotoR
One of my first RPGs with a fantastic story, great characters, a solid sense of progression as you became more powerful. It'll forever be one of my favorite games. The sequel was also good, but it couldn't quite complete with the original.

3. Dead Space 2
Dead Space rocks socks and Isaac Clarke is one of my favorite video game protagonists ever. Crazy people are just so fun. I could ramble on and on about why I like it and why the gameplay is great and why I prefer it over it's predecessor but nobody really cares so i'm moving on.

2. Gears of War 3
I'm getting sleepy now so i'm just gonna say that Gears of War is amazing and the 3rd is my favorite, it gets a little old after playing it for hours on end but it's great fun to play horde or multiplayer with friends, which we usually do for hours on end until it gets boring and we quit playing until the next day when we remember how great it is.

1. Every Mass Effect game
i can't pick a favorite because they're all fucking amazing. That is all.

I will be crawling into bed soon.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 08:22:00 Reply

First off, please excuse any typos and the fact that my summery paragraphs for each game are probably crap and feel rushed. The reason for that is that they are rushed.

This was a hard list to make. I didn't come up with this list on the spot. I looked through all 547 of my games and picked out the ones I thought had a chance of making it into the top 10. I was left with 23 and from there eliminated them one by one until I was left with 10. So for the first time ever, this is probably the most accurate top 10 list I've ever posted. The order may not be correct, but these are my ten favourite games.

10. The Warriors - PS2

This is a game where if I were to replay it, it might not have made it onto this list. As it is, I have such good memories of this game. It's a street brawler but of all the fighting games I've played, this one by far stands out as my favourite. I loved how it took the gangs from the film and gave them stories that were never mentioned in the film. Rockstar took a great movie and turned it into a great game that was a lot of fun.

9. Scarface: The World Is Yours - PS2

Another movie based game making my top 10. Who said movie based games were bad? I loved this game. The ending to the movie was a sad one, so it was nice to see what would have happened if Tony Montana lived the shoot out in his mansion. This is very much a GTA clone with some additional features which did make it feel unique to some degree. You had the ability to purchase all kinds of flash cars, decorate your mansion, buy suits and all kinda of stuff. Unlike GTA games it meant that the money you've acquired in game wasn't useless. You had a reason to go out and earn money, unlike in GTA where you typically always had enough to do what you want. The method of making money in this game was great too. The drugs trade. You had the whole process of buying from a drug lord all the way down to street dealing. There was never a dull moment.

8. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect - PS2

This game was in tough competition with COD4 to get this spot. The TimeSplitters series is by far one of my favourite multiplayer FPS games. The downside being that I never had online play back then. I had to rely on playing in the same room and on the same screen with friends, which was a blast. Games always had bots back then so it's not like you really needed real people from around the world in your game. However, it is the online aspect of COD4 that made it competition for this spot. I probably do rate these two games equally.

7. Hitman Blood Money - Xbox 360

I really love the Hitman series and this one has been the best of the lot. It's such a unique series and incredibly well done. You could play through this game 10 times and probably find new ways of beating all the levels. It's a simple concept (you are a hitman) but it works so well. I found it great at building tension when you're trying to sneak around without anyone spotting you. If someone does spot you, there's that rush to neutralise them before more people are alerted. The levels themselves on this game are also really well done. There's enough hidden secrets for you to enjoy searching around the maps.

6. Canis Canem Edit (Bully) - PS2

Another GTA clone, only this one has an even more unique take than Scarface did. The school setting was seen as controversial by parents yet kids probably felt like they could relate more to this game than they could with the GTA series. It was cool to have a timetable that you were meant to stick by and the fact that you had to try and work things around it.

5. Red Dead Redemption - Xbox 360

Another Rockstar game, another GTA clone. This time we're set in the wild West, only it's starting to industrialise. This game had a pretty fantastic (albeit a bit bland at times) map with a good amount of variation and there were all kinda of side quests to go along with it. Like most Rockstar games, it handles really well and has some of the best horse controls that I can think of seeing in a game. Rockstar went for a more realistic approach than they did with Red Dead Revolver (another great game) and this one doesn't have the wacky characters like Pig Josh and Bear, but I think it was the realism that made this game so great.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2

Grand Theft Auto. Probably my favourite series of all time. A series which has yet to disappoint me. Vice City was the title that got me into the GTA series. A friend of mine got it for his birthday not long after it was released. I was instantly fascinated and went out to buy it for myself. Unfortunately I didn't have enough money for Vice City so ended up with GTA3. Regardless, of all the GTA games, Vice City by far had the best range of characters and the coolest setting. 80's Miami with a real Scarface influence. It was such a memorable experience and I think it will be on my top 10 list until the end of my days. Tommy Vercitti was such a good character that he's probably my favourite of all time.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2

GTA3 was a huge leap from GTA2 and San Andreas felt like a huge leap from GTA3. This game was huge. Fans were instantly blown away by the size of the map they had to play with. There was so much in this GTA that we weren't used to. The ability to fly proper planes, a selection of awesome helicopters and some really crazy missions that were just unlike anything we'd seen before. On top of that, Rockstar even let us return to a small section of Liberty City in one of the missions which I thought was a great touch. It's hard to sum up what made San Andreas so great in a little paragraph, but as far as open world modern cities go, this game did it the best. In fact, you never had just one city, you got an entire "state" to piss around in.

2. Fallout 3 - Xbox 360

I'd never played or even heard of the Fallout series before playing this game so I didn't know what to expect. All I knew what that it was a post-apocalyptic game with a lot of praise from the media. It was better than anything I could have imagined. They somehow made a bland, destroyed looking map interesting to explore. As with Bethesda games, there was so much content packed into this game that I played it for god knows how long. I even bought all the DLC for this which some people seem to claim was a disappointment in a few cases, but I had a blast with them all. It gave me a reason to play this game more and that was enough for me.

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Xbox 360

This was my first ever Xbox 360 game and it blew me away like no other game has ever done. I just wasn't used to game of this scale and games packed with so much content. There was just so much to do without even touching the main quest. In fact, it wasn't until many, many hours into the game that I actually decided to progress with the main story line. Prior to that I was hooked on all the guilds quest lines. The Mage's Guild in particular really fascinated me. This is my favourite fantasy RPG of all time and as the list shows, my favourite game of all time. I went a long time owning nothing but this on my Xbox 360 and I didn't need anything else. The map was MASSIVE with so much content packed into it. There were journeys to be found no matter where you looked and you didn't even need to be actively on a quest to find something cool. This was the best experience that I've ever had with a game and there's yet to be something that has impressed me as much as Oblivion initially did.


The other 13 games that didn't quite make my top 10:

- Battlefield 3
- Bubble Bobble
- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- Crash Bandicoot
- Darksiders
- Deus Ex (the original)
- The Getaway
- The Godfather
- Metal Gear Solid
- Red Faction
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- Star Ocean: First Departure
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 09:49:38 Reply

My list is also a little bit rushed as I was running short on (spare) time and I think making lists like this is very difficult in the first place.

Anyway, here's my contribution:

10) Golden Sun I & II
These are actually two games, but they form one story so I'm just going to consider them as one.

Anyway, this is an RPG I had lots of fun with. I'm not sure why exactly one of my favourite games of all time because it doesn't really stick out between other great RPGs, but I just really loved it when I played these games about 10 years ago.

Fun fact: This is about the only RPG where I took the effort to beat it 100%. I got all my characters to the maximum level and I even went as far as getting the maximum amount of money.

9) Pokemon Platinum
My favourite Pokemon game so far. Silver used to be my favourite, but after playing this a year or two back I changed my opinion.

The story had a few very interesting elements (like the Distortion World), but what I mostly liked was how there is still so much to do after you beat the Elite Four. Okay, it's not like you get access to an entire region, but they still open up this whole island for you where you can spend dozens of hours in the Pokemon Tower and do rematches against all the gym leaders. There was even some additional story you could discover in that mountain area and it was fun that you could have your own villa where you can spend all your cash on new furniture and things like that.

If I'm not mistaken I got about 130 hours on the game right now, which is by far the longest amount of time I've invested in one single game in the past eight years or so.

8) Banjo Kazooie
I didn't actually own a copy of this game until two years ago, but I used to play Banjo Kazooie a lot at a friend of mine and I have very fond memories of it. This game is really 3D platforming at its finest in my opinion. Of course there was Super Mario 64, but I always felt that Banjo Kazooie took everything Super Mario 64 had and improved on it.

7) GTA: San Andreas
Vice City definitely deserves an honourable mention, but GTA: San Andreas is my favourite GTA game. I've always thought driving around the city, wrecking up stuff and doing whatever you please is one of the most fun aspects of the GTA series. In San Andreas they gave you a huge, open world to do that and they even added fighter jets which is totally awesome. Nowadays I still think it's fun to boot up the game, hijack a tank and just drive around aimlessly, creating mass chaos wherever I go.

6) Metroid Prime
This game is a great mixture of the platforming and first person shooter genre in my opinion. What I really liked about this game is the world you can explore and how you can discover things about the planet's past and the civilization that lived on it. The scanning of objects around you really added a lot of depth to the world you're venturing in which made the environment feel very rich.

In my opinion this is the best game for the Gamecube.

5) Earthbound
I finally managed to get my hands on this game about a year ago and after I played it I totally loved it. When I went through the first stages of the game I was a bit sceptical, but as the game progressed I started enjoying it more and more.

