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Chaotic Kitten 3: As Pure As The Wi

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Tuni always admired her hero, Mr. McCoy. But she also wonderd WHY he was so nice. She knew that it was easier to be nice and get along with others than just to be rude and put up some front of toughness. But going back to when she blew up the lab a few weeks ago... was there ANYTHING... ANYTHING... that was really bad about him?

Tuni sat in Mr. McCoy's favorite recliner, within the lounge. If it was called sitting. Her back laying on the seat and feet pointing upward towad the ceiling, as her legs rested on the back support of the wide chair.

He would always give to charities. Dress up as Santa Cluas for christmas, and has a great humorist.

TUNI: He has been so nice to me... even after blowing up the lab, and temporaringly making scott go crazy. I don't want to break him, but it is really a virtue that he is so upstanding...

Just then Scott Summers and Mr. McCoy come walking into the lounge. Mr. McCoy was on the cellphone and scott was trying his best to hold in laughter. Tuni arose from Mr. McCoys lounger. He almost did not notice tuni standing to the side of the lounger, as he went right into sitting in it.

MR.MCCOY: But Reed I'm telling you... Look just hear me out... Well... Yes! Look! Look, how long have we known each other? I know... And I'am not?... Just one trip! For at least an hour or so... No, wait... Hello?... Hellooooow...? CONFOUNDED!

Tuni wraped her arms around Mr. McCoy and sat on his lap. His head was turned away from her, resting on his closed hand, with repaired blackberry within it, in treat of being crushed again. He sighed and then put the phone into his pants pocket.
Mr. Mccoys arm slowly went around tuni's shoulders. Tuni then gave him a kiss on the cheek. He rubbed her shoulder and sighed, still looking away and bent away from her.

SCOTT: So no go with Reed, huh, hank?
MR. MCCOY: You should of heard what he was saying to me! "Maybe you should take a vacation, or think about your retirement".

Scott bursted out laughing, he was sitting on the couch facing away from the recliner. tuni lloked at Mr. McCoy, then at scott, then at Mr.McCoy again. Mr. McCoy now tapping his fingers on the armrest of the lounger looked on at the back of scott's head moving in various directions of laughter.

SCOTT: What did black panther say?
MR.MCCOY: "Maybe that explosion blew away some of your brains" And "If you want to do that, then you should buy one".

Scott went into a laughing fit again. Tuni could not hide her curiousity any more. She looked on at scott and asked Mr. McCoy what was going on. Mr. McCoy strightend up and looked on at tuni, with slightly widend eyes. His face then relaxed as he put his other arm around her and looked at her with a loose jaw, slightly biting the insides of both his cheeks.
TUNI: Well...?
MR.MCCOY: Oh, my stars and garthers... So what have we been upto, my dear? Any evil or chaoticness?
TUNI: I'm working on it.
MR. MCCOY: Good to hear.

Scott turned to the both of them, like a record on a turn table. He then stood up and went over to the happy couple.

SCOTT: Do you give this girl any disapline at all, hank?
MR. MCCOY: Scott-
SCOTT: And I know that she is a grown woman, but you baby her! "what kind of evil" How about boot camp!
TUNI: Scott, dont be a speckled richard.
SCOTT: You mean the english pudding? It is called speckled dick!
TUNI: well you said it...!

Tuni chuckles, raising her fingers folded over her palm. She looked at them with lowerd browns as her other arm crossed her torso. Mr. McCoy sighed and rolled his eyes, awaiting a boxing match of words. Mr. McCoy gently shook tuni in his arm, then rubbing her shoulder.

SCOTT: You little, hell cat! What part of hades are you from?
TUNI: Legion 667 of the West River Sixx District, and we "FUNK"-ING, RULE!
SCOTT: Your just going to let her talk to me like that?!

MR.MCCOY: Now tuni, try to have some respect for our senior faculty.
TUNI: Alright, I'm sorry... Sorry that your an interloper that does'nt want me to breath two steps of personality!
MR.MCCOY: Tuniieee....
TUNI: Scott I do respect you, but you just seem to jump all over me like a frog on another, during mating season.
SCOTT: It is because I feel that you are getting away with alot of stuff that everyone is just letting flying over their heads.
Tuni looks down and away sadly... Tuni arises from Mr. McCy's lap. She then walks away, with her head lowerd and fingers laced together, infront of her. Mr. McCoy looks on at her with some concern.
Mr. McCoy arises from the chair and looks on at her. He then sighs and turns his head to scott.
MR.MCCOY: You still do not trust her...?
SCOTT: No... She's not a spy... But I do think that she does have some kind of brain damage... And your not helping, man!
MR. MCCOY: I'am helping more than you think I'am, dear chap. Who is the doctor? And she really does like you.
SCOTT: Likes me so much that she goves my gift away-
MR.MCCOY: TO-an-kindergarden class, scott... You should be proud...
SCOTT: Look buddy-

Scott pulls Mr. McCoy to the side, away from tuni. He then looks over his shoulder toward tuni, whom was standing in the corner, next to the recliner. Scott crosses his arms again and looks intoMr. McCoy's eyes. Mr. mcCoy makes a soft sigh and holds his hands together infront of him, like a prisoner in a trial.
SCOTT: You have a very soft heart buddy... But... We just do not know much about her yet. Your memory machine can only be used on her twice a month, and then she only has about 35 percent of her memory.
MR.MCCOY: Your point?
SCOTT: What if she changes? What f this girl-young woman that you Re making such GOOD friends with, is not the same after she gets her whole memories...

