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Response to Latest from your Favorites 2012-05-20 02:52:27 Reply

At 5/11/12 05:18 PM, TomFulp wrote: If you don't like seeing this at the top of the page, you can slide it down and NG will save your settings!
Like it?

Thanks for the great update.

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Response to Latest from your Favorites 2012-12-23 04:14:46 Reply

Hey, can you guys (Newgrounds team) add an option to expand the "latest from your favorites"? I want to browse through the latest from my favorites, which I have a lot of, but it sucks that I can't keep up with them because I can only see the last four.
I know this is a fairly new feature, but still.

And yes, I know this topic is almost a year old, but it's still relevant.

*citation needed

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