The story is a bit random but in a good way in my opinion. It gave a lot of variety in the gameplay and it made the game very light-hearted and humorous. I liked how the game mocked Western culture here and there and the final battle with Giygas is one of the most memorable ones I've ever fought in a video game.

4) Conker's Bad Fur Day
This game is hilarious in my opinion. I know it's mostly filled with toilet humour, but the voice-acting and the way the jokes are executed just make it a very funny game. Again it's a game with a bit of random plot, but again, I don't really mind as the humour and the gameplay make up for it.

Conker is also one of my favourite video game characters. He's just a very likeable and cheerful guy, which are rare character traits for main characters of video games (or at least the cheerfulness).

3) Final Fantasy IX
My favourite RPG of all time. It's basically everything I want a game called "Final Fantasy" to be. The story, the atmosphere, the characters, I really enjoyed it all and I still have lots of fun playing through this game every now and again (coincidentally I'm busy with my fourth run through the game right now).

I guess why I prefer it over other Final Fantasy games is because it appears it took all the good elements from former Final Fantasy games and mixed them into one.

2) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Awesome game in my opinion with a very nice and unique concept. I thought it was very interesting how you could fiddle around with time and see how making different choices could affect events later on. I liked how the sidequests made use of this and being able to play as a Zora and a Goron was lots of fun.

What I liked most of all though was the disturbing, pre-apocalyptic atmosphere that lingered over the games' world.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
I'd still call this the best game of all time. I'm sure at this point many people disagree with that statement (and that's fine), but in any case it is my favourite game and after 14 years I still haven't seen a single game that even remotely challenged that position (except for Majora's Mask maybe). I have such good memories playing Ocarina of Time all summer back when I was a kid (I must've been 9 or 10 years old) and even after I beat the game I still spent lots of time just walking around, discovering new secrets and replaying the game.

Nowadays I still love to replay it from time to time and I still feel excited when I take the first steps into Hyrule Field again.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 10:21:31 Reply

Alright you fools let's do this:

10. Animal Crossing: Wild World
Damn is this game relaxing, I have spent countless hours just picking up weeds yet I still find this game incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I favor this game over the console versions because of it's mobile capabilities and being able to easily connect to your friend's town.
9. The Binding of Isaac
Oh shit has this game made me frustrated with it's luck system and bad characters, but after you do get a good run going it is an incredibly fun time to be had.
8. portal 2
I can probably say this game has a better plot than most bioware games, I blew through the main campaign in about a day and had tons of fun in the co-op and custom level maker game modes as well.
7. Super Mario Brothers 3
Another game the frustrates me yet I love it too much for the nostalgia, super mario bros 3 is a top notch platformer that can't be beat.
6. Quake
There is no proper way to describe this game other than YOU GO FAST SHOOT THINGS GO FAST AGAIN AND SHOOT ANOTHER GUY. Plus the multiplayer is one of the best.
5. Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You tourneyfags may think melee is ten times better but to me super smash bros is a party game first and a fighting game second and damn did I have fun with local multiplayer in this game.
4. Pokemon Emerald
I most likely think this pokemon is the best for nostalgia reasons but damn me to the heavens and zeus if this pokemon game is one of the best, plus the pokemon designs are some of the best in the series
3. Team Fortress 2
Sure it's gone down the pooper now thanks to hats and it becoming F2P but I still play this game constantly and always am changing what class I play more and more
2. Fallout New Vegas
I put new vegas here because it has much more to offer gameplay wise than fallout 3, also OVER 100 DIFFERENT ENDING COMBINATIONS.
1. Half-Life 2
there's a reason this game received an 11/10.

We're done here.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 11:06:00 Reply

Well, I'm glad to see that there is this kind of thread out there.

10. Final Fantasy VI
I kept on hearing on how people were saying that this game is the greatest Final Fantasy ever and nothing will ever surpass it. Now in terms of shear villainy, FFVI has it down pat. Kefka is such a wonderful villain (the best in the entire FF franchise, as a matter of fact). I found myself, after actually going through who knows how much frustration and anger to eventually beat the game (typical of the FF franchise; it's a staple), I immediately started a new game. Usually after a game like that puts me through so much grief I'd just stop right there right away. This was not the case at all. I'm glad that I picked it back up. It was even better the second time around. Don't mind the sprite graphics. If you did, then you'd miss out on a lot of great games like this one (unfortunately, I've only gotten to play it on an emulator).

9. Jak II
Up until the first Jak and Daxter came along, I had never even heard the name Naughty Dog. Yes, I played Crash Bandicoot and games like that, but I never really payed any attention to who developed the games because it was such a rarity to find good games like that that I could care less about who made it and just start playing right away. Jak and Daxter was such a good open-world game in itself that when I heard that they were going to make a sequel, I just about died. Then I looked at the box of it when I got it on a Christmas Day. Rated "T" for teen and with what appeared to be a gun in Jak's hand. Oh boy. But I went along with it and when I plugged it into my then-working PS2, I found myself absolutely dumbfounded by how well the game actually progressed. From being a simple mute boy in a small countryside who only fought with his fists, Jak evolved to be a witty talker who turned out to be a sharpshooter of some sorts. I could go on about the story for hours and hours, along with the even GREATER open-world environment (Jak 3 eventually surpassed that, though it won't be on this list).

8. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
Again, a company that I had never heard of (I eventually found out that this was, in fact, Sucker Punch's first game). The fun little world that they provided me with was just fantastic in all regards. I liked that they used animals and such as the denizens around the entire game. The boss battles were just about perfect (my favorite probably being Mugshot). I don't believe that, although they provided more characters to play as, the other two released Sly Cooper games have surpassed the first one in any category. I'm hoping that the next Sly Cooper game that will come out is just as the good as its predecessors though.

7. Luigi's Mansion
Da da da da da duh dah da duh dum. I can still hear the semi-eery theme for the game in the background known as my own mind. With Luigi's first real solo title, I was glad that us Luigi fans got to play as the green-capped crusader. When I heard the music in the background and faced my first ghost, I knew that I was in for a good game from the get-go. I loved the unique ways that you had to go after the "bigger" ghosts (the father, the butler, and even some of the stranger ones like Bogmire and such). Although there isn't much in the way of replay value except for you trying to get a larger mansion in the end by getting more money, you had to use your mind to find that money and gems that you wanted, and the fact that it was so mind-boggling just added even more to the likelihood that I would enjoy the game. The most annoying ghost out of them all? Probably the giant Boo boss at the top terrace of the mansion. Barely any fucking direction that you could point to get the Boos when it got down to almost nothing and the damn things coming out at you from all different directions.

Following up Sucker Punch's hit sequel INFAMOUS would be a very hard thing to actually do. The sandbox world that the developers had gifted to us was just beyond great. I liked the characters for the most part. The karmic system needed refining is all I could really tell you. In INFAMOUS 2, though, the karmic system was refined to the greater part of things. I liked how your actions would actually effect the outcome of the entire game instead of just there being one sole ending to it. I caught myself trying to break the controller a couple of times with how stupid some of the missions were, but with a story good enough for the bargain and being able to create and do some of the missions that people have created online gives you plenty of content to deal with for quite a while.

5. Final Fantasy XIII-2
People keep on saying that this set of Final Fantasy games are probably the worst throughout the entire franchise. I beg to differ. There are some that are better in just single categories (villainy goes to VI, in terms of a plot, it probably goes to VII or X, for being a total bitch to beat, III was the worst). But to go around and pick at all those categories individually and do them well to put them all in a sole FF game? That just goes beyond my capacity to comprehend it. Speaking of comprehending, I will say that if you're just looking for a straight-forward game, stay away from this one especially (to stop the paradox, we must resolve another paradox's paradox that ended up off the timeline that resolves a paradox of a paradox.....okay.....). With major improvements made to the core mechanics of the game from the original XIII, this game was more than worth the $35 that I spent for it. Plus, there is more character development within the first five minutes of the game than in the entire original XIII game.

4. Uncharted 2
Nathan Drake's first adventure left something to be desired for me. The game play wasn't as fluent nor was the story done as well. With the second adventure of the daring architectural robber of some sorts, we break new ground for him. What I like most about these games is that you get a completely new setting to explore each and every time. It's pretty much the only reason that I do buy them beyond the beautiful graphics that Naughty Dog has set the standard for in today's gaming community. Just an absolutely wonderful game all-in-all.

3. Ratchet and Clank
The first outing for this duo of heroic destruction was just a wonderful thing. I realize that there was a lack in creativity of the weapons at the time, but the originality of the universe that Insomniac had developed was amazing. After defeating the game, I just simply set down my PS2 dualshock controller and turned off the TV so I could just sit around and bask and absorb the greatness in the game that I had just witnessed and finished.

2. LoZ: Wind Waker
This is probably the best LoZ game of all time for me. A lot of people were just disappointed with how the toonish Link looked along with the setting of the world. Hyrule was all down below water and Link, instead of appearing in some odd town that's landlocked appears at a seaside VERY small village that is located on a tiny island. To go along with the theme of a world set in an oceanic backdrop, naval warfare or anything of the sort was involved. With the risk of running into one of the Frog....God....things of the ocean and ending up just about anywhere, this game was great in all of itself. I'm actually thinking of picking it up for one more play through on my Gamecube.

1. To Be Decided
Yes, there is no number one game for me. That is because I don't really believe that I have met my favorite game yet. I think there will be a time when there will be a game that rolls along that goes beyond anything that I have listed on the above titles and absolutely blow me away in quality and quantity. There will be that one magnificent game out there, but it just hasn't arrived. Maybe not this generation nor the next, but it will come.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 12:08:27 Reply

Had me thinking in the shower for a little while. This is based on how much I enjoyed these games.

10. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind -Finding a fluffy duck that you just want to cuddle with.
This was a three way tie between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. While they both offer a free world for you to explore, I feel that Morowind's atmosphere was the best because of the Dunmer (Dark Elf) culture. There was also more content, more guilds to join, your actions give you consequences, more loot, no leveled enemies, and more customization. The graphics haven't aged well and the combat is pretty bad. Combat was more of a "dice roll" kind of game compared to Oblivion and Skyrim. Today, there are several mods that make Morrowind look even better then today's games. I'd definitely recommend picking up Morrowind, and of course Oblivion and Skyrim.

9. Red Dead Redemption -A pool for of jello that you can easily jump into.
A western 3rd person shooter with an amazing cast of characters, strong atmosphere, great music, and more. This is definitely one of Rockstar's best games. There was just so much you could do, well in a western style game. It was the story that kept me hooked throughout the entire game. It felt like the game was about to end but nope, you're going to ****** (spoiler warnings). You can go hunting, play liar's dice, poker, collect herbs (if you want) and there was a lot to do in the single player portion. Then there was the multiplayer portion where me and my posse would go ransack a bandit's hideout or play a couple of game of team deathmatch. The online worked so well for me, despite the griefers. There were also several glitches that were hilarious, but would kind of ruin the immersion. Fun game and I'd definitely recommend the goty edition.

8. Halo 2 -Sitting by a campfire and playing a favorite tune while preparing to make s'mores for Dean.
I played so much of Halo 2's multiplayer, I have to say it's probably the best online experience in any multiplayer I have ever played. True Halo 1 did revolutionize the FPS genre, but Halo 2 went a step further. The game was faster, better gameplay, better control, dual wielding (yeah I actually liked the dual wielding), better graphics at the time, and the music still continued to impress me. There were also several ways of customization, but not as in depth as Halo 3's or Reach's forge worlds. The multiplayer in all of the halo games always had some sort of way of always keeping any game mode fresh (well depending on the map that is). The campaign wasn't so bad. I actually enjoyed it, even when playing in the eyes of an elite. I thought it was pretty cool to see what the Covenant when the Master Chief wasn't slaughtering them. Unfortunately, the cliff hanger ending pretty much ruined it for me and we had to wait for three years just to get the conclusion. In the mean time, I was playing the campaign with the newly discovered skulls. Oh that was fun! Xbox live is down, but I will always have the most memorable multiplayer moments in Halo 2.

7. Portal 1 -Jumping on a giant marshmallow as if it was a trampoline.
Back when I didn't have a powerful PC nor a steam account, I pre-ordered the orange box on the 360. The first thing I wanted to try out was Portal 1. I never really thought that a first person shooting puzzle platformer would astound me so much to the point it would be in my top 10. "A game where I had to use my brain" valve said? NO I WANT MY BRAIN TO ROT ON THE COUCH DAMN IT! But...I kept playing it. I loved Glados and the sense of humor the entire game had. Using portals, mass, acceleration, and gravity to reach a goal was very rewarding. My favorite part though, was the challenge. This game offered so much replay value on what you could do. Beat the level in less then 22 steps, shoot less then 4 portal to beat this level, etc. Portal 2, at the moment, is over all better because steam workshop has included even MORE challenge maps into it. Just buy both of these games and think with portals.

6. Ninja Gaiden Black -Realizing that your professor is going to do the final exam with you, but only if you have cotton candy.
Ah yes, God of War 1's fierce competitor for Action Game of 2005. Ninja Gaiden Black definitely knew on what difficulty was. "You deal less damage, but enemies deal more?" That's not difficulty, that's going into cheap territory. Ninja Gaiden Black had the perfect balance of gameplay and challenge. If you died, it's probably because you screwed up. The gameplay was pretty fast paced and there were so many weapons that you could wield in order to beat the fiends, ninjas, military (sorry air strikes won't work on Ryu), giant dinosaurs, and ghost fish. The game also offered TONS of replay value as you could even push yourself or hone yourself into mastering a single weapon (personally, the dragon sword, vigorian flails, and lunar). There was also a mission mode that added even more challenges and offered more playability. There were also leaderboards so that you could compete against your friends (or bigalski if you wanted to). This game just threw so many obstacles at you that you honed your skills every time you completed them. Also, the graphics were pretty impressive back then and it was a kept at a constant 60 FPS. Soon, Ninja Gaiden Sigma added even MORE content (even allowing you to play as Rachel, who is also a fun character). But to me, Ninja Gaiden Black as one of the best action games out there. You didn't need any power ups to complete the mission (though it does make life easier), all you really need is your skill of your blade(s). Very fun and difficult game.

5. Resident Evil 4 -Getting a nano suit and asking a girl out in a tux, while wearing the nano suit.
Before I say anything about this game, I wasn't really that big of a resident evil game. I've only played the Remake, and part of the 2nd one. That is, until critics started praising Resident Evil 4. It somehow was able to combine the atmosphere and gameplay all at once while keeping that eerie feeling. What I really loved about Resident Evil 4 was the replay value. I've replayed this game so many times I knew where every item was in the game, how many green herbs there were (well I use to, it's been a while), how many enemies there were in 3-1 water room, tricks, secrets, how to play mercenary mode, whatever. There were so many memorable moments (and cheesy dialogue) such as barely escaping Verdugo or fighting against Krauser. There were so many weapons that you could use depending on what you wanted to do. Or you can be a man and just use your pistol you started out with. OR you can just use the knife (hard as hell, but it's definitely doable). Also, for an action game, it could last you for at least 15-20 hours. The Wii version is definitely the best as you don't have to aim as much with laser pointer. I love this game! I just hope the next Resident Evil is able to combine action and horror again.

4. Metroid Prime 1 -Finding out that your girlfriend has a fetish for being covered in tomato soup and likes to eat grilled cheese sandwich
A Nintendo game? Gotta keep the next few short. I loved Metroid Prime 1 when it first came out. This first person platforming adventure was SO much fun! The lore on Talon IV was so enormous I spend most of the time reading the logs to see what happened with the Chozo. Great game

3. Demon's Souls -Dumping your girlfriend with said fetish and having free time!
Personal favorite game on the PS3. Excellent gameplay, eerie atmosphere, fantastic online multiplayer (well thought out as well), great back story, amazing boss fights that you will just remember, and high replayability. I love Demon's Souls, and I still play it today

2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask -Finding a gummy bear suit.
Majora's Mask is, imo, the darkest game Nintendo has ever made. Majora was definitely a true villain.

1. Wind Waker
^^look up.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 12:11:47 Reply

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The game I had the most fun with my friends as a pre teen. We all loved it, not exactly going through missions, but destroying stuff. Plus all the mods and all.

2. Worms 4: Mayhem

Again, nostalgia from playing with friends. I loved the game because it would always turn out differently, each fight, it was really unexpected.

3. PES 4

The same reasons.

4. Skyrim

Just got it, it's really fun, love the physics and the gigantic number of quests. They're a bit repetitive though. Always cave, tower, ruins, undead, bandits, etc.

5. Sims 2

Trying to kill people with friends, doing all types of retarded stuff and not playing the game how it's supposed to be played.


Just got it, love the physics, a bit repetitive but alright.

7. Guild Wars: Nightfall

My first game of this kind, loved it as a pre teen, again nostalgia.
Had a lot of different quests and stuff to do.

8. Singstar

Some good times with friends and girlfriend with this.

9. Tekken

Once again times I had with friends... The combos we'd try to make, the fights before tennis practice started.

10. Sid Meier's Pirates!

Had tons of fun with this game, being different types of pirate and having different endings.

This was pretty tough as I don't play many games now, but based on nostalgia, these are probably it. Probably.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 15:18:38 Reply

smash bros -mvc2 -

10. Tribes for the ps2
This was the best Online multiplayer shooting game i have ever played. Even tough it lacked a headset to be able to speak. Me and my friend played this game sooo much and had a huge blast. It was a lot more fun then Halo1 at the time. I didn't have a computer at the time so this was a great game on the ps2 online.

9. Super Mario Bros 2 (NES)
I loved this game when i was a kid. It was so weird and fun. Even though they copied some other nes gamei still loved it. Birdo boss's were fun jumping on his eggs and throwing then back. Plus i loved the music in the game and when you paused the game only the bass would play of the levels song.

8. LOZ (NES)
I remember the day perfectly. My older brother just got back from the mall with my grandparents and in his hand was the NES system in the box. We ran in plugged it in and i watched him play that game for 6 hours straight. Then when he finally grew tired and went to sleep it was my turn. What an amazing game that was. As well as difficult...

7. Pokemon Red/Blue
This was as far as my pokemon gaming went. But i really did enjoy playing the game. And even better the ability to challenge others was great fun.

6. Star Wars Galaxies (before they messed it up)
This game is what got me into MMO's. I waited so long for this game and when it came out is was so much fun. Buying your own house. Stumbling upon Jabba's palace. Ambushing Rebels. Awesome fun. Seeing a jedi player... which was very rare. Then they ruined the game and anyone could roll a jedi.

5. FF7
Its very rare for me to sit threw ANY cut scene in a game. I simply dont care about the story in 90% of the games i play. I just want to play the damn game. I cant even tell you the plot in either Batman Arkham game. Final Fantasy 7 was so great though. The story sucked me in. Losing Aries was by far the saddest moment in any game ive ever played. The limit breaks, materia, side quests and everything in this game was phenomenal. A perfect game.