Mr, Mccoy rolls his eyes and turns away from scott. Mr. McCoy traces his mouth with his fingers, pausing them under his lips. His eyes dart around with a slightly elevated brow, but lowerd eyelids. Scott nods his head and sighs.
Scott then pats Mr. McCoy on the back and then looks on at tuni. Scott leaves the lounge in utter confidence that Mr. McCoy will now be more caucious about tuni for now on.
Mr. McCoy sits back into the lounger. He turns his head to tuni. She heard him sit down. Mr. McCoy clears his troat, getting tuni's attension. She slightly turns her head to him. Then within sight-shot, Mr. McCoy pats his lap, as if calling a cat to jump on it. Tuni turns her head more. Her fingers still laced, tuni looks at Mr. Mccoy up and down.
Mr. McCoy smirks, almost smiling as he pats his lap again. Tuni lightly smiles. She lands on his lap, shifting and making herself at home. Tuni then wraps her arms around his shoulders.

MR.MCCOY: Do not mind him... he is just concerned about me.
TUNI: Hmpth! Some concern! He was laughing at you! I did not like that.
MR. MCCOY: Well... I do not blame him there...
TUNI: But why? I-
MR.MCCOY: He was laughing at me, making phone calls to all of my scientific friends and colleages. I was asking them for a favor.
MR.MCCOY: oh, my stars and garthers... A collabritive shopping outting, to Toys"r"us.
TUNI: What?!

MR.MCCOY: I was so impressed by your science experiment, that i wanted to run some "Maguiver" such explots to the products of the store.
TUNI: Golly, and they all said no?
MR.MCCOY: (SIGH). Yes...
Tuni hugs Mr. McCoy sligthtly tighter, and rest her head on his shoulder. Mr. McCoy wraps his arms. He then rest her head on hers.

TUNI: And scott can be concerned without being such a butt pill.
MR.MCCOY: (SIGH) Basically a pain in the arse, huh? Or Placebo, as we doctors like to call it.
TUNI: Yeah thats the one...

Mr. McCoy and tuni laugh. Scott hears them going on with each other in the living room. He shakes his head and sighs.
SCOTT: Don't go don the rabbit hole friend... there might be a snake...

Tapping the fingers for art and laughs.

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Response to Chaotic Kitten 3: As Pure As The Wi 2012-05-12 21:38:34 Reply

Scott Summers walks away with his head down. He kicks his foot slightly a few times while walking down the hall.

Later that evenling, everyone as in the lounge after dinner. Tuni, as usual was sitting all over Mr. McCoy. Everyone else had gotten used to this extra attension that tuni as giving to Mr. McCoy. everyone except Scott. Scott as sitting on the same couch as tuni and Mr. McCoy. But at the far end. He just did not like the openess that Mr. McCoy as giving her. And said so... again.

SCOTT: You still did not answer me, hank.
MR.MCCOY: About what, scott?
SCOTT: About you and tuni still being so chubby after she gets her memory back.
MR.MCCOY: Scott listen...
TUNI: Are you afraid of me, scott?

The rest of the room gets okwardly quiet. They glance over to tuni. Scott lowers his head and crosses his arms. He then popped his head up and as about to anser her, with a dry mouth. Tuni suddenly interupts him;

TUNI: Because I'm afraid.

Tuni shocks the entire room. Or makes it even more okward. Scott slightly froze and was suprized by her response. His head lowerd humbly and his lips let go a soft breath. Scott turned his head away, slightly bending his neck.
Mr. McCoy rubs tuni's back. Her hair turns slightly blue and blue lines streak within her eyes, but the honey color is still strong. Tuni sighs and lowers her head on the top of Mr. McCoy's head.
Mr. McCoy raises his hand to her shoulder and lightly rubs it. His jaw tihtend as he glanced at tuni, threw the tops of his eyes. then Mr. McCoy sharply turned his gaze to scott. Scott flet the stare like ice in his brain. Mr. McCoy slightly frowed at him, with a head turn of dissaproval.
Tuni sighed and then raised her head. She then arose from Mr. McCoy and sat next to scott. Scott turned his head and was starteld to see tuni very close to him. Scott sighs and gives her his attension.
Tuni looks down at scotts arms. Still folded. She lightly put a hand on his arm crossed ontop of the other. Her head and eyes raised toward him like sunflowers leaning to the sun. Tuni's head and eyes froze still when her eyes met his vizor. She could just see his bright pupils. His blinking was almost moris code.

TUNI: It is alright scott. You are just being a good leader. I admire that and you have bravery to tell the truth. And to help your friend. But trust me... All of you have become my friends. And if i feel the slightest bit of evil or malice, i ill dart off or lock myself up so tight i would make a chasity belt look like noodle soup.

Scott sighs. His arms loosen. Scott, puts his hands on his lap. Tuni pats his hand and then laces her fingers, putting them on her lap.

TUNI: I would never... hurt... any of you... I promise. In fact I give you!... Special permission to blast me into the next life time before that happends.

SCOTT: Deal?

Tuni is slightly supriseed at his willingness, but then chuckles. Her eyes dart aay from him as a closed mouth smile raises her freckles. Tuni makes visor to eye contact ith scott again. She extends her hand toard him.
Scott looks down at tuni's hand and then back at her face. He takes her one hand into both of his, shaking it vigoriuosly. After a good 5 or 6 shakes he lets go. Tuni brushes strands of hair back to her scalp with her fingers. Mr. McCoy intervenes and scoots close to tuni. He drops a arm around her and rubs her shoulder and upper arm.
Mr. McCoy slightly rocks from side to side, as he crosses his legs and looks over to scott with a stone-sturn face.

SCOTT: Lets keep tuni for as long as she needs to. In fact we have so many chores and other hat-nots that need done, and that room is;nt going anywhere... She can just call this home.
MR.MCCOY: Oh I bet.
SCOTT: What? We-
MR.MCCOY: Target practice?
SCOTT: Hank... we just talked...
MR.MCCOY: Alright, alright... I won't shake-iff the boat. I guess that is the best we are going to get, dearest.
TUNI: No one is perfect like you, Mr. McCoy.
MR.MCCOY: Tuni... we have been over this... I have-
TUNI: You have been so good and pacient ith me.
SCOTT: Too dammed pacient-
Mr. McCoy sighs, closing his eyes. He pinches the brigde of his nose with his free hand, as his head lowerd close to his chest.

