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Vocal Artists 2012-06-09 11:14:50 Reply

I need Vocal Artists!
I am an EDM producer (I'm saying EDM because i do all the genres) and I am looking for some vocalists who I can collaborate with. It really doesn't matter if you think you're not good. I will surely try to do something out of it. I work really hard so don't think i'm just going to half-ass this thing.

PM/Link/Spam/etc me and I'll check it out!

*If I do get payed for my song with your vocals in it, I will make sure you will get 40% of the benefit I receive.
*If I put it on Newgrounds/Youtube, I will make sure I have the song as (Feat. ****)
Thanks Guys!

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Response to Vocal Artists 2012-06-09 11:23:00 Reply

Here are some useful links.!

- If you have a voice acting demo reel, put it in the Voice Actor Advertisements thread.

- If you're looking for voices for your project, check out the Voice Actors Wanted

Good luck!