4. Resident Evil (the PS version with live action cut scenes)
Another game i sat and watched my brother play. This time in the middle of the day with the blinds closed, door closed the room completely dark. That scene where you enter the hall way and the dogs burst in through the glass scared the bajeebles outta me. I love the corny acting in the cut scenes as well. And the giant shark to top it off!

3. World of Warcraft
Yes people will hate on this game. But in the beginning when molten core was the big deal. And the level cap was still 60. This game was a blast. PVP was the best damn thing about this game. Ganking lower level alliance in the woods until i had a search party of 15 people looking for me. Learning to communicate with the alliance through speaking "LEET". My hunter and my friends rogue hunting allaince... Awesome time.

2. Marvel VS Capcom2
I still play this game! When im with my friend we always stop at the arcade to get a few rounds in. This to me is the 2nd best fighting game ever. The new one is good but it doesn't hold a flame to this one. The massive character selection. Amazing team combos. And plus it involves Marvel characters. I love anything Marvel.

1. Super Smash Brothers, Melee and Brawl
I love these games. I love the memories that come from this game. All the tournaments i went to. All the times my friend hung out and smashed for 5 to 6 hours at a time. This is the best fighting game franchise of all times. Games like Tekken and Street Fighter a player can button mash and do ok. Even get lucky. SSB there is no button mashing. Impossible to button mash and get a victory. Its all about timing and strategy. It is the perfect game.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 15:38:35 Reply

Other games that deserve a mention:
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Deus Ex
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Dragon Age Origins
Mass Effect 2
Fallout 3 and possibly New Vegas
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Super Castlevania IV
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario RPG
Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (or HeartGold and SoulSilver)
Crysis 1
Half Life 1 and 2
Metal Gear Solid 1, 3, and 4
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
inFamous 2
Dark Souls
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Train Simulator 2012
Anyway, the reason being Wind Waker is number 1 on my list is because I loved to sail when I was a kid. I always explored uncharted lands to see what adventure lied ahead of me. Of course, I loved the cell-shaded graphics and the music. Now that I think about it...I might re order my list. Like I said, I was thinking about this when I was taking a shower.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 18:16:27 Reply

I missed out on a lot of older games, so my favourites are all modern.

The only thing I would change with this series is added stealth scenarios.

10. Splinter Cell: Conviction
This is definitely my favourite Splinter Cell game and the hate it gets from fans and non-fans is beyond me. People complain that there is too much shooting and not enough stealth, but the developers have just taken the stealth and expanded it to make room for higher action sequences where shooting comes into play. I'm sure it is possible to play through the whole game without being spotted, but if you want your heart to start racing, getting spotted will do that. I just really love stealth games. I need more.

09. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
I'm sure you wouldn't understand why AC II isn't on my list, but I personally just don't like Ezio as a younger kid. In this game Ezio is a little more grown up and the developers have added that really cool feature where you call in your brotherhood to assist you. Assassin's Creed is my favourite video game series and this is my second favourite instalment.

08. Uncharted 2
The main reason I consider rebuying a PS3 is for The Last of Us, which is being made by part of the dev team from this. I also want a PS3 to play Uncharted 3, which I can't believe I still haven't played. Uncharted 2 is just the perfect mix of cinematic action gameplay and an interesting story. I am a huge history buff, which is one of the reason why I love Assassin's Creed and Uncharted takes some facts from history that keep me interested.

07. Batman: Arkham Asylum
I still can't believe Rocksteady managed to make such perfect Batman games. My favourite comic book hero in a game without many flaws. Also, Mark Hamill.

06. Fallout 3
I've recently started changing my opinion on this game. Before it would have been higher on the list, but after playing Skyrim, I've realized I don't find Bethesda's games very entertaining. I'm keeping Fallout 3 here because when I first played through it I loved it so much, but now I'm not sure about it. I think I'd have to replay it again.

05. SSX 3
Best "sports" game in existence. Fuck you if you don't like it.

04. Fable 2
I don't see why people love the first game so much more. This one is perfect.

03. Batman: Arkham City
When I first played it I didn't think I liked it as much as Arkham Asylum, but it grew on me. Being able to glide around the city is much more fun than being stuck in the halls of Arkham Asylum. I just hope they can expand it for the next game. They've really put themselves in a spot where there isn't much room for improvement and they need to prove themselves once again.

02. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The environments, the story, and the gameplay with multiple choices make this game perfect. I haven't played much of the original Deus Ex, but I can't see why it would be better. Human Revolution is so fucking fantastic.

01. Assassin's Creed: Revelations
"It's just like Call of Duty, same game as before", but NO. I fucking love this game. It's the best in the Assassin's Creed series by a longshot. Playing as the oldest version of Ezio, going back to Altair's story, having all of the abilities the series has to offer, being able to use the brotherhood of assassins, having the best environment to explore in an AC game... Fuck, I loved this game. If only there were stealth sequences. Like... actual stealth sequences. ACIII is going to be my new favourite game, I can taste it now.


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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 18:19:09 Reply

At 7/11/12 06:16 PM, Makeshift wrote: The only thing I would change with this series is added stealth scenarios.

That wasn't supposed to be there...


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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 20:35:50 Reply

Kinda hard to put in order of favorite, so these are just in the order I thought of them while typing this. Also, trying not to put the ones that are going to be on just about everyone's list, like Portal/GTA/Mass Effect/etc.
1) Final Fantasy Tactics
I love the shit out of this game. I'm currently playing through it for the third time in about 10 years. It was originally for the PS1, but it's imported to the PSP, too, which is what I have it on now. The story follows Ramza, a noble (in the royal sense of the word) kid who got stuck in his brother's war. You build a team, train them, learn a shiiiiiitload of skills for various jobs/classes. There are 20 classes total, not including the special jobs that only certain characters can have, and each job has a whole list of skills. There's also a fuckton of monsters you can catch and control as part of your team, and 2-3 variations of each monster with their own special skills. I just love this game, and I play it a lot, trying to get my team to master different classes and shit, it's a lot of fun.

2) Jade Cocoon
You follow Levant, in an admittedly disappointingly short story about trying to find some shit, I dunno, I don't even remember or care about the story. The great thing about the game is the monsters. You can catch any monster you fight pokemon style, but in a cocoon instead of a pokeball, and use them to fight with in turn based fights. You can go back to your little village and talk to some lady, and she will breed monsters you catch. And not like "Oh hey you caught two of this bug, let's make them have a baby", but "Hey you caught a dragon creature and a little red muscular mother fucker, let's breed them into some mutant steroided out dragon". And the combinations are literally infinite, the body changes based on what you breed with, so if you breed a lot of stuff with long tails, your monster's tail is gonna grow. If you get shit with wings, it's wings will grow. And each monster has an element too, like fire monsters, ect, the usual, and you can get any sort of combination of fire/earth monsters and shit, depending on how you breed them. The game makes up for the short story by giving you an endless dungeon at the end of the game that you can keep going through and fighting new, stronger monsters, and train/breed as much as you want.

3) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
My favorite of the Zelda series, with Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time tying for second. You play as Link, of course, and you collect masks that give you various abilities. Three of them transform you into different races, Deku, Goron, and Zora. You have three days to accomplish what you need to do, and after three days, the moon crashes into the earth and kills everything. Lucky for you, you have the song of time, and can just go right back to the first day, but then everything resets and you only get to take back your masks and key items (bomb bag, wallet, quiver, shit like that), everything else goes back to the way it was on the first day, though. Dungeons get their bosses back, people need help again, you start over. I don't even wanna review this game, you know what it is.

4) Time Splitters Future Perfect
A great FPS overall. Great story, great humor, great gameplay. You play as Cortez, and fight all kinds of shit through time with pretty unique sidekicks. My favorite thing is the multiplayer, though. It has a great map-maker, so you can build just about anything you want and fight in it. And as you complete challenges in the story and challenge modes, you unlock new characters for multiplayer, around 60 characters total, including three different types of monkeys.

5) Killing Floor
An almost entirely multiplayer game where you kill zombies. That's about it, just mindless fun. You can play single player, but it's exactly like mutliplayer, but minus a team, and you can pause. I don't even know what else to say about it, it's just killing zombies and having fun doing it.

6) Bloody Roar
I'm usually not a huge fan of fighting games, but Bloody Roar is retarded fun. It plays like one of the 3 dimensional Mortal Kombat games, but you can transform into an animal, depending on what character you choose. Alice turns into a rabbit, Yugo - Wolf, Bukuryu - Mole, etc. I haven't played every game in the series, but I think my favorite is Primal Fury for Gamecube. As an animal, you have sort of a finishing move, although you can use it at any time, I just don't know what else to call it. It uses up all of your transformation bar thing, so you turn back into a human when it's over, but if you pull it off, you're almost guaranteed to win.

7) The Walking Dead
I'm a bit hesitant to put this on a top 10 list, since it isn't even entirely out yet, but jesus fucking christ this is a good game. It plays essentially like a point and click, but much nicer and less tedious and less annoying. It's more of a walk around and click. But the fucking story. The fucking story, man. It's so intense and crazy and good and I love it. You play as Lee, who may have done some bad things in the past, but basically he is who you want him to be. You make choices that change the story drastically, and change how people think of you. And not just black and white decisions, fucking tough ones that you could spend days thinking about and still not know what you want to do. But the thing is, you don't get to just sit in the little chat menu considering all your options while every patiently waits 20 minutes for you to respond to them, you get a couple seconds max or else you don't get to choose. Also if the name didn't give it away, you're in a zombie apocalypse, and it's in the same world as the show and comic of the same name, although a different story entirely, with just a reference here and there.