MR.MCCOY: Scott-
TUNI: Your as pure, as the wind driven snow...
MR.MCCOY: ...tuni...
TUNI: I bet that if you were in the snow it would be jealous and stop.

Mr. McCoy seemed slightly perturbed at her comment about him. His head turned to her. Mr. McCoy tapped his fingers on the armrest of the couch. He then started tapping the fingers from his other hand on tuni's shoulder. this made tuni giggle. She takes his fingers and holds them with her hand, while her other hand pats his lap and then rest there.
MR.MCCOY: As pure, as the ind driven snow?
TUNI: I mean this guy had me alone tied up in a bedroom and didnt even look at the lable of my shirt, none less rip it off... unfortunately-

TUNI: I trust you with my life Mr. McCoy
MR.MCCOY: As if i do not have a strict bone within my body....
TUNI: Strict? HA! But the math was scary... please... no more...
MR.MCCOY: We will see about that!
TUNI: Dammit! I gain one friend and lose my BEST friend. At least Scotty Dog does not think I'm from satans, bubbling-scrotum, anymore.
MR.MCCOY: Tuniiieeeeeeee.........
Mr. McCoy put his head down, his head leaned forward and took in a heavy sigh. His hand that was not around tuni met his face, wiping it, then the fingers pinching the brigde of his nose. Mr. McCoy was left with a agape mouth as he rested his elbow on his twiching knee.
PROFESSOR: Good, god!
SCOTT: I never said that!
MR.MCCOY: I know... I know...

Mr. McCoy quickly raised his head and looked at tuni. He rested his forearm on the twiching bouching leg. He looked on at tuni, with tounge in cheek. Tuni gives hima huge smirk. His face turns to stone. Tuni's smirk begins to diminish...
MR.MCCOY: As pure as the wind driven snow? Well, young lady, I think it tis' right time to show you the much needed disapline that everyone is hounding me to preform onto you. And trust me... I will make your mathmatics Phobia seem like a sail in a lake.

Tuni looks on as Mr. McCoy stands to his feet. He suddenly takes her by her upper arms, and then puts her over his right shoulder. Startled, but too avidly-humored to say anything she just looks to the floor, with a few grunts.
Mr. McCoy starts toward the stairs. He then stops at about two or three steps upward. He then turns his head to the side, facing away from tuni.

MR.MCCOY: If you hear any load movement, screaming, thrashing about or fureniture moving, please, do not come upstairs into my chambers.
SCOTT: Wait, hank!
TUNI: Oh, god, please don't suggest whips...
SCOTT: No, umm... hank... She was Nice tonight... So take it easy on her, huh?
MR.MCCOY: I'll see what i can do. oh, and tuni... Good idea of the whips.
TUNI: what...?
Mr. McCoy starts upstairs again.
MR.MCCOY: I just happen to have some...

Everyone looks at logan in a slight, but not suprising, shock. He looks around at the disaproving crowd.
LOGAN: What...?
They Just all sigh and shake their heads in their individual matters.

Tuni And Mr. McCoy make it to HIS bedroom. Tuni Has not been in his bedroom since she accidently got lost on her first day n the mansion. Mr.McCoy closes the door with his foot and rolls tuni off his shoulder onto his bed.
She lands with a grunt and "oofh". Tuni Quckly sits up scurringing to the bed post, with her knees to her chin. Mr. McCoy, in his special way, starts whisling "Singing in the rain". He then starts pushing around things in his room
Mr. McCoy put the dresser and night stand against the door.
TUNI: Um... Mr. McCoy...?
Then moves his large wardrobe infront of the window.
TUNI: Why... are, you....
And Finally the other night stand pushed against the bathroom door.
TUNI: Oh, cheese and republicans ruling the senate....

Tapping the fingers for art and laughs.

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Response to Chaotic Kitten 3: As Pure As The Wi 2012-05-12 21:40:10 Reply

Tuni nervously looked on at a ever coming closer Mr. McCoy. She wraps her arms around her elevated knees, lowering her head , behind their not-safety, and looks at him threw the tops of her eyes.
Her jaw tightends and her face turns a beet red. Tuni's hair reacts also, turning yellow with a slight electric charge. Yellow lines form in her eyes. Mr. McCoy sits beside her. His face gets close to hers. Mr. McCoy then takes her face with his hand, and lifts it toward his.
Their Faces within mere inches of each other. A insured smirk lays on Mr.McCoys face.

MR.MCCOY: Oh, do not fret, darling... I'm a doctor.
Tuni's eyes slightly gloss over. She then turns her head and sees his other hand with a light blue rubber glove on. She looks back at him. He releases he face and stands up, putting on the other glove.
MR.MCCOY: Your emotional reactions are quite interesting, my dear... Hm,,hm, you ARE going to make this interesting, aren't you?
TUNI: When did you-?
MR.MCCOY: I'm a man of many talents, dearest... And i thought you were a fan...

He says with a snap of the glove. Tuni gulps. Mr. McCoy laces his fingers and bends his palms outward, "cracking" his knuckles. He looks down at tuni, as he lowers his hands. He seems to mumble something. Mr. McCoy then turns away and goes over to the room closet, that was electronically locked, with a numeric passcode.
Typing in the numbers tuni could only wonder what was in that closet, that was so important. she soon found out as her eyes widend to something that would have Mr. McCoy questioned by the Pentagon.
The closet must of been 20 feet deep and 10 feet wide. Their were all sorts of weapons, bullet belts, armors, knifes, guns,chains, restraints, etc, so neatly arranged. And... Whips... Some unfortunately looked electricly charged.
TUNI: no...
Yes... Mr. McCoy reached for the metalic-spine looking one. But then he shook his head, with a pout and placed it back.
MR.MCCOY: No, no...
Tuni sighed in releif.
MR.MCCOY: Too, soft.

