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Resistance: Burning skies.

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Resistance: Burning skies. 2012-05-29 20:13:48 Reply

My honest review of this game after playing it for a few hours. Now, IGN gave it a bad review, but FUCK IGN they don't know what they're talking about. I love this game and I highly recommend you try it for yourself before saying anything about it.

For the first first person shooter done on the PSVita, it is everything done right. It takes the limits traditional shooters like Call of Duty sets and makes them it's bitch.

For starters, the two gun limit is no more. You can carry as many fucking guns around as you want, and you don't have an insignificant amount of ammo either. Each weapon has a secondary feature, such as napalm, heat seaking bullets or a grenade launcher. You can also upgrade each of your guns to make them even more badass, however, they do put a limit on how many upgrades you can do.

The touch screen is greatly incorporated into the gameplay making using weapons and their enhanced abilities easy to use.

The knife from traditional shooters is replaced by a hunky fire axe that works just as well as the knives from other shooters and draws just as fast. You also can carry dozens of grenades at one time, which allows you to demolish anyone in your path.

I started the game by playing on the hardest difficulty, but in reality, the hardest difficulty isn't as challenging as I was hoping it would be (similar to call of duty's Veteran mode). It feels more like medium difficulty of a traditional shooter.

Sprint is still present, as well as several other methods of combat offense and defense via the Directional pad on the PSvita. You are unable to go prone after crouching, however. Which was something I will miss.

The graphics are about as great as a handheld can be without being laggy, which is a major plus for the gameplay. In some ways, it surpasses the abilities of early Xbox 360 and PS3 games.

The voice acting is superb, but quiet compared to the music and sounds of the fighting. Which means subtitles are very important if you care even a little about the story. The characters give emotion and feeling with what they do. Your character is an ordinary fireman, with a family and friends that he needs to save.

Overall, a great start to the several shooters to come to the Vita. I highly recommend it if you have a Vita or plan on getting one soon.



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Response to Resistance: Burning skies. 2012-05-31 18:18:47 Reply

Sounds awesome. I'm usually not a big fan of FPS's, but I love Resistance. I was a bit sceptical over this game though due to Nihilistic developing it, but it seems to be good according to a lot of people. I'm definitely planning on picking it up once I get a Vita. Thanks for the in-depth review.

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