8) Divine Divinity
I don't feel like reviewing this again, so I will just whore my own thread out

9) Tetris
You know what Tetris is.

10) Borderlands
I really like Borderlands, but mostly I'm too tired to think of something better to put here and just want to finish this post so I can go to sleep. You play in a post-apocalyptic world, and basically your goal is to find The Vault and get the valuable shit inside it. The fun part, though, is collecting the retarded amounts of guns in the game and perfecting your little arsenal. I also had a lot of fun finding various ways to launch myself out of the map and explore shit that wasn't meant to be accessible. Yeah. Sleep time now, good night.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 22:05:31 Reply

10. Super Mario Sunshine

I remember so much awesome stuff from this game. Lots of fun when I was in 3rd grade and I'm sure if I picked it up now and played it I would have loads of fun too. Out of all of the Super Mario adventure games (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.) this one was by far the best - in almost every category I think. There's just so much fun stuff to do in this adventure game with the classic collecting stars - except replacing stars with shine sprites.

9. God of War 3

I didn't play the God of War series until 2 and a half years ago when the first 2 games were remade for the ps3. After playing those two games I didn't think it could get better. God of War 3 proved me wrong. The graphics, gameplay, and storyline all improved tremendously - I could feel the tension in all of the battles I fought with loads of fun in them. The puzzles, of course, are always challenging and fun in these games and is sometimes a great way to avoid too many battles and repetitiveness.

8. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I did play all of the Legend of Zelda games before the Skyward Sword, but for some reason this one stuck out to me the most as the best of them all. When I was 8 or 9 years old I played through this thing and I don't think I've had that much fun with anything else the entire year - I was literally in love with this game. It was so amazingly fun, and was just very well-made. I don't remember much, honestly, if I try to look back - but the few things I do remember I can still feel the fun and excitement of it all.

7. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

I gotta admit, when I was first planning this list I could have sword this one would be higher on the list. But when I remember all the great games I've played throughout my life, this one had to lie at number 7. Still, this game is one of the best ever. I'll be pretty honest, though, and you'll think I'm crazy, but this made the list because of it's stunning multiplayer experience. I actually never played any online multiplayer game prior to this, but when I started to play this one I got absolutely hooked - and made my way to number 27 in the global rankings for ps3 while being part of one of the best clans in the world. I would play this game so much it's ridiculous - but nothing was more satisfying than beating players online and being experienced to do it.

6. Banjo-Kazooie

There's nothing that brings back nostalgia better than the Banjo-Kazooie series, and this one, the first one, was of course simply amazing. The sheer gameplay and adventure experience that this game brings, along with the different awesome features as collecting jiggies, notes, and jingos in order to unlock different and new exciting areas, was enough to understand the sheer amazingness of this game. There's a lot more to it, but I've made my point quite clear with how great it is.

5. Dark Souls

The sequel to Demon's Souls, Dark Souls is as good as an RPG gets. I played through Demon's Souls and at first I was frustrated with how difficult it was, but when I got used to the mechanics of the game I had so much fun with it. When I started playing Dark Souls the mechanics were familiar to me so I had a lot of fun playing through all the crazy things that this game offers, and it was HARDER than Demon's Souls. It's not one of those games where you can just mash and barely pay attention to what's going on - the combat is so precise and rewarding. It really makes you feel like you're actually there with these feelings - with that constant feeling of knowing you could die at any moment. These feelings, along with the amazing different scenes and experiences that happen in this game, is the reason it made the list at number 5.

4. Animal Crossing

I'm sure seeing this one up here this high (or on the list at all) is surprising. But no other game gives me the nostalgia feeling that Animal Crossing does. When I was very young I played this game almost constantly, with my brother and everything. It was such an amazing experience as it made me feel for the first time in my life that I was running my own life and could do things that I wouldn't be able to do as a young child. It really consumed me and have the most thrilling experience ever at the time, and the pointlessness of it all was the prime reason that it was so great.

3. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I know it seems like this one came out of nowhere, but sometimes the true masterpieces have to be discovered. When it comes to gameplay, this game exceeds maximum with its skillful strategy-based battles and its awesome adventure. There are so many awesome features to this game that it really feels like an adventure RPG with all of its awesomeness.

2. Banjo-Tooie

When I think of the BEST childhood games ever, nothing ever did it for me like Banjo-Tooie. Usually sequels to games suck, because the creator tries too hard to make it better. But Banjo-Tooie, the sequel to the great Banjo-Kazooie, was worked on and changed a lot - but EVERYTHING was made incredibly better. Although it feels quite different from Banjo-Kazooie, there was an unbelievable improvement in the gameplay, atmosphere, and variety. Banjo-Tooie was twice as good as Banjo-Kazooie in every way, except for one thing - the frame rate. The frame rate was a lot smoother on Banjo-Kazooie than on its sequel, but otherwise this game was probably the biggest treat of my childhood.

1. Donkey Kong 64

I can keep rabbling on about nostalgia this entire post, but no single game on this list was quite as nostalgic as Donkey Kong 64. I had so much fun with this game when I was little it was unreal. It offered to me everything I could ask for - and the atmosphere was just amazing. From all the different boss battles to collecting bananas to using different monkeys to do different things - it really felt like an adventure game that could never be surpassed. It had everything a game could offer - and to this day I don't think the greatness of this game will ever be surpassed.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 23:07:30 Reply

As far as today:

10: Riven

It is of a being that it's the first game that I ever beaten (yes, I did use a guide, but I dare you to beat it without some guide). But the world itself was so intruiging; how does everything work? How do the water make air domes? What does the wildlife live like? How do the devices work? What's their purpose? It was really the first game that made me think and ask questions, and that's always important in life.

9: The Binding of Issac

I'm not so parley about the expanssion, but the story was something I never seen before, the context was spot on, and the progression was exciting for it being random. It was the first game I ever played in a long time where it was both skill and luck that won the game. But most of the time I just play just to see how horrifingly looking I can make Issac.

8. Sonic Generations

While I don't believe this is the best Sonic game, I think it's the greatest Sonic game of this generation (pun). And that's a hard thing to pull off; while most other companies just add new maps and textures to a game and call it a new game, or others just rip you off by only getting half a game and you buying the other half. This company acutally cares about the customers; and while it's not perfect, they are stepping in the right direction.

7. World of Goo

Through out the years, gaming technology has improved over time, allowing to create the impossible. But at least to me, something has been lost behind the FPS and the RPG's; the magic, the mystery, the not knowing what to expect when you first boot up the program. Alot of people think this game is overrrated, but I think it deserves all credit; it's been so long since I have a game made me feel something.

6. Shadowman

I don't know how to explain it. The narrative was something I never seen before, the world was expansive and interesting, the atmosphere was creepy and unsettling, and the enemies were unforgetable; especially the bosses (which creeped me out even more because from all the monsters you come across, the bosses were the best and they were actual people). Sure Mike controlled like a tank but everything just lent itself so well to the comic, and I have yet to find another comic based game like it. Nothing will ever come close to Shadowman (now if only GOG would get the rights to it).

5. Cave Story

The one that started the indie game craze, but my god what a game. When you first heard of it, it was a freeware game, so you weren't expecting much from it. Booted up as a 16 bit side-scrolling metroid/castlevania game, didn't even have it's own desktop icon. But then you got more into it, you learned about the scientist, about what he has done, about your descions effecting the game, and my god the music. I would be hard-pressed to find another game that suprised me so much as that little game did.

4. Persona 4

Probably the best RPG that I played in the past 10 years. Saying alot too since I was playing in the PS1 era, so alot of ports from the Sega Saturn RPG's came over and some not (Star Ocean, Legend of Mana, FFVII, FFVIII, Lunar, Lunar 2, etc). Mind you I played the Persona 3 game for it's interesting story, c'mon, a guy shooting himself in the head to summon a demon, I never heard of anything like that, though I wasn't a fan of being forced to be friends. But when I heard that they fixed it so I didn't have to be friends... well I didn't exactly jump on it. Quite honest, it was rather a impass that had me buy it. But I can tell you that it was worth it, I only wish they made a 5.

3. Half Life 2

Not really the game itself; don't get me wrong though, nothing is wrong with the game. It works perfectly and does exactly what it sets-itself out to do. But the real reason for why it's so high is because of the community that came out of it. I understand that mod's were done way before Half Life 2, probably during Doom. But this game gave a baseline, this game made it accessable to everyone to mod, and I think we have become better and stronger community because of it. If their isn't a game we want to play, we just make our own with HL2.

2. Monster Hunter Tri

I am not a Capcom whore, I like them more than EA but that's not saying much. But something about Monster Hunter made me startled and curious about the world in it. You can talk as much shit as you want about the Wii, but I got to say this system really brought out the best in all companies (Tasunoku vs Capcom, Klonoa, Sonic Colors and The Black Knight, Okami), and this is no different in Monster Hunter Tri. Finally, a console release of this series, that hasn't been done since the first game on the PS2; and it's incredible! Interacting with your enviroment to gather ingredients for recipies of potions and buffs, carving all your kills to wear it as armor or as weapons, and it even has a online mode! I cannot praise this game enough, it's just that good.