Tuni's ears Perked and her eyes and hair really went yellow. The electric charge from her was so great, that it dimmed the room for a second or two. And Mr. McCoy's secret closet. He lloked around and then quickly looked at tuni from the corner of his eye. Then Mr. McCoy went back whip hunting.
MR.MCCOY: Oh. come now, dear. Do not start without me! I thought we were friends. Tsk, tsk.
TUNI: Mista McCoy, I know that i have a bit of a way of talkin' sometimes and im sorries for that. But I promise that-is that duct tape....?
MR.MCCOY: Very good... Yes, yes it is...
TUNI: Sugar and stroke... Mr. McCoy... I swears it...
Mr. McCoy comes out of the closet. Then electronic door closes itself. He walks over to the bed and dumps all of the gatherings down. Tuni scoots away, looking down at it.

TUNI: Now Mr. mcCoy-
MR.MCCOY: Ah, ah, ah... Tut, tut, my dear. The wheel is already in motion.

Mr. McCoy retreives a blindfold from the other nightstand that he did not move. He places it on tuni. Tuni is now blind to the world. within a kind of purple darkness, the color of the cloth over her eyes. She feels his large hand against her back, with a gentle forcfulness , pushing her to lay on her belly. Tuni complies.
She then feels her arms being pulled to her back, then suddenly being binded behind her. Mr. McCoy's hands disappear from tuni's senses. Then they reappear on her ankles. Tuni now feels her feet being binded together, which is a slight sign of relief for her.
Tuni feels Mr. mccoy raise from the bed. She then hears his foot steps move close to the head of the bed. Then there is a heavy bounce on the bed close to her shoulders. Tuni hears him sigh and hum. The sound of drawers opening.
Tuni suddenly hears the crackling and pop of a whip hitting the floor. She jumps and wiggles. Her jaw tightends as she gulps.

MR. MCCOY: Now where should I start...?
TUNI: Oh, god Sempi! I Swear, I'll start better taking, -a-talking, better.
MR.MCCOY: Well, I shall make sure of that.

Mr. McCoy dropped the whip. He then quietly opened a pack of red licorice whips. Mr. McCoy could'nt help but chuckle to himself. He was going to trick her.
Mr. McCoy took a licorice whip into his mouth and held it lightly with his teeth and lips. He then twist a bunch of them together.
Tuni flet a tap behind her neck. She wiggled and pryed at the feel of the leathery whip.
MR.MCCOY: This is going to be good.

JEAN: They have been up there for a while now. Like 45 minutes or so.
LOGAN: The longer the better... She needs a good talk'n to, wit that mouth of hers an' destroy'in the academy lik' that.

Suddenly everyone hears a loud BOOM, as if a door slamming open. They jump and go to the foot of the staircase.

MR.MCCOY: Would you have preferred the real thing?
Tuni goes into her room, her hair and eyes red and hot like hot iron. So hot that a warmth is left within the hallway. Mr. McCoy shakes his head and goes down the stairs. The faculty look on at him with the highest of curiousity.
Mr.McCoy rest his elbow on the stair railing, crossing his ankles together. He then laces his fingers and smirks.

MR.MCCOY: Well i beleive that after a trial of not looking at me for several days, that her tone of language should be a bit better.
PROFESSOR: What did you do?

Tuni cools down mostly and opens her bedroom door. She puts her head out and listens in. Tuni can just see everyone at the bottom of the stairs talking. Scott and Mr. McCoy share a "high-five".

SCOTT: That'll teach her.
This gets tuni within the vengeful zone. Her eyes shine red, like a passing car light. She then calms down and closes her bedroom door.

TUNI: Two can play at that game.
The wheels start turning in tuni's head as she goes over to her wardrobe.


The faculty finishes their nightly meeting and everyone retires to bed. Mr. McCoy talks to scott and bobby in the hallway. Their heads all turn, toward Mr. McCoy's door.

BOBBY: I thought I saw something.
SCOT: Yeah...
MR.MCCOY: Hmm........ Perhaps dust particles.

Mr. McCoy wins at them. Scott and bobby look at each other and strugg it off.
After another 20 minutes of talking, Mr. McCoy retires to his bedroom. With a wave goodnight he closes the door.


Mr. McCoy finishes his nightly washings and gets into a pair of baggy pajama's. He bouches into the empty bed and then turns to the lamp on the nightstand. Then suddenly a hand takes ahold of his wrist. Mr. McCoy hops and turns to that direction and sees shimmering, honey colored eyes and brown freckles stairing back at him.
Mr. McCoy sighs and relaxes as he lays on his back.

TUNI: Good evenling, Mr. McCoy...
MR.MCCOY: Indeed...

Tuni chuckles. She then takes the thing blanket and pulls it off the bed, completely, throwing it on the floor. Tuni reveals a silken, sky blue teddy-nightgown, with a very transparent, long robe.
MR.MCCOY: So we are modeling for Victoria's Secret now, my dear?
TUNI: Oh don't be so "coy" Mr. McCoy. We are both adults. the chasing me around. Closeness. Lunch dates...

Tuni hops onto his belly. Mr. McCoy grunts slightly then chuckles in humor. He then reaches behind her, and laces his fingers together, resting them just below his abdomin. Tuni slightly leans forward, with a devilish smile. She raises a hand toward his face as the other rest on his firm, muscular chest.
Mr. McCoy sighs and then turns his head away. He looses his hands, putting one on tuni'supper hip and the other takes the hand that was reaching for him. he then looks up at her and softly shakes his head.

Tapping the fingers for art and laughs.

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Response to Chaotic Kitten 3: As Pure As The Wi 2012-05-12 21:41:48 Reply

MR.MCCOY: Tuni...

Tuni strightends up and retracts her hand. Mr. McCoy puts his other hand on her upper thigh. He looks up at her and sighs threw his nose.

MR.MCCOY: I get it... revenge... And don't think I did not know that you speedlingly went into my room when I was taking to Scott and Bobby. They even sensed you, and their senses are not as high as mine.`

Tuni rolls off of Mr. McCoy's belly. She lays on her back and rests her palms ontop of each other. Mr. mcCoy scoots over and turns awayr from her, resting his headon his palm.

MR.MCCOY: As if you would reay want me....

Tuni rest herself on her elbows and turns her head to Mr. McCoy in shock.

TUNI: What are you talking about?!
MR.MCCOY: Tuni, your a young attractive lady and
TUNI: And your a smart, sucessful, hansome man, that is one of the smartest people in the world! Who would'nt want you?
MR.MCCOY: Because of all of this!
Mr. McCoy turns to tuni, sitting up in bed. He graces his hand up and down his body. He then lowers his head, turning it away, resting his hands on his lap.
MR.MCCOY: At first I was soo scared. Then people actually accepted me for a while. I would go out on so many dates and paint the town red. I found out it was partically due to pherimones that i can excreet, to arose humans. So i don't know sometimes if someone really wants ME... or is just attracted to my hormones. Why would they be?
TUNI: Because of the person that you are... Een if it is your hormones, they still have to get to know you for the man that you are. Your geneious, caring, charity, engineering, bravery, strength, witty, etc, etc. I admire you. Infact was hoping to spook you. I thought you wer going to scream at me or something, but you saw through me like water.
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings...

Tuni reaches over to hug Mr. McCoy. She wraps her arms around his shoulders then slides down, resting her head on his lap. With her arms now wrapped around his lower torso, Tuni looks forward and sighs. Her hair becoming slighty chilled and blue.

TUNI: But if anything... when you talk about yourself like that... I admire you so much... It HURTS-MY feelings.

Mr. McCoy looks down at Tuni. He sees her lightly blued hair. Mr. McCoy puts one arm around her and then pats her head with his other hand. With a slight squeeze from Mr. McCoy's arm, Tuni unraveil herself from him and from under his arm.
Tuni And Mr. McCoy look at each other. Tuni looking more intensly at Mr. McCoy. She then turns her head to his chek and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
TUNI: Goodnight Mista McCoy, Sempi.

Tuni scoots off the bed and stands. She reaches for the door. Suddenly her hand is taken away by Mr. McCoy. She turns to him. He looks at her as if pussled. Tuni Looks at him up and down and then nerviously chuckles.

TUNI: Mr. McCoy?
MR.MCCOY: You... Don't feel like you need to stay?
TUNI: Like a sleep over?! That would be SO COOL! But oh... I didn't bring my toothbrush and cleaning things, or an outfit. Then, what would the others say... I would not want to tarnish your name... But maybe tomorrow night... I'll sneak in my pillow and-
MR.MCCOY: No, no, not that... I mean... do you feel... That you might... want me...?
TUNI: I want to be around you all the time... And I hope that I can get my full memory back so that we can get even closer... scott was right... I would not want to turn into something that you might hate... But I do have some... Some type of NEED to be with you... Because I care about you as a person, a man and my best friend... Your the best and only friend that I have in the world right now.
Sure everyone one else is nice, but, our souls just click... And I enjoy time with you. And like i said it hurts my feelings when you talk like that... So around me, unless you really have something to get off your chest... don't down yourself. It really hurts...

Mr. McCoy sighs and rolls his eyes.

MR.MCCOY: Oh, Tuni...! Oh my stars and gathers...
Mr.McCoy hugs her, with a tight squeeze, then releases her. He looks down at her laying his hands on her shoulders. They search each others eyes.

MR.MCCOY: If only there were more pure hearted girls like you.
TUNI: I'm sure there are.
MR.MCCOY: May I escort you to bed?
TUNI: If you so wish.

Mr. McCoy bent his arm and looked at tuni. Tuni wraps her arms around his large muscular arm and he opens the door.

SCOTT: So I said, "what makes you think that your the team that is going to defeat them?" An- WHOA!!!

Unknown to Tuni and Mr. McCoy, Scott, Ororo, Jean and Logan were having a late night talk in the hallway.

LOGAN: I knoew it... bout' time you stuck it to 'er.

Mr. McCoy and tuni Looked at each other, then back at their associates in the hall.

MR.CCOY&TUNI: It's not what it looks like!

ORORO: What are you doing with that infant, when you have a woman like me around Henry McCoy?

JEAN: Yeah, Hanky Panky... I thought we had a secret crush on each other.

SCOTT: JEAN! WAIT! HANK! Have you been using your Goddamn hormones!

JEAN: I do feel a little strange.

ORORO: I don't.

MR.MCCOY: Oh, my stars and gathers, I knew it...


Tuni pushes away frm him crossing her arms.

MR.MCCOY: I can explain... All of this...

Mr. McCoy explains that Tuni was trying to get revenge, how they talked about things, and that is why she was dressed the way she was. Then further explained that he wanted to test and see if Tuni was immune to his hormones.

MR.MCCOY: And it appears she is.
SCOTT: oh...
ORORO: So what does that have to do with you being with me tonight?
MR.MCCOY: Umm...

Tuni Lowered her head and went to her bedroom door. Her hair fully blue and giving off vapors. Mr. McCoy rushed over to her and took her by her shoulders.