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

I had no idea. First the story, your looking for your teacher in the hospital, suddenly the world ends... it just ends... you don't save it or anything, it's gone and your just trying to figure out what to do; ok it's not ground-breaking, but I best you to find a game that starts with the world ending and nothing you can do about it. Second the context, the game is basically a pokemon game with a blood omen style, but instead of throwing pokeballs, you have to talk to the monsters, and convince them to follow you; they can be expensive, and they can throw you a curve ball with a question, but once in they are with you for whatever you wish, can even give you gifts. And these aren't just ordinary monsters, these are monsters out of mythology, actual gods, demons, and monsters from different religions;and they are like pokemon, some evolve into other monsters, and others you can fuse with other monsters for unique monsters.

But I digress, it is still a turn-based RPG, but this game gives you more reason to grind than other RPG's out their. Not only to lvl your party up but to find monsters to join your group as well; and the AI monster can be really smart too. Sometimes they will come up to you to ask a question, others will see you have their brother and give you a gift; but mostly they will come up to you pleading for you to spare them their life for money, information, or to join your party; and it's qutie possible they are lying to you so they can take an extra turn. And the enemies don't even regard you as the choosen one, that's because your not, you are as vurneralble as any other monster; and they will take advantage of it. The combat is a turn-based and it works by turns, if you do a crit from a enemies weakness or you just hit harder, you'll get an extra turn; and their are moves that will grant you more than your parties share of turns. But the combat goes by really quick, there's nothing flashy about the game, even the super moves take less than 2 sec's; there is even a auto-combat button if the grind is a bit too much.

Third are the RPG aspects. You don't get much in the way of CC, your just a bland high schooler who was in the hospital when the world ended and became reborn, and you met Satan and he turned you into a demon to keep him from being boared. But the stat customization is the best part, for every lvl you gain you are allowed to 1 pt to spend on your staits, Str, Mag, Vit, Agl, and Luk. You gain combat skills from a parasite called Magatama, all give you certain buff while also giving you certain debuffs. When you lvl up you gain a skill from the parasite, but the best skills are in the hardest to get ones.

I could go on and on, but let me finish by saying that you fight God... you fight the guy who made everything... how many game do you know who do that. Their is just nothing that can compare to this game.

Well, that's my list. I guess you can say I like a challenge, but it just makes it that much sweeter when you win.

Thank you.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-11 23:57:56 Reply

My top 10 games are usually in a state of flux, so chances are that I might change my mind soon considering that I have played a good amount of games that had shaped my gaming life, but here's my top 10 game as of now.

10. Twisted Metal 2 for the PS. This was one of the first games that I have even logged serious amount of time on, and probably had some of the best individual endings at the time, especially Minion's ending. When 989 studios took over the franchise, it lost a lot of it's gritty touch for more of a cartoony feel to it, which isn't bad per se, but the execution in TM 3 and 4 were sloppy at best, so that's why I go with TM 2.

9. Gears of War 3 for the 360. I could make a case for the other 2 being on this list, but I'm sticking with the 1 game per franchise rule, and decided to go with the best one. It's basically at the point where desperate times call for desperate measures in the story, and with new multiplayer modes and weapons that were considered relics before {Retro Lancer comes to mind.} now being in use, it definitely deserves to be on the list.

8. Pokemon Gold/Silver for the Game Boy Color. I pretty much view them as the same game, just with different Pokemon available, so it still applies. Right amount of Pokemon to catch without being redundant, ability to go back to Kanto after you finish the Johto region, and an EXP bar in which you can keep track on your Pokemon easier, not to mention the other improvements from the previous generation.

7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the 360. The game that launched a franchise to new heights, and happens to be one of my favorites as well. Probably the most fun I had ever playing online with, and the story was pretty good too for an FPS.

6. Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. Basically, when they made the original SMB, that was an instant classic, and with the 3rd game of the series, it was improved by leaps and bounds by adding new powerups, minigames and more new stages to beat as well. I was torn between this game and Super Mario World for this spot, but I favored this game slightly over SMW, partly due to the fact that it played a bigger impact in my gaming life.

5. Super Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis. The first fighting game that I remember playing and beating, also is what launched the genre as well. It also had some of the most iconic music and backgrounds that I can remember, such as Ryu's theme music or fighting in what looks like a power plant against Zangief. Good times I had playing this game with my friends and family back then, and still do now.

4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PS2. The best GTA game right now, is also the biggest and most expansive world as well. There is nothing like busting up Ballas in the streets of Los Santos, pretending to be a valet in San Fierro, and planning and pulling off an Ocean's Eleven type heist in Las Venturas.

3. Sonic 3 and Knuckles for the Genesis. Both games {Sonic 3 and S&K} as stand alone games are good, but felt lacking, but when you combine them, then it's almost like it's a new game altogether. 14 huge stages and Chaos Emeralds to collect, and even after that, you can play as Hyper Sonic/Knuckles and explore places that you couldn't get to the first time around. Good thing it was released at the time, otherwise this would've have been treated as a DLC add-on.

2.Xenogears for the PS. One of the few RPGs out there that I not only enjoyed, but admire as well for it's plot, characters and combat system. Possibly could have the single best storyline in any game IMO, which includes games like FF6 and Mass Effect, which were epic to say the least. {and the latter is interactive as well.} It took me a long time to finish this game, but when I did, I had a feeling of pride flow through me.

1. Fallout 3 for the 360. There really isn't much I can say about this game that most people haven't already said in a positive light, so I'll just keep it simple as I can. Amazing gameplay, fully interactive storyline which changes depending on what you do, gritty but still amazing graphics, and so on and so forth, this is one of the few games out there that is well deserving of all of the hype it gets because it's that damn good.

Just stop worrying, and love the bomb.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-12 00:00:50 Reply

Honorable mentions:

System Shock 2
Super Meat Boy
Killer 7
Deadly Preminition
Earth Defense Force 2017
Demon Souls
Metal Saga
Tasanoku vs Capcom
Dynasty Warriors 4
Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-Revis
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Sonic Adventures 2
Phantom Dust
Akuji The Heartless
Soul Reaver
Tai Fu

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-12 00:26:52 Reply

I'm seeing people putting up their honorable mentions, so why not. I've wracked my brain around picking out my favorites as I'm sure others have, so here are mine.

- Super Mario World
- Animal Crossing
- Final Fantasy VI
- Banjo-Tooie
- Ys Book I & II
- Fortune Street
- Tetris Plus
- Lode Runner
- StarTropics
- Halo 2
- Halo 3
- Doom
- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
- Paper Mario
- Metal Gear Solid
- Earthbound
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-13 00:14:54 Reply

Well here goes. My list is a bit different and hard to understand, but these are all games that I genuinely love.

10. Alien Trilogy
An old first person shooter for DOS based in the Alienuniverse. It's listed because I love the Aliens world and old first person shooters. Something that combines the two is a winner in my book.

9. Strife: Quest for the Sigil
Strife was one of the first games to combine the first person shooter and role playing game genres. The role playing elements are somewhat limited, but still add to the game. The world may be small, leaving little room for exploration, but it fits together well. Strife is an extremely underrated game. Unfortunately it's now abandonware but still possible to obtain online (through means I won't mention) and playable on a modern computer using ZDoom (as it uses a heavily modified Doom engine).

8. Abuse
Abuse is a mostly forgotten DOS game that's significant in that it's the first side scrolling shooter in which the player can aim in any direction using the mouse. The difficulty gets up there and the weapons and enemies are somewhat redundant (many of the enemies graphics are just recolors) but it's still a great game that deserves more recognition.

7. Mount and Blade: Warband
Because it's the only game with swords that isn't chock full of ugly, ridiculous fantasy weapons. It may not be historical nor realistic (and it doesn't claim to be either) but the weapons at least look like real weapons and the combat system is incredibly well executed. The open world elements are a bit limited and dated but overall it's still a very fun game that lets you fight in battles and control your own kingdom.

6. Marathon
Marathon is basically Doom with a very detailed story. It has all of the things that made Doom great. You can read all about it below so I won't elaborate here. Marathon, like Doom, has modern ports still under active development.

5. Quake II
In my mind, Quake II has always been the last of the classic first person shooters. It may not be sprite based but the overall atmosphere is very reminiscent of earlier games. The later games in the series have superficial similarities but they just don't cut it. The non-linear level design, large maze-like levels, and the well balanced enemies make it excellent. There's some scripted events and objectives, but they don't interrupt the game play and many are optional. There's enough secret areas to explore to keep the player entertained for hours.

4. Team Fortress 2
To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of online games. Team Fortress 2 is the exception. The classes are well balanced, in a way reminiscent of earlier shooters. The unlockable weapons are well balanced and each adds to the experience in a unique way. If you become bored with one class, you can play another. The classes have unique equipment that can't be found in any other first person shooter. In other words: the game is original.

The characters and settings are entertaining are certainly are deserving mention in their own right. I often laugh and make jokes with other player while online, simply because of the light-hearted atmosphere and amusing characters.

3. Fallout 3
Fallout 3 is simply very open ended. You're free to wander a huge world and do whatever you want. You can be a savior, or raid every man that you come across. Oh, and there's guns. All of this makes for great replay value and an excellent game. That's really all there is to it.

2. Minecraft
I won't write much about Minecraft because due to it's immense popularity you probably already know many things about it. Minecraft is easily one of the best open world games ever, if not the best. There's so many things to do in the virtual world and the survival experience on Hardcore Mode is amazing. It's virtual Legos, except even better. You can do anything that you can imagine.