MR.MCCOY: Tuni! Tuni, it's not what YOU think... I was not trying to... I just wanted to see if you really, truly liked me for... ALL of me...
TUNI: My word is not good enough...?
MR.MCCOY: I have just been hurt so many times, and-
TUNI: And I'm not those people!
Tuni Turns to him with flaming hair. Her hair and eyes quickly goes back to normal. Mr. McCoy lowers his arms and sighs.

TUNI: I don't even know who I'am! If I have any family... But what I do know... or thought I knew was that I could trust you... to trust me and my feelings... Because even with a empty head such as mine... I do have all of my emotions and a heart.
MR.MCCOY: I know... At least I know fully now... I'am Truly sory that I went about it in that way... Could you-

Tuni wraps her arms around Mr. McCoy. She Sniffles and sighs. Mr.McCoy looks forward in shock that she forgave him so quickly. He then gets over it and raises his arms to hug her. Mr. McCoy lowers his headinto the space inbetween her neck and shoulder. He breathes in her essance and the raises his head.
They release each other and hold both of each others hands. Mr. McCoy and Tuni look pleased with each other as they forget about the world, looking at each other.

TUNI: Goodnight, hero...
MR.MCCOY: Dito, my turtle dove... Fare-de-well.

Tuni giggles at his antidote. Mr. McCoy turns and starts to walk away. Tuni opens her beroom door, but before she could open she hears a tumble and fall. Tuni turns around and sees Mr. McCoy arising from the floor. Tuni rushes to help him, but he waves his hand and raises himself back to his feet.

MR.MCCOY: These pajama pants are too baggy! Not the first time that has hapend, my dear.
SCOTT: And not the first time THAT happen etheir, man!
LOGAN: Not a little breezy, Doc?
MR.MCCOY: What are you-

Mr.McCoy looks down at himself. He sees that the pajama's also took his underwear with them and he was standing, half nude, from the belly button, down.

MR.MCCOY: Oh, my stars and gathers!

Tuni covered her mouth with her hands and looked on wide-eyed. Mr. McCoy scurried to pull up his underwear and pants.

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LOGAN: I though you were a super genioues with Super strength and agility. I Guess you also have the mutant power of petrification.

Logan lowers his eyes and lights a cigar. Scott puts his hand on his shoulders and shakes his head.

SCOTT: Poor girl... Gonna have nightmares.

Ororo and Jean burs out laughing and scaff at Scotts words.

ORORO: Not nightmares.
JEAN: I know right-

Scott crosses his arms, turns to the both of them. Jean and Ororo shut themselfs like sprung bear traps.

SCOTT: I'll show YOU nightmares!
LOGAN: As if you could.
LOGAN: In any light, at least we know fer sure that he did'nt get any Tuni pie, due to her reaction and the fact that she would of been in the Clinic if he did. Well! I'm going to make a few bucks and sell these on XXX-Men.Net(***Not a for Real sight to my knowlegde!!!). Night!

Logan held up his cellphone and tipped it. Then he put it back in his pocket.

SCOTT: Hold it, logan!
MR.MCCOY: You would know of such vile and perverted things!

Scott and Mr.McCoy would usually take on logan, but they were more worried about the females in the hallway.
After 10 minutes, and Mr. McCoy sitting with tuni; who was curled infront of her door, sitting upright. The only bit you could see was her slightly widend eyes.

MR.MCCOY: Tuni, it has been around 10 minutes now... I need to skin a Gulo gulo.
TUNI: wha...?
MR.MCCOY: Thee Binomial Name for Wolverine, girl!
TUNI: Binary, what?
MR.MCCOY: Oh, my stars and gathers!

Mr. McCoy raises from the floor shaking his head. He slaps his leg.

SCOTT: So if I hear anything like Big-Blue garden hose or-
MR.MCCOY: Theregoes my reputation! Well Scott, we had a good run. I think I'll go to the Avengers again. They took me in last time... two or three times... The Hulk is a Big green anger managment case and Stark is half loaded enough to reach the moon without the IronMan suit, so I' am confident that Rogers will take me under his wing again, even if I' am the wrong type of internet sensation.
SCOTT: But you were wild in your twenties.
MR.MCCOY: And how long ago was that?
SCOTT: Look, hank, we will-
MR.MCCOY: They did say that they needed help with a script or writing, or something... I don't know. It was nice getting to know you Tuni... I will miss you gravely. But I'am sure that the responsible Leader, Scott Summers can put you in his nest and cuddle up with you.

This snaps tuni out of any brain disfuction she was having and brings her to her feet. Scott thinks of a hell--of a place where he has to watch over Tuni. Scott shakes his head and rushes over to Mr.McCoy. Tuni takes a hld of his arm and starts sobbing.

MR.MCCOY: I thought that might get you both out of it. Now here's the plan.

Logan was almost done downloading the infomation from his phone, when his computer system suddenly crashed. Logan started to curse and hot at the montior. Then he thought that something or someone was hacking into his system. He raced out of the room and down the hall.
Suddenly Tuni appears in logans room. Wearing an offical X-Men Uniform, with the yellow X over the body and mostly black-blue coloring.
She searches for the phone but realises that he must of take it, smartly so.

TUNI: Dammit! My first mission and it is already compromised!
LOGAN: I knew it!
TUNI: But you-
Logan came threw the window and jumped onto his bed. He looked down at Tuni and ejected his Antimainium Claws.
LOGAN: Looking good in that suit darlin'. I'm not yer' ol' Hanky. I will shredd that thing off you like it's going out of style.

Tuni darts her eyes around. She quickly thinks of a plan. She sits on the edge of Logans bed and lowers her head.

TUNI: (SIGH), You know as everyone else does, I love Mr. McCoy. But He sees me as a child. Did you see the way I was dressed?

Tuni takes off the attached face mask, loosens her hair and then laces her fingers together on her lap.

TUNI: All I wanted was some attention. People have wants and needs.

Logan hops down, and then sits very close to Tuni. He puts his arm behind her and puts his face close to hers.

LOGAN: Oh, I'll give you all th' attention you want, darlin'. But ya aint gettin' my fuckin' phone.

Logan winks at her. Tuni turns her face to his. She looks into his eyes.

Unknown to logan, Mr.McCoy, Scott, Jean, and Ororo were listening in. Mr. McCoy sprayed a nano-microphone solution on Tuni's uniform. So she was like a walking microphone. They heard everything.

TUNI: So if you are not going to give me, the "Fucking Phone"... what kind of fucking are you going to give me?
MR.MCCOY: Tunieee...... I Swearrrrrr.......

Logan nibbled the inside of his cheeck. He smirked heavily and raised his eyebrow.

LOGAN: What you think, darlin'?

Logan chuckled. Tuni stood up and then looked down at logan.

TUNI: Don't worry... I got this all under control.

SCOTT: See! Shes's trying to tell us that everything is under control.
MR.MCCOY: I hope so...

LOGAN: Who you talkin' to? Me or some guys listening in our conversation? I know yer bugged, sweety.

Tuni suddenly takes off the uniform. Luckly she had on a undershirt and boxer like underwear. Tuni then throws the uniform out the window. logans eyes get wide and shocked.

TUNI: Does it looky like I'm Buggy?

Mr. McCoy heard electrical disruption and the signal lost.

MR.MCCOY: Umm... That suit's nano-microphone technology was feeding energy from Tuni's natural electrical signals found within her nervious system. Dr. Prym And I designed it Our selfs.
MR.MCCOY: ...The only way the signal could be lost, is if the person actually died, but the signature of her electrical nervious sysem would still give off for at least 10 minutes if not longer. this was a quick disruption. Which means... She must of...
JEAN: Oh, dear...
SCOTT: At least she she'll get the phone.
ORORO: Scott, really?!

Mr. McCoy starts out of the lab, but the combination of Jean's telekeneisus, Ororo's winds and Scotts pulling kept him there... Mostly...

MR.MCCOY: No! No, no.... I never meant for her-
JEAN: She would not do that. Even if she was... with logan... It might be too late...
MR.MCCOY: It's never too late, if you guys just let me go!
ORORO: There, there, Henry, I'll make it better... Now that Tuni is engaged to logan, what about our situalation?
TUNI: Well that was easier than I thought.

Tuni held up the phone and waved it around. She then tossed it to Scott. Tuni was wearing a pair of pajama's Mr. McCoy had purchased for her.


Mr. McCoy rushed Tuni taking a hold of her shoulders, firmly.

MR.MCCOY: Tunieee..... What happend... to the signal...
TUNI: Oh,... that...
MR.MCCOY: Did logan-
TUNI: Oh, he tried. I needed to show him that I was not bugged. So I took off the uniform.
MR.MCCOY: Oh, good, god...
TUNI: But I was wearing stuff under it. You know that! I did'nt get naked. lets just say I put him in his place. he might be a bit sore at me tomorrow.
MR. MCCOY: We will talk more tomorrow. It is late. Scott erase all that... "infomation"... can you? I would but my brain is... swimming. And I would feel better if I escorted Tuni to her bed an dlock myself away for the rest of the twlight.
SCOTT: You owe me...
Scott Starts going through logans phone. He then yells in discust.
SCOTT: Oh, God Do you owe me!
MR.MCCOY: Oh! You found it.
SCOTT: No... Not yours... a video... with him and some woman... Controband!

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Mr. McCoy sighs and shakes his head. He puts his arm around Tuni and leads her out of the lab.

The following morning, Mr. McCoy awakens to a plate with a bottle of syrup and a fork and knife on it. He looks at it curiously. He takes a shower. Gets dressed and takes his plate of odd things with him out of the room.
The smell of pancakes fills the house. he realizes that it must be somekind of special breakfast Tuni cooked up for him. He goes downstairs, expecting everyone to have their faces full of pancakes, but the faculty dining table was empty. He then turned his head and Saw the front door open.

Mr. McCoy Stepped outside and saw the faculty and students in a buffet line receiving not only pancakes, but a variety of other breakfast goods. Tuni, Jean and Anne-Marie were serving. Mr. McCoy steps upto them. He then sees a banner over the face of the buffet table. It read "McCoy-Fast".
Mr. McCoy looked on at Tuni and was taken aback by the honor. Tuni sees Mr. McCoy From the corner of his eye. She asks Anne-Marie and Jean to take over. Some people clap and cheer momentarly when they see him.
Mr. McCoy nods his head and waves his hand lightly. Tuni takes him to a special reserved table in the driveway. It had a Sunflower in the skinny vase, sitting ontop of w white table cloth, on a round small table and was seated for two.

TUNI: Now you sit here... I'll get a special plate that I arranged for you.
MR.MCCOY: Hurry back, my dear.

Mr. McCoy looks around at everyone enjoying a nice breakfast in his name. He thought that Tuni and some of the others must have waken early to do so. As he looked around, some students and other faculty waves and gave him thumbs up. He waved back and nodded. Professor Xavier came over to greet him.

PROFESSOR: You know this was HER... Idea... She really cares for you, Henry...
MR.MCCOY: Yes... i know... But sometimes I worry How long this kindess will last...
PROFESSOR: Her memory...?
MR.MCCOY: Sigh... Yes... I've avoided it too long.
PROFESSOR: No matther what happends, henry. Live for now. You cannot control the future. And With your friendship she seems to be opening up more. What ever will be, will be Doctor McCoy. Try to enjoy life when it gives you blessings such as a friend that cares of you enough to serve a buffet for you 7;30 in the morn.
MR.MCCOY: But it is past 8 a.m.
PROFESSOR: Well there you go. Oh, and it looks like that little blesing is coming with half of the bufets for you.
MR.MCCOY: Oh, dear.