1. Doom and Doom II
There's really something that sets Doom apart from modern first person shooters. The further you venture into the game, the more non-linear the levels become. The settings may not be realistic (in fact, they're rather abstract) but the non-linear layouts, outdoor areas, and windows into other rooms make the levels feel larger than they actually are, and thus immersive. Many modern games, even with all of their effects and fancy graphics still can't reproduce that same feeling for me. The graphics are good in their own right, if you're a fan of sprite based first person engines.

There's no objectives, no tutorials, and no cut scenes, simply because they're not needed. The player is free to explore the level in whatever order he pleases. The levels are very much like mazes, and abound in secret areas which can either be extremely difficult to find or easy to stumble across accidentally. The game play is very simple, but complex enough to be entertaining. There are no redundancies: each weapon and enemy serves a unique purpose. There aren't ten different automatics, five different shotguns, etc. Despite the simple premise of "shoot everything and escape the maze", it has excellent replay value.

On top of that, there's literally thousands of community mods for Doom. Maps are easy to create and modern level editors and ports are still being developed to this day. Just take look at the authors Doom Builder, ZDoom, Slade3, and more. How many other games from the 90s are still actively being developed?

Doom is just... Doom. A well-balanced shooter that's still fun after more than two decades.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-13 00:49:15 Reply

10. Super Smash Bros Melee

When it comes to a pure beat down, look no further. Grab your buds, grab your beer, and prepare for the best 4 player insult fest.
Controls are simple. Build your own combos. Great level selection. Name says it all. Smash.

9. Super Mario World 3

This game can either be great or piss you off royally. Lots of levels. Lots of secrets. Lots of fun. Find a magic flute and skip a world. Find 2 and skip to the end. Though King Koopas castle is retarded easy compared to the rest of the castles. 2 player so you and a friend can sit back, and have laugh and awe one another with lucky dodges, miraculous jumps, and sick combo kills.

8. Chrono Trigger

What can be said about perfection? Multiple endings, great leveling system, great storyline. Lots of players seem to love Magnus for some odd reason. I always kill Magnus instead of have him join my party. This game has what your looking for in a RPG.

7. Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask

Wicked all around. Creepy, sad, funny, happy, pretty much runs through all emotions while playing. Gathering all the masks without a strategy guide was a bitch. Good luck getting the couples mask without a guide. I remember when this game released (or was being advertised) in Japan, and none of my friends believed me when I told em a new zelda game was coming to N64. This time you don't have to save the princess, instead you save the whole world, what a step up for Link!

6. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions

You won't find Metal Gear solid on my top games for 1 reason alone. You CAN'T play as Grey Fox. Lucky for VR mission owners you can! I got VR missions long before I got the first PS metal gear, so I didn't know this was even a series of games. All that aside, this is fun for 3 reasons. 1. you play as grey fox and get to fuck soldiers up with your bitchin sword. 2. You get to shoot down a UFO with a stinger 3. The challenges get fucking hilarious. Get it. Play it. You'll see

5. Gears of War 2

Multiplayer. Story. Blood. Sexy guns. More blood. Guts. More Guts. Kick some ass, blow off heads. Get a magic bullet that does more damage. Eat burned toast. I'm not big on first person shooters because they are all the same. This 3rd person shooter stuff is way better.

4. Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Sick fighting. Better button reaction in my opinion that all other street fighter games, and more characters. I spent weeks playing this at the arcade. I always thought Super M. Bison could be played, and that his super psycho crusher could be used, sadly it's not. It's a 2D street fighter with better sprites than it's predecessors.

3. Earthbound/Mother 2

There is SO much to do in this game, I would have to write a walkthrough to explain this games awesomeness. All I can say is that once you play this, you will more than likely love it for the rest of your life.

2. Earthbound 2/Mother 3

The story is so good. I actually cried at the end. This game will warm your heart with it's characters, and piss you off with some of the bosses. Similar to Earthbound except you get a button press combo that's tricky to learn.

1. Legend of Zelda..... A link to the Past

Yes. This game here. This mother fucker. IS great. oot was great and all as well but the bosses and battles in this will always be some of the most annoying/great fights ever. So much to do, so much confusion. Do we get to see Links dad at the beginning of the game possibly? I hope this version though is what Nintendo decides to run with as a remake. I'd love to see A Link to the Past in 3D because I frankly believe that if both of these had been made in 3D for the N64 a few years back it would have been a close match between the two but with Ocarina coming out in 2nd.

New at flash then get some help.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-13 10:30:21 Reply

10. Super Metroid
This is my favorite Metroid game ever. I got the game a couple weeks ago. I played up until right before Ridley and stopped. I really don't know why. I guess I got sick of playing it because all I did for a couple days was playing Super Metroid. I got the Virtual Console version a few years ago but I got stuck in this one part and I didn't realize that if you press the B button, you run. The final boss in Super Metroid is my favorite final boss ever. It also has really good music.

9. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
This is the first Call of Duty game I ever played. The second was Modern Warfare 2. This game has a really good campaign. And it also has really good multiplayer, although I think MW2s multiplayer is better because of more options, better maps and cheat protection. I can't play online multiplayer in Call of Duty 4 anymore because I was playing in a hacked lobby and moon jump was on and infinite ammo was on and everyone was going crazy with grenade launchers, it was on the small map with a lot of shipping containers, I was playing on domination. When that game ended I got negative experience and my experience and the total went below 0 and apparently you have to be level 1 to play on any multiplayer modes. I don't know how to fix it. I can still join lobbies if I join a game that a friend is in. Maybe getting an invite to an XP lobby would fix it. I don't know. It isn't that big of a deal because I like the multiplayer in MW2 better but I still would like to play online in Call of Duty 4 if I want to.

8. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
This game took everything that was awesome about GTA III and Vice City and made it even better. I really like how there are places like the forest and desert where there aren't buildings and shit like that everywhere. The game has my favorite soundtrack of any Grand Theft Auto game. I got this in 2005 which is a few months after I got my PS2 slim. This game also introduced me to rap. It introduced me to rappers like Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube, who are my favorite rappers. I hate how they used a censored remix of Check Yo Self instead of the original and I hate how they used 2 clean songs, Eazy-er Said Than Dunn and Express Yourself.

7. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
This is the first Legend of Zelda game I ever played and like Final Fantasy IV, it too was on the Virtual Console when I first played it. I later got the original gold cartridge because Ganon's blood is red instead of green, the Fire Temple music is different and the mirror shield has a crescent moon and star design on it instead of the Gerudo symbol. And I believe on the gold cartridge there are glitches that were fixed on the gray cartridges.

6. EarthBound
I first hear about the Mother games from Chuggaaconroy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I got the game for my birthday in 2011. This game has a really diverse and great soundtrack. I really hate how some people in the 90s hated EarthBound because they think it has bad graphics. It has simple graphics. A game doesn't have to have really detailed graphics like Chrono Trigger in order to be good.

5. Mother 3
This is the saddest game I ever played. This game has really good music too. And I think there is a pig that oinks the Final Fantasy victory theme. This game is also funny at times. In chapter 8, in the Empire Pork Building there is a part where you ride on a boat and you see certain things from Mother 2. The song named Pollyanna plays during it, Pollyanna is a song from Mother and in the room before Pollyanna plays, the intro theme for Mother plays.

4. Final Fantasy IV
This game is the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. I got it 2 years ago on the Wii Virtual Console. I now have it on my DS too. I plan on getting the Super Nintendo version soon. I kinda hate how the simplified it for the American version and censored a lot of things. It is stupid that in the part where Cecil saves Rosa, instead of there being a guillotine above Rosa, there is a big steel ball.

3. Final Fantasy VI
This is the 3rd Final Fantasy game I ever played. I got this on the Virtual Console the day it was released on it. The original American release had a lot of censorship. There is this one part where Kefka says in the Japanese version "Go kill them!!!" and "Son of a bitch!!!!", they were changed to "Go get them!!!" and "Son of a submariner!!!!" in the American release. I love this game's music. Nobuo Uematsu is also my favorite video game music composer.

2. Chrono Trigger
I love this game's music. It's soundtrack is only beaten by Final Fantasy VII. I think the games story is fucking awesome. The multiple endings that this game has is awesome. I also really like the new game + mode which lets you start a new game but with the stats, items and equips from another save file.

1. Final Fantasy VII
This is the 2nd Final Fantasy game I ever played. This game is a fucking masterpiece. I love the story. I love the music. I love almost everything about it. I really like the materia system for magic and summons. The thing I hate about it is that it isn't always clear as to where you can go and where you can't.

This is the longest post I have ever made on the Newgrounds forums.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-13 20:35:29 Reply

Oh boy, here we go.

10. Half-Life 2
No single-player campaign in an FPS can come close to matching the greatness of Half-Life 2. It's what every modern FPS should be like. Aside from the somewhat tedious driving levels, the campaign is just incredibly well-constructed and more than worth the 6-year wait. Also, Source is just an incredible engine and it still looks amazing to this day despite being 8 years old.

9. Ico
If there's one game that can prove that gaming is an art-form, Ico is definitely it. Because it certainly did for me. Even if it is just a 6-hour escort mission, it does what few escort missions in games can do - actually make me care for who I'm protecting. Plus, Yorda's AI isn't hilariously stupid which is quite a feat for escort missions. Overall, an amazing game (especially on the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection on PS3) and easily Team ICO's best (unless The Last Guardian turns out to be better, if it even gets made).

8. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Now, I know what you're all thinking. "BUT HIKRU, SQURE NEDS TO MAK KINGDM HARTS 3 INSTED OF SHIT SPINOFS LIK DIS". Honestly, please actually play the damn spin-offs before saying shit like that. Especially Birth By Sleep. The combat system was extremely well refined and more fun than 1 or 2. Not that 1 and 2 are bad, in fact they're anything but. While the story is convoluted, I don't think it's as bad as people say it is. And the music, as usual, is really, really good. Definitely the best game on the PSP and even the best in the series. But who knows, maybe Dream Drop Distance will be better. Though honestly, it'd have to be somehow even more amazing in order to surpass Birth By Sleep.

7. Portal 2
Just when I thought Valve couldn't get any better with Half-Life 2, they just did with Portal 2. While the puzzles aren't too challenging, and it's still pretty short, none of that keeps Portal 2 from being an amazing game. In fact, the gameplay is just barely what makes the game as great as it is. The story is great, the characters are entertaining, the dialogue is damn funny (aside from the space and lemon jokes that the fans abused to death), and it's just overall an amazing game that everyone should play. Oh and the co-op is equally fantastic if you have a partner that knows how to cooperate.

6. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Best PS1 game ever. No doubt about it. Although it's easy compared to the classic games, it's still a damn good game and easily my favorite Metroidvania. The gameplay's addictive as hell, the story's great, the music is fantastic, and it's just plain awesome.

5. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
The JRPG genre, completely stripped down to the bare-bones. And damn is it good. Some might not like how archaic it is, but I don't mind it. If anything, it adds to it's greatness.

4. Phantasy Star Online
Best damn MMO I've played. Even though the story sucks and there's a lot of grind, the gameplay is so addictive that I barely noticed it. And it just gets better online. Sure, PSO2 might be a better game, but the original still stands as my favorite MMO.

3. Mother 3
Oh man. This game. Some say EarthBound was the best in the series, but I digress. Mother 3 is just amazing. The gameplay's great, the story's great, the characters are great...everything about it is great. I really don't feel like I should say more about it.

2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

The Japanese Scooby-Doo. It's also the best Scooby-Doo. Amazing gameplay, great characters, good story, god-tier bear puns, fantastic everything else. You know a JRPG is good when there's a ton to do outside of battle, and all of it actually affects your stats. It's the perfect JRPG. But there's only one game that's better. And imma tell you what it is.

1. Katamari Damacy

This is some of the most bizarre shit I've ever witnessed. It's also the best shit I've ever witnessed. Literally NOTHING is wrong with it. The gameplay is crazy fun, the story is ridiculously good, the characters are gloriously amazing, and the music is just holy shit. I could gush about this game for hours. But I won't because it would go far beyond the character limit.

So that's my bad list. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-14 17:55:23 Reply

I am loving all these lists and hearing all of these answers. I want to hear more from all of you who have yet to contribute. I would also like to hear some discussion of lists. Compare and contrast and what not.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-14 18:23:03 Reply

I go by franchises

Final fantasy
Mass Effect
Devil may cry
Assassins Creed

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-14 21:33:47 Reply

This will be difficult, but here we go:

10 - Batman: Arkham City
I never was a fan of superhero games. And yet this is on my top 10 list. That alone says a lot. But this game is just so damn great: simple, fun yet difficult-to-master combat, interesting story, cool boss fights, and most importantly, it made you feel like Batman himself, with all the neat gadgets and predator segments. Add some excellent voice acting and you've got a damn good game.

9 - Metal Gear Solid 3
I loved the first game on the PS1, but MGS2 really put me off. But then this game made up for it's predecessor. I love all the new additions, from the stamina meter to the camo system. Boss fights were great, story was very James Bond-esque (in a good way), gameplay was really fun, and the easter eggs are still amusing. If it wasn't for this game, I may have lost interest in this excellent franchise.

8 - God of War 2
Numerous boss fights, all of them being EPIC, excellent soundtrack, very interesting story, challenging puzzles, fun overall gameplay and the greek mythology theme make this franchise one of my favorites, and the second game is, for me, the best one out of all GoW games.

7 - Rome: Total War
I love RTS games, and I feel like this game is the best of it's genre. It singlehandedly got me invested into the TW games, another great franchise, and for good reasons: excellent campaign mode, mindblowing combat (I still find it awesome to see hundreds and hundreds of men duking it out at real-time), tons of selectable factions to play as (meaning HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay. I'm still not done with it!), with an addicting multiplayer mode to top it all off. It's still one of the funnest games I've played.

6 - Team Fortress 2
This game is so fun and addicting it's almost not funny. It is the BEST multiplayer experience I've ever had, and I play it almost every day. That alone is reason enough.

5 - Portal 2
Genius. Genius genius GENIUS. ALL OF IT: the story arc, the dialogue and humor, the gameplay, the puzzles and last but not least, the online co-op.

4 - Final Fantasy VI
The last game in the series that I've played, after hearing about how incredible it is, I was happy to find out it lived up to the endless praises: excellent story, tons of interesting characters, the BEST villain in the series (Kefka kicks yo ass), amazing soundtrack and fun gameplay + great level-up/ability system. It is my second favorite game in the series, and for good reasons.

3 - GTA: San Andreas
This game is without a doubt the funnest game I've ever played. You can do almost everything in an incredibly vast world. The missions were fun, there were tons of humor, the story was great, the radio stations had an excellent array of tracks (K-DST was the best), the way your character improved in almost everything he did was a damn good addition, the gang wars, and finally the near endless possibilities, coupled with all the minor details and easter eggs present in the game, made this game such a blast to play for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

2 - Chrono Trigger
I shouldn't need to say why I absolutely love this game. You guys know why it's so good. But l will anyway: incredible story, loveable characters, great gameplay, amazing sidequests, multiple endings, and a mindblowing soundtrack. Enough has been said.

1 - Final Fantasy IX
Ho. Ly. Crap. Words cannot describe how much I love this game. It was my third game and the first FF l've ever played, and it was THE game that really got me interested in video games. I LOVE everything about it: the gripping story, the likeable characters, the superb dialogue, the MINDBLOWING soundtrack (which is my favorite of all time), the job system, the sidequests...I could go on forever.

So, those are my favorites. It took me a while to make this list, but it was fun.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-14 22:46:00 Reply

At 7/14/12 09:33 PM, portalwarpedJP wrote: 1 - Final Fantasy IX
Ho. Ly. Crap. Words cannot describe how much I love this game. It was my third game and the first FF l've ever played, and it was THE game that really got me interested in video games. I LOVE everything about it: the gripping story, the likeable characters, the superb dialogue, the MINDBLOWING soundtrack (which is my favorite of all time), the job system, the sidequests...I could go on forever.

You see, I never really thought it was that popular of a game. In fact, I've heard a lot of people hating on it for some particular reason (I myself can't remember, nor can I say that I like or hate the game due to me not playing it as of yet). In fact, the only FF games that I've played are I, III (a bitch to beat, by the way), IV, V, VI, VIII, XIII, and XIII-2. I'll have to get around to it eventually....along with VII and X.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-07-15 18:56:21 Reply

At 7/14/12 10:46 PM, Trapex wrote: You see, I never really thought it was that popular of a game. In fact, I've heard a lot of people hating on it for some particular reason.

I guess for some people it was that after VII and VIII which were a lot of people's first RPG's or first Final Fantasy games, they thought the change was too great for them in terms of style. However there were also a great handful of people who have played Final Fantasy IV and VI (II and III in US respectively) and then went on to play VII and VIII, then hitting IX - thought it was a very nice throwback to those in terms of it's style.

It is one of the more underrated Final Fantasy games, since it's stuck in-between VIII and X -- which is not a pretty place to be.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-08-01 22:54:09 Reply

Thought I would give this a bump to anyone who wanted to share their favorite video games. I tend to learn a lot about people from their favorites.

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Response to Top 10 Favorite Video Games 2012-08-02 01:50:00 Reply

10) Just Cause 2 - This was (and still is) pretty much the purest next-gen game I've played. The size of the island is unbelievable and any superlatives I could write on the graphics' account just wouldn't do it justice. You just have to see it with your own eyes. Aside from that, the game is also super fun and I know for a fact I've wasted over 200 hours of my real life time on it since first intalling it.

9) Thief: The Dark Project - Once you play this game, no other stealth game will ever feel truly stealthy again.

8) The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - Easily the best story driven RPG I've ever played. Sure it ain't flawless, but I don't care much for perfection anyway. I mean, look at my tail...

7) System Shock 2 - The best non-story driven RPG I've ever played. And it's one of the scariest games I've ever known, too. Which is always a plus.

6) Outcast - The audiovisuals, the freedom, the perfect length, the ever so great humor, the awesome weapons and equipment, the ending...yeah.

5) Heart of Darkness - Do I even need to explain myself?

4) Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned - I absolutely adore the entire trilogy, but the third game has always been my favourite, if only for the theme being all blood sucking and that. >_>

3) The Operative: No One Lives Forever - The finest single-player fps ever made. And no, that's not an opinion.

2) Tomb Raider III - I'm a huge TR fan and the third one was the first one I've ever played, so quite naturally it oughts to be my favourite. It also just so happens to be the hardest one of them all, which is just a nice bonus. ^.^

1) Mafia: City of the Lost Heaven - I can't even begin to describe what this game means to me, how many times have I played through it and how many more will I play through it again. THIS is what an artistic game should look like - a near flawless blend of eye candy, eargasmic soundtrack and an insanely addictive gameplay. End of.

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