Tuni lays a filled platter of breakfast delights, from fresh fruit and fried eggs infront of him. Mr. McCoy claps his hands and then rubs them together.

TUNI: I... Was thinking... if we could share...
MR.MCCOY: Sure! I might have a hearty appetite, but I surely cannot finish this Cornicorpia of Delights myself.
TUNI: Delights... oh no Mr. McCoy... I cooked most of this myself. Jean and Anne-Marie Helped with the toast, and fruits. I'm not that good.
MR.MCCOY: Every meal you make, I absolutely enjoy to the utmost pleasure of my tastebuds.
TUNI: Golly... You sure say nice things... I guess I know how you feel... I jsut don't feel that talented enough...

Professor Xavier nods his head and leaves them to their conversation.

TUNI: Does it hurt your feelings?
MR.MCCOY: Yes... It does... Because I... I care about you...
TUNI: I guess I'm a bit of a hipocrat... But if you can have some pride then I can also... Becauseno matter what happends... I beleive... that we are soulmates... Of a kind... And that I came here... With everyone... To you... For a reason... And I just want you... to be happy. Hopefully I can help.
MR.MCCOY: You already are...

Tuni's eyes shined and twinkled. She was happy, that she was making him happy.

TUNI: OH! I need to get you some Juice! Orange?
MR.MCCOY: Yes, that will be fine. But make sure that it is the biggest glass you can find. And put two straws in it, so we can share.
TUNI: Really, Sempi, Sama?

Mr. McCoy nodded and winked at Tuni. Tuni nodded her head, waved at him and smiled as she turned and walked back over to the buffet.
Mr. McCoy put one hand over the other, resting his elbows on the table. His hands resting on his mouth. His feet tapping, he thought of the things that were important to him. All of the relationships he had. And where him and Tuni were going.
Mr.McCoy suddenly saw someone sit next to him. He turnedand greeted the person with a smile, taking their hand to his lips.

ORORO: Oh, thank you. Last night was a missed opportunity, but this is a new morning.
MR.MCCOY: Oh, Ororo, I did'nt-
ORORO: What a heart Breakfast. I guess you would want to keep your srtength... with all that you have.

Mr. McCoy looked for Tuni. He found her about Ten feet from the table, holding a very large glass of orange juice, with two straws. Mr. McCoy shuffled in his chair as Tuni walked over.

MR.MCCOY: Well Tuni, your here, so umm, Ms. Monroe,-
TUNI: Here you are Mr. McCoy. A large glass of orange juice, with two straws. Special ordered.
ORORO: Oh, thinking ahead, are you, Henry?
TUNI: Of course! He is one of thee smartest men in the world.
TUNI: I umm... Have to go back to the buffet... Oh and Ororo, that breakfast is big enough for two, also, you know. So you-
ORORO: Oh, I'm saving my appetite...
TUNI: Oh... alright. As long as the both fo you are happy. I'm happy.

Tuni says with a smile. Mr. McCoy puts one hand over the other and places them over his mouth. He releases his hands and lightly raises a hand towards tuni, but her back was already turned and going toward the buffet. Mr. McCoy replaces his lapped hands over his mouth. His eyes dart away from Ororo. Mr. McCoy's foot taps rapidly. He then feels Ororo's hand on his knee. He turns his head and looks at her, loweing his hands.

ORORO: A bit excited, are we not?
MR.MCCOY: No... Not what YOU think.
ORORO: So how about we dig into some of this... Breakfast stuff.
MR.MCCOY: Actually, I'am not that hungry... thank you...
ORORO: Henry McCoy, Tuni made this breakfast in your honor. In many countries it is an insult. You would break her little heart.
MR.MCCOY: Sigh... you're right.

Mr.McCoy and Ororo Start partaking in the skillfully arranged platter. Suddenly Scott comes out. His visor not arranged properly, and the rest of him dissheveld.

SCOTT: Where is she! The demon!
JEAN: Oh, scott, not now...
TUNI: What is going, on?
JEAN: He did not get any sleep last night, and when I woke up this morning to help you, he was still up.
TUNI: What was keeping him up?
JEAN: Logan and Hanks... Areas of Privacy...
TUNI: Area's of-ohhhhooooo............. Ohh...
JEAN: I'm sorry, but he blames you.

Logan then comes rushing out of the house. A computer montor frame around his neck. At this point, Mr.McCoy goes over to tuni, resting his hands on her shoulders.

MR.MCCOY: When you said you "took care ofhim", what did you mean?
TUNI: Well I wanted to make sure that he would never try to do that to you again, or try to touch me, so I taught me a lesson. I did not expect him to sleepthrew the night. I put traps in my room so that I would wake up.
LOGAN: I guess yer' friend, McCoy Did'nt get that disapline in jus' right. But i'll give you all you need. COMM HERRRE!!!
MR.MCCOY: Tunieee...
TUNI: I'll meet you where we discovered that rock while hiking.
MR.MCCOY: The large one, with the moss?
TUNI: The very same.

Tuni starts backing up, looking on at Logan and Scott. They walk slowly toward her. Bobby gets infront of them.

BOBBY: Come on guys... We are supposed to be advocates for peaceful resolutions. We can work this out!
MR.MCCOY: Yes! Let us reconsider!
LOGAN: You chase her and i'll get in front and catch her. Deal?
SCOTT: Sounds like a plan.

Scott and logan shake on their plan and bypass Bobby and mr. McCoy. Mr. McCoy and Bobby make chase after Scott and Logan making chase on Tuni.

They ran down the street, past the property of the school.


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Well you have done it again... You watsed another 20 or more Minutes of your life reading my Fan fiction. Thanks! Come again.

(A even shorter story that etheir extends the main story or is just a side story that barely has Tuni in it at all).

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Special Tribute to hank mccoy

i made